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Beware of middlemen

“Where a society has chosen to accept democracy as its creedal faith, it is elementary that the citizens ought to know what their government is doing.” -Justice P N Bhagwati
Easier is said than done - the saying still stands true. Like the nail float in water with the plank, a rowdy sometimes saves his or her life from being spoiled. Saying so, it is always the wisdom of the captain of the ship that the crew managed to sail their ship to the destiny amidst storms and whirlpools. But then had the crew member lacks discipline Columbus could never have landed in America’s soil to discover the country which becomes the most powerful country in the world today.
The state is more like a ship in the vast stormy ocean. In democratic state like Manipur, Chief Minister is similar to the captain of the ship. It is his wisdom that will sail towards a better direction. It is his command and qualities that will make his crew member follow rules and regulations frame by him. It is only at the time that all the crew members go by their respective assignment that the ship will reached destination. Similar, is with the running of the state. The state goes upwards or falls depends on the wisdom of the Chief Minister and his team.
But then, it is the Indian electoral system that stands as a hurdle to decide on which way to chose for a better society, as it needs a second thought to say no to his electorate. Particularly, the system practice in India showed that without some clique of strong supporters, it will become difficult for one to become Chief Minister as first thing which is important is to get elected as an MLA.   
Good governance is perhaps the single most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development. But sometimes the effort to bring good governance remains as a dream with the kind of hurdles from his supporters whom the man in the top post cannot deny as without them it will be difficult to get elected again.
Numbers of middle men including relatives are now the talk every people of the state. What more prove is required than checking the bank balance and the properties of these people in this 8 months? We have seen in the earlier days on how a pharmacist in the state health department became a millionaire just because he was a close relative of the then Chief Minister. Can anyone deny the fact that the pharmacist who became millionaire is a clean person because there is no evidence on how dirty is him?
Good leader falls, not because of his personality but because of those around him.
Coming back to what is going on in the state; everybody knows the amount being asked by these middlemen for the recruitment of Police constable.
On the other hand, some of the promises still is yet to be fulfilled as stated by the Chief Minister himself. The more the promises delay the more people will criticize.
Well, instead of defending, it is better checking the middlemen so that what has been assured remains true.
Let’s make our state free from corruption.

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Kohima, Feb 8: Scrutiny of nominations in Meghalaya and Nagaland for upcoming Assembly elections takes place today
A total of 253 candidates, including five female candidates have filed nomination papers for the 60 assembly constituencies in the state.
Filing of nominations ended yesterday. State Chief electoral officer Abhijit Sinha said Scrutiny of the nominations is underway today in all the twelve Election Districts of the States.
Nominations were received from nine Political Parties and Independent candidates.
Nagaland will go to poll on February 27 along with Meghalaya.
The last date for withdrawal is 12th of February. The highest nominations are made under Mokokchung district with 48 candidates.
In Meghalaya, the scrutiny of nomination papers has begun. Chief Electoral Officer of Meghalaya said a total of 443 nominations have been filed. The state will go to polls on the 27th of this month.
Our correspondent reports that several heavyweight candidates including from Congress, UDP and BJP have their nominations.

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Imphal, Feb 9: Kongkham Robindro, the BJP MLA, who got elected from Mayang Imphal Assembly Constituency was elected as the deputy speaker of Manipur Assembly through voice vote at the ongoing budget session today.
The election was held at 10 am in the State Assembly Secretariate today.
K. Robindro defeated Md. Fajur Rahim of Congress in voice vote.
Robindro is one of the youngest Deputy Speaker in the history of Manipur Legislative Assembly.
Chief Minister N Biren Singh expressed hope that Robindro will serve his duties following democratic norms. Leader of Opposition O Ibobi Singh said he has high hope from the newly elected deputy speaker that he will serve in a neutral manner as a custodian of the House.
As per his profile available in the government website K. Robindro is 30 years old and is the son of Kongkham Manglem Singh  of Mayang Imphal Thana I.B Road Awang, P.O/P.S. Mayang Imphal, Manipur .

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Imphal, Feb 8: As part of security measure taken up by Imphal East Police personnel in connection with the ban imposed against Catholic Schools by proscribe group of Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), KCP People War group, one active member of the proscribe group was arrested today around 5:30 of the morning.
The arrested person has been identified as one Nandeibam Saratjoy Singh @ Sanjoy (32 yrs), son of N. Iren of Langdom Makha Leikai, Imphal East.
From the disclosure of Nandeibam Saratjoy Singh, one 9 mm pistol along with two rounds of live bullet, two mobile phones including one trigger mobile and one IED weighing about 5 kg was also recover from Patsoi area.
He also reveals that he is currently an active member of KCP People War Group and working under one Thoi.
Mention may be that Imphal East Police personnel had launched an operation in connection with the ban imposed against Catholic Schools by proscribe group of Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), KCP People War group from 5 of the morning at Langdum Makha Leikai in Imphal East, in which Nandeibam Saratjoy Singh @ Sanjoy was arrested at around 5:30 of todays morning itself.
On the other hand, Missionary schools in Imphal have re-open amidst tight security despite ban and threat from the militants group KCP.
Most of the Missionary schools in and around Imphal were remained closed since Monday of Feb 5, 2018 after the threat from the KCP.

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AR condemns the act of UNLF; calls cowardly act

Imphal, Feb. 8: Armed Wing of United National Liberation Front (UNLF) Manipur Peoples Army (MPA) has claimed responsibility for the violent incidents on Security Forces in the recent past to include IED blast on patrolling party of 6 Assam Rifles on 04th Dec 17, grenade and IED attack on M Sector on 15th Jan 18, grenade attack at Polo Ground and grenade blast at Assam Rifles Transit Camp at Minuthong on 06 Feb 2018.
A PRO (IGAR) South statement said that the cowardly acts of the proscribed group to target the troops of Assam Rifles especially on 05th Feb 2018 during the ongoing 15th Sentinel Cup Equestrian Championship 2018 & 9th Junior State Equestrian Championship, being organized by Manipur Equestrian Society and Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association assisted by Assam Rifles to encourage and showcase the rich Meitei culture, history and heritage has drawn criticism from all. The tournament was being organized in the heart of Imphal town at Imphal Polo Ground (Mapal Kangjeibung), a place considered sacred by many due to its association with the ancient sport of Sagol Kangjei supposed to have been played by the Meitei deities themselves in the earlier times.
“There is hence an immense significance attached to the place by the locals of Imphal town. Besides being of cultural value, the revival and encouragement to the sport was also having beneficial effects for the economy by bringing in foreign players and tourists to the state. Accordingly, this has expectedly drawn strong criticism from one and all Manipuris”, the statement added.
It further added that the Assam Rifles however will not play into the hands of such devious actors and firmly commit that no amount of such acts of terror against them will make the Assam Rifles cause any inconvenience to the innocent and peace-loving people of Manipur. Assam Rifles reaffirms its commitment to continue to work with the people of Manipur for betterment of society and bring in peace and prosperity and live upto its epithet of Friends of The North East. The perpetrators of these crimes will soon be identified and brought before the justice system to face the consequences of their senseless acts of violence that have tried to derail the fledgling peace process in the state.

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Imphal, Feb 8: Rebel groups United National Liberation Front (UNLF) is observing the 31st Anniversary of its army wing Manipur People’s Army (MPA) tomorrow.
On the occasion, Military Affairs Committee (MAC) of the UNLF while paying revolutionary salute conveys goodwill messages of New Year and the liberation movement.
A statement signed by its Chairman, Kh. Pambei said that the MPA, in the struggle for the restoration of the sovereignty of Manipur, has been in a position to stand with the people and wage war against the enemy IOF as a result of the sincere support rendered to by the people.
The statement said, “In the contemporary world as nations are moving ahead in the fields of development; expressive aura of respective national identity is axiomatic and those sovereign nations excel jubilantly in a state of pleasant cultural existence along with the glory of freedom.
It said that the root cause of such Manipur- India Political Conflict is the forced annexation of Manipur by India.
“We are restraint by a colonial situation of invasion and forced takeover of an independent country by another country, which is not acceptable to the international law. The fact that, in the historical course of Manipur, the UNLF emerged in 1964 and spearheaded people’s liberation movement to restore the sovereignty of Manipur, is a consequential condition created by the forced annexation of Manipur by India,” the statement said.
While stating that the war of liberation to restore the sovereignty is a means to resolve the national contradiction that exists between India and Manipur, the UNLF chairman statement said that the root of this national contradiction is a political question The statement also blamed India’s deployment of heavy military force to continuously keep Manipur as their colony and the consequential liberation war against the former waged by the people of Manipur combined to constitute the characteristic features of this contradiction. “This process, therefore, is a political conflict that embodies the conflict of interest between Manipur and India to defeat the other. This is a conflict that cannot be resolved until the sovereignty of Manipur is being restored”, the statement said.
It further added that the deployment of heavy military force forces UNLF to take up arms to fight against India for our self defence.
“From this condition, our liberation movement have reached at a stage of armed conflict between Indian Occupation Forces and MPA of UNLF. Therefore, the conflict between Manipur and India is no longer restricted to political conflict alone but have broadened to include military conflict as well. The conflict today, therefore, is a politico-military conflict that occurs between two countries”, the statement said.
The statement also said that the incumbent Hindutva nationalist regime of India is making all efforts to strengthen the grips of Hindutva nationalism.
“ It is making all efforts to ensure maximum exploit of its soft power, particularly information and communication technology, to indulge in propaganda and
psychological warfare to cast a mesmerising illusion on people about the Government of India (GOI) as the saviour of Manipur people”, it said.
 “Recently when the people of Manipur were drawn into the gaiety of the orchestrated Sangai Festival, 41 MoUs were signed to permit Indian Corporates and Multi-National Company (MNC) to extract away the natural resources of Manipur. Those were signed at a time when there were demands for the decommissioning of the destructive Loktak Project. These 41 MoUs, signed by the State government without the consent of the people, have given away the rights to extract minerals, petroleum, hydro-carbon, cement, hydal power, medicinal plants and biodiversity resources. These MoUs are classified and retained in the secret custody of the Manipur Government. The MoUs need to be de-classified to allow the people to study its pros and cons, in order to obtain consent of the people and to revoke those MoUs that would be destructive to the people. The two days North-East Development Summit (NEDS), held at City Convention, to facilitate the conclusion of the MoUs was organised by India Foundation. Not a single person from WESEA (NE) was represented amongst the organisers. Several Ministers from WESEA (NE) were represented as mere show pieces. Not a single person from WESEA (NE) was assigned to anchor any of the programmes. It was done by an Indian woman. It was a programme designed to facilitate maximum exploitation of natural resources in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. In all these instances the system of the Indian colonial ruler subverts the interest of the people of Manipur. To fulfil their interests, they extract and divert, against our wishes, our resources to mainland India. It enriches them and impoverishes us. And we are forced to exist in servitude, thereby, remaining dependent on annual begging of fund from India. Until and unless the colonial ruler India is completely rooted out, UNLF-MPA will continue to wage the war to restore the sovereignty of Manipur”, the statement said.

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