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Every citizen wants a good governance. While saying so some who are taking main roles in the game of throne desperately attempted time and again to topple the existing government using means that would strike the bull’s eye is a natural phenomenon. The new government led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had done many things which keep mum the opposition group who has been waiting for any chances to topple him. Source even reveals that some among from his own party will not let things slips off if he or she get a chance lead the government. It is at this hour that the leader needs to establish good advisory circle which will keep defending him from any attack by any individuals or group- either from the opposition political party or from among his group who has been waiting to dethrone him. This is democracy and such perception cannot be ruled out.
From the eyes of the political analyst who has been keenly watching the running of the new government led by N. Biren Singh - some sees trouble as they believe a probable constitutional crisis in the coming days. There is no doubt that in this short ten months period his government had done many appreciating works.
Social problem like fighting the menace of corruption, streamlining the government offices, buildings of good relations between various ethnic communities of the state and effort to directly contact with almost all citizens of the state to understand their grievances are some of the achievement which earlier government had never think of. But one think need to remind the chief minister is that everything that he wanted to do for the good of the citizens and the state need to be properly planned as a good service with good intention may have been an easy target for someone who wanted to dethrone him.
Now the as political analysts suggest, the greatest challenges of the present government are the issue of the MLAs who are alleged to hold the “Office of Profit”. Talking to reporters the Chief Minister had stated that the development that is being seen in  Delhi Assembly regarding the disqualification of MLAs who had been given the post of Parliamentary Secretary have nothing to do when it comes to the state of Manipur. The speculation of the Chief Minister may have been from the perspective of those advising his government. He also stated that there is a legislation which legalised the appointment of Parliamentary secretary and Parliamentary secretary does not hold office of profit.
Well what those political advisors in the N. Biren Singh government failed to advice the Chief Minister is that - the verdict of the Supreme Court regarding the appointment of Parliamentary Secretary in regards to Delhi Legislative Assembly clearly stated that the provision for appointment of Parliamentary Secretary is unconstitutional, which meant that the legislation passed by any state government in any party of the country is void. Suppressing this ruling of the Supreme Court would amount to constitutional crisis.
Well in case of the 8 Congress MLAs who had joined the BJP and supported the N. Biren Singh led BJP government, it is up to the Speaker of the state legislative Assembly on whether to speed up the process for disqualification or to delay until depending upon the nature of petition filed by any persons or political parties.
These two issues - Parliamentary Secretary appointment and the joining of the Congress MLAs to BJP is a serious matter which is going to stand as a hindrance to the N. Biren Singh led Government. 12 plus 8 is a big number and - subtracting these MLAs from the N. Biren Singh Government would make his leadership a minority.
We have seen many good in the N. Biren Singh led government. But violation of the Constitution by acting against its provision by means of delaying the issue is not a sign of wise government.
Time to act when the people are having trust to the government.
“A stitch in time save nine”, the saying still has its implication even when it comes to the running of the government or implementation of any schemes. Parliamentary democracy runs successfully only after it follows the rules of law. Let’s make parliamentary democracy a success.

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Heroin No. 4 seized, Foreign liquors seized

Imphal, Feb 6: Team of Imphal East Nartic Cell seize 96 grams of Heroin No. 4 powder while conducting routine frisking in and around Lamlong Bazar area in Imphal East today at around 10:15 am.

The routine frisking was conducted under the supervision of SP Imphal East; Deputy SP (CAR), Imphal East and OC Narcotic Cell, Imphal East where the seized Heroin No. 4 powder was found containing in six soap cap from a female individual identified as one Lamleivah Khongsai ( 26 yrs), wife of Late Jangminlun Khongsai of Phainung Village, Churachandpur District.

Lamleivah Khongsai along with the seized Heroin No. 4 has been handed over to Porompat Police Station for further legal procedures.

On the other hand A combine team of Imphal East and Imphal West Police arrested one person along with 7402 bottles of foreign liquors yesterday at around 11:30 pm.

The arrested person has been identified as one Lourembam Ingo Singh (40 yrs), son of Late Lourembam Joy Singh of Kongba Laishram Leikai, Imphal East.

7402 bottles of foreign liquors was seized from the possession of Lourembam Ingo Singh which includes 45 boxes of Officers Choice (1/2L), 43 boxes of McDowells (1/2L), 5 boxes of BP (1L), 3 boxes and 22 half bottle of BP half litre, 40 boxes of Old Monk Delux (1/4L), 120 boxes of Tuborg Beer, 129 boxes of Kingfisher Beer and 19 boxes of Mc Dowell (1L).

On further interrogation, Ingo disclosed that he brought the liquors from Guwahati for distributing in different parts of Imphal area and the liquors were stored in the godown of Thangjam Chinglemba Singh (39 yrs), son of Thangjam Nandakishore Singh of Kongpal Chanam Leikai.

The godown where the seized liquors were stored was located inside the premises of one Th Nandakishore Singh.

Lourembam Ingo Singh along with the sized foreign liquors has been handed over to Excise Department for further necessary legal action.

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Kohima, Feb 6: With a day remaining for the filing of nomination for the upcoming 13th Nagaland State Assembly Election 20 candidates belonging to Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF), the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Janata Dal (U) had filed nomination at the time of filing this story (3.30pm)
Report reaching here said  Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) was the first to file his papers for the February 27 Nagaland Assembly polls.
Dr Nicky Kire, who had recently joined the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), was reported to be filing his nomination papers from Kohima Town AC.
Yesterday NDPP releases a lists of 38 candidates for this election. BJP and NDPP have agreed to share seats at which BJP contest in 20 seats while the remaining 40 seats will be contested by the NDPP.
The deadline for filing of nomination papers expires at 3 pm on February 7, and till February 5 none of the candidates contesting for the 60-seat state Assembly had filed their nomination papers.
Earlier, 11 political parties including the NPF had resolved not to contest in the poll. The NSCN-IM on the other hand had directed people not to contest in the election as they prefer a solution to the vex Naga issue.
The core committee of civil organisations and tribal bodies had also declared that anyone contesting the elections against “the wishes of the Naga people” would be branded as “anti-Naga.”
But the lukewarm response to the statewide bandh called by the Core Committee of Nagaland Tribal Hohos and Civil Organisations (CCNTHCO), and supported by the Naga insurgent groups, ensured that the electoral process remained on track.
Earlier today morning, Nagaland BJP campaign committee in-charge, M Chuba confirmed that BJP candidates would start filing nominations as the BJP is a national party and adheres to the constitutional process. He attributed the delay in filing nominations to late declaration of candidates.

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Imphal, Feb 6: The ongoing state assembly session today passed a sum of Rs. 13,1884.33 lakhs as supplementary grants for 38 departments of the state government. Of the total supplementary grant Rs. 3231.02 lakhs passed from consolidated fund while Rs. 12,8653.31 was passed by voice vote.
The supplementary grant were passed for the state Legislature, Secretariat, Land Revenue , Stamp and registration and district administration, PED, IPR, Education, Medical, Health and Family welfare, Municipal administration , Labour and Employment Tribal Affairs and Hills, Consumers affairs, Agriculture, Environment and Forest, Community and Rural Development, Fisheries , Panchayat, Tourism, MOBC, Relief and disaster etc.

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Imphal, Feb 6: Congress MLAs, the main opposition party of the Manipur state Legislative Assembly once more walk out over the issue MLA AK Mirabai put up yesterday. AK Mirabai once more took up the issue during zero hour urging the speaker to take action against Congress MLA Th. Shyamkumar who had joined the BJP and become a minister in the government violating the provision of the 10 schedule of the Indian Constitution . Mirabai further said that the press conference conducted by the speaker regarding the matters of the house proceedings is against the convention of the state house. In reply to the move Speaker Khemchand said that as the matter regarding law maker Shyamkumar is in the court it would not be correct to discuss in the house he appeal the house to discuss the matter at appropriate forum. AK Mirabai was supported by another oppostion MLA Brojen. As the speaker tried to take up demand discussion the congress MLAs walk out of the house in protest against the ruling of the state legislative Assembly.

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Imphal, Feb 6: 33rd Orientation Programme was inaugurates yesterday at Manipur University with special focus on “Academic Administration/Educational Management” organised by UGC - Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Manipur University.  Professor Adya Prasad Pandey, Vice- Chancellor of Manipur University, graced the function as chief guest and Prof H. Ramananda Singh, Director, UGC - HRDC, MU presided over the function. The main objective of the programme is to facilitate quality and relevance of Higher Education through upgradation of knowledge  and skills of teachers working in the higher education system - teachers of colleges and University departments.           
Prof Adya Prasad Pandey, Vice-Chancellor of Manipur University, in his chief guest speech, stated that teachers should be the role model for students as well as for the society. Teachers should be trained according to the need of the hour and they should know the present trend of the world. This type of programme will enhance in knowledge sharing among the teachers and students. HRDC should deliberate on areas  which teachers are not aware of. Prof Pandey suggested that this a good opportunity in hand to write research papers. There is no limit of learning new knowledge. Flow of knowledge should be maintained to keep abreast with the development in the field of education system across the globe. He also added that research activities should be initiated in the colleges of the state.
Prof Ch. Ibohal Meitei, Director, MIMS, Manipur University and the programme coordinator of this orientation programme, accorded warm welcome to the Vice-Chancellor, MU. In his welcome statement, Prof Ibohal stated that Manipur University is flourishing under the able leadership of the incumbent Vice-Chancellor of the varsity. Professor extended his warm welcome to all the participants from different colleges of Manipur. He further stated that higher education scenario of the state should be developed with utmost priority. The present government is very much focused on the development of higher education in the state. The main motive of this orientation programme is to orient and enrich the young administrators and faculty members. It gives an added advantage of such a system in that it serves as a platform for interaction with eminent resource persons, scholars from their respective disciplines and other disciplines.
Prof H. Ramananda Singh, Director, UGC - HRDC, MU appreciated the Vice-Chancellor for his support and cooperation in organising the 33rd Orientation Programme. He added that all the administrative and management trainings will be covered in this orientation programme.  

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Imphal, Feb 6: Popular Front of India is organising a national level movement by holding week long reach –out campaign to mark its 11th Anniversary. The organization is observing February 17 as Popular Front Day under the slogan “We with People; People with Us”.
A statement of the organization said the preceding 6 days will be observed as PR week in which wide variety of programmes will take place across the country for conveying the message of the organization to maximum number of people.  The campaign include public gatherings, flag hoisting at unit level, unity marchers by volunteers, social service activities and social media campaign. On the 11th of February units will undertake house visit all over India and have interactions with the households for introducing the organization.
Budget 2018: claims don’t match realities
“A resolution adopted by the meeting stated that Modi government has failed in fulfilling a single one of the numerous promises it had made to the people. It has brought economic disasters to the country with absurd exercises like note ban and demonetization.The claims about 2018 budget don’t match with the realities of the country. It serves interest of the rich and adds further difficulties to vast majority of poor Indians.  With announcement of various schemes for health care, agriculture and rural development, the budget is being celebrated as a pro-poor and pro-farmers.  But the insufficient allocations to the schemes prove that those are mere populist announcements of little substance. It should also be mentioned that there is no any announcement of loan waivers while farmers still continue to suffer to pay off their loans. Instead of measures for strengthening public health care system on which the poor mostly depend, the budget declares health insurance schemes. It will only cater to the insurance companies and private hospitals.  Instead of increasing direct taxation to the tiny percentage of ultra-rich, the budget has cut down corporate taxes. Meanwhile it announces additional indirect taxes, which will have direct effect on common people. The cut down in the allocation for education is also a sinister trend. There has been a steady decline in budget allocation for education since Modi government has assumed power. It is a clear sign that government is withdrawing from education giving way for more privatization in the sector.”
Kasganj: SanghPariwar playing riot politics again
“The meeting pointed out that Kasganj violence and subsequent police harassment of innocent Muslims youths show that Sangh Pariwar is once again playing riot politics in the state with an eye on 2019 election. Reports are emerging from multiple sources that Sangh Pariwar goons wantonly unleashed attack on Muslim youths who were preparing to celebrate Republic Day. Shockingly, there are CCTV footages that show police, instead of stopping the violence,joining the criminals to attack Muslims. According to a fact finding report published by a team led by SR Darapuri two Masjids and 30 shops, all belonging to Muslims, were burned, while no Hindu houses or temples were laid hand on. Police is selectively arresting innocent Muslims. Muslims who had fled the area are reluctant to come back out of fear of police harassment. BJP has time and again proved that the party is incapable of winning elections without creating communal polarization in the country and more particularly in Uttar Pradesh. Now, despite being in power both at Centre and in the state, Sangