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Back to the hot seat

Crores have been spent on equipments that still await qualified handlers. Purchases have been made at prices inflated more than double the MRP, and chairs have been procured even before its operations and operators are not yet ready. These are the uncomfortable yet deniable truth that has been unearthed due to the diligence and unwavering spirit of the journalistic fraternity of the state. The story of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), regarded as one of the premier medical institutions in the North eastern region of the country and the pride of Manipur have so far been a mixed bag of emotions as far as the ‘common man’ is concerned- the majority of the public who sought treatment and cure for their myriad ailments and sufferings. A number of private hospitals with specialized staffs and state-of-the-art treatment facilities have been established and are doing brisk business, but RIMS has remained the preferred destination for a majority of the people seeking respite from their ailments because of the affordable cost of treatment. But scratch the surface and almost everyone who have had the unfortunate and harrowing experience of being hospitalized at the premier medical institution have a disappointing experience to narrate.
Stories of inadequacy, negligence and inefficiency abound, and the repeated report of misappropriation of funds during the procurement of equipments for the Dental College is but a tip of the iceberg as far as mismanagement and abusive administration is concerned. The systemic rot and the institutionalized corrupt practices right from securing a special ward to according preferential treatment for the patients, not to mention the nexus between the touts peddling medicines for a commission and the medical staff recommending particular chemists for these medicines is mind boggling to put it mildly, to the point where one starts wondering if the whole setup is for benefitting from the unfortunate patients seeking some respite from their sufferings.
For those privileged lot who can afford the medical bill and charges of the private clinics and hospitals, the travails of the common man might appear to be just a section in the newspapers, but for those who are struggling to save the lives of their loved ones the efforts are all too overpowering. And despite repeated reports and complaints, the sad story continues.
For all its tall claims and declarations, very little- if at all, have so far been done to assuage the difficulties of the common public by the authorities or the state government. Is there no way where the state government have a say in making efforts to address the situation? And if there is any, why is the present government still playing the dumbfounded audience while the common people of the entire region are being taken for a ride taking advantage of their compromised circumstances?
Enquiries and investigations are all very heartwarming and welcome, but the real meaning of the proposed fight against corruption spearheaded by the Biren-led BJP government will come to light when those responsible for the rot and decay in the effort to alleviate pain and suffering of the common public and the declared agenda of improving the healthcare of the common people are brought to book in an exemplary manner.

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Imphal, Feb 7: Amidst unprecedented attention of the state government authority for lifting of the ban to Manipur College by the University Grant Commission over the state authority failure to initiate appropriate legal action against a former in-charged principal of the college involved in the financial irregularities, students’ communities and activists now fear possible similar treatment by the UGC to Pravabati College Mayang Imphal over appointment of a Principal –in- charge  of the college by way of nepotism and favoritism .
Information sought under the RTI by activist Wahengbam Joykumar reveals that Dr. Nongmeikapam Sharat Singh who was appointed as Principal in charge of the college did not touch the RR provided by the UGC.
Dr. Nongmeikapam Sharat Singh, a teacher of Physics Department has been illegally as the Principal-in-Charge of Pravabati College, Mayang Imphal on 29th August 2017 by a Special G.B. meeting which is against the existing Rules i.e. Manipur Education Code-1982. Reliable source said that there is illegal and corrupted practice in the management and administration of the Pravabati College, Mayang Imphal as documents accessed through the Right to Information Act, 2005 revealed that the said Dr. Nongmeikapam Sharat Singh was appointed as a teacher of the said College on 18.12.2014 without any public notification as per rule which is illegal act and corrupted practice. Further it also evident that the said teacher was 42 year i.e. over age when he was appointed being a teacher as his date of birth is 01.04.1972.
According to paragraph No.6 of the Manipur Education Code-1982, “a Principal should be the holder of at least a second class Master’s Degree with 10 years experience as a teacher in a Degree College or University or as an Education Administrator and in special cases, of outstanding scholarship with administrative ability, the length of experience may be relaxed up to five years” and as such, Dr. Nongmeikapam Sharat Singh cannot be appointed as a Principal/Principal-in-Charge of the College as he has not have 10 years teaching experience or 5 years and his appointment is a clear cut evidence of illegal act, corruption and favoritism.
Wahengbam Joykumar, in a statement said that appropriate action should be initiated against the Governing Body of Pravabati College, Mayang Imphal and Director, University & Higher Education, Government of Manipur as the appointment and approval of Principal-in-Charge is illegal by nature.
A complaint regarding the matter has been filed to the Chief Minister Office on February 5 his year drawing his attention to save the future of the college.
Meanwhile, there is no question of lifting the ban on Manipur College even though the state Higher Education department has been urging authority to lift the ban to the UGC.
Commissioner of Education Dilip Hawaibam talking to Imphal Times yesterday said that the government is trying all its effort to lift the ban on Manipur College.
Source close to Imphal Times reveals that the ban on the Manipur College by UGC will continue until the state authority awarded punitive action to the in-charge principal who was involved in the misappropriation of fund.
Dilip Hawaibam said that the State Higher Education Department had done whatever it can and said that removing him from the post of the in-charge principal is a befitting punishment. The answer by the Commissioner Education is in contrast to what the Imphal Times source has revealed. As a mere degradation from the post of in-charge principal is not enough as the UGC authority are waiting for more befitting punishment as according to the law of the nation which has to be deal with corruption.  

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Imphal, Feb 7: State health Department is turning blind eye to the mushrooming illegal health clinic which are running at many part of the state particularly those running at Rup Mahal Tank area here in the heart of the city.
After getting specific information, a special team of Imphal Times went and check about the existence of such clinic in and around the periphery of Khwairambandh Keithel and at Rup-Mahal Tank.
This reporter when entered at Rup Mahal tank found some drug whole sellers agents. On the first floor of the druggist center found some room designed in such a way that minor OT could be provided to patient in need. There were no signboard, name plates or any license document provided by health department authority however some para medics and nurses were found working.
The investigation was carried out by Imphal Times after getting a specific report about a driver of a MLA now Minister in the present government delivered a baby from his illicit wife who latter was married after settling the matter. Even after the matter did not spark at social tension, the angry family member of the girl thronged to the unauthorised clinic which delivered the baby at Rup Mahal Tank. However timely intervention by a team of Imphal East police put the situation under control, an eyewitness said. The eye witness however did not have any idea of why some people tried to create trouble at the clinic. Whether a police had taken up a case or not could not be known at the moment.
Reliable source said that these unauthorised clinics used to hire doctor at time of emergency or complicacy. Some said abortion was even carried out at such clinic however; regarding this still have to get concrete evidences.

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Imphal, Feb 7: Proscribed group United National Liberation Front (UNLF) today claimed responsibility to yesterday’s blast at AR Transit Camp near Minuthong here in Imphal. The blast reportedly took place at around 5.58 pm yesterday evening injuring 9 personnel of the Assam Riffles. The UNLF in a statement issued by M. Sak-hen, Director, Department of Publicity said that the attacked was carried out by a special team of the Manipur Peoples’ Army (MPA), the army wing of the UNLF.
Those injured in yesterday’s blasts have been identified as Amar Sargari of 33 AR, Raj Kishore of 8 AR, Pradeep Sharma of 8 AR, S. Pradhan of 8 AR, Deependra Subardi of 8 AR, Rajesh Kumar of 2 AR, Umesh Kumar of 42 AR, H. Konyak of 8 AR and Sanju Lambu of 25 AR. All of them sustain minor injury.
The UNLF also claim the February 5 blast that occurred at Pologround at around 3.30 pm that injured 2 personnel of the 6 AR. The statement further added that the blast occurred near M-Sector on the evening of January 25 this year was also triggered by a special team of the MPA. The UNLF statement also added that the MPA also attacked a patrolling party of the 6AR on December 4 , 2917 at Konthoujam Lamkhai by triggering a blasy.
The statement said the UNLF and its armed wing will continue to attack the Indian Army until the colonial rules are completely wipe out of the state.

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Imphal,Feb 7: Meira paibis and locals of Khurai Sarjor Leikai today staged a protest demonstration demanding strict action against Khurai Assembly Constituency MLA Leishangthem Sushildro @ Yaima for allegedly firing rounds of gunshots besides threatening to one Laishram Bishwajit of Khurai Sarjor Leikai who is his neighbour last evening at around 5:30 pm.
Condemning the unlawful act of MLA, the victim Laishram Bishwajit (45 yrs), son of Laishram Netrajit of Khurai Sarjor Leikai, Tinsid Road, Imphal East who is residing next to the MLA’s residence said that yesterday he and his workers had removed an air conditioner (AC) machine attached at the building of the MLA which had obstructed the construction of retaining wall of the victim after taking the permission of MLAs’ mother.
Later in the evening around 5:30 pm MLA Leishangthem Sushildro @ Yaima himself pointed his gun as if he was going to shoot him after he came firing rounds of bullets on the way till his house but Yaima fired two rounds of bullet on the ground and threaten him of his life. On hearing the sun sounds the construction workers even ran off to save their life, Bishwajit added.
Bishwajit also said that after Yaima took off threating him, some police personnel came to arrest him for the charge file by the MLA of removing the air conditioner (AC) machine of the MLA without any prior information though later he was release as the locals storm the police station for the false charge made against him by the MLA.
Looking at the current prevailing situation, Bishwajit asserts that his life is not secure anymore and if the same happen who is to be blame.
On the other hand, one of the local meira paibi said that MLA Leishangthem Sushildro @ Yaima was elected from Khurai Assembly constituency as the locals of the constituency had trusted him but looking at the yesterday incident, his action was unlawful and strongly condemn.
The meira paibis and locals of Khurai Sarjor Leikai, Tinsid Road, Imphal East and family members of Laishram Bishwajit appeals the concern to look into the matter and take up necessary action against the MLA at the earliest and in the near future any threats to Laishram Bishwajit, MLA Leishangthem Sushildro @ Yaima must hold responsibility.

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Imphal, Feb 8:  Two day National Seminar on The Life & Times of Rajarshi Bhagyachandra concludes today. The National Seminar was inaugurated yesterday at the Court Hall of Manipur University by Prof Adya Prasad Pandey, Vice-Chancellor of Manipur University.
The seminar was organised by The Department of History, MU, Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi & The Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti ( BISS), Manipur. The  seminar is sponsored by Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR).
 The two day seminar deliberated on the great contributions of the king, his legacy, the different aspects of the life and achievement of the Rajarshi Bhagyachandra which will help in comprehensive understanding of socio-political and religious transformation of Manipur during 18th century.
Speaking during the inaugural session Dr. Balmukund Pandey, who attended as chief Guest said that Collection of data is not history, history is human science. History had not given any place for great kings of our country like Prithviraj chauhan and Maharana Pratap Singh. Same is the case of Maharaja Rajarshi Bhagyachandra which is not given proper place in the history, he added.
In his presidential speech, Prof Adya Prasad Pandey had said, “History remains as history. History can not be destroyed but the time has come for the real history to come forward”. He added that Rajarshi Bhagyachandra was an enlightened king who was politically and culturally farsighted individual. He was virtuous king excellent in all fronts and one of the most powerful rulers in the annals of Manipur civilization. Rajarshi was a devout person, possessing the qualities of a Saint, thus becoming popular with the name ‘Rajarshi’. Thus, he is known to all by the name of Rajarshi Bhagyachandra. Professor further enumerated on the political aspect of the Maharaja. Maharaja Bhagyachandra occupies a landmark for many counts in the history of Manipur. Apart from political history, his rule has been characterised by unique socio-cultural evolution. His time has been associated with accounts of political crisis, diplomats with the neighbouring states and cultural development. The reign of Rajarshi Bhagyachandra is considered to be the golden period for many reasons in the political and cultural history of Manipur. Professor added that Bhagyachandra is also associated with the development of a strong wave of Dance and Music. ‘Nata Sankirtan’ which has recently been given the status of ‘Intangible Performing Art’ by the UNESCO is one of the legacies of Bhagyachandra’s contribution in the field of art and culture. On the religious front, the most remarkable contribution of Maharaja is the propagation of Vaishnavism in Manipur; construction and installation of the Idol of Shri Govindajee and innovation of Dance drama known as Ras Lila. The famous ‘Ras Lila’, a classical dance was introduced during his reign and it was performed for the first time at the ‘Rasmandal Mandap’ located at Langthabal, the then palace of the King which is inside the present day campus of the Manipur University.

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Poppy plants destroyed

Imphal, Feb 7: Poppy plantations valued around Rs 1.5 Crores destroyed today in the hill range located between Tarao Lamkhai and Lamkang Khunyai Village from 9 am to 1.30 pm in Tengnoupal District.
The poppy plantation which were plated at around 25 acres were destroyed by a combined team of Chandel District Police, Tengnoupal District Police, NAB and 8 MR led by SP Chandel Kamei Angam Romanus and SP Tengnoupal Dr S. Ibomcha Singh in presence of SDC Tengnoupal N.Kamei as Executive Magistrate.

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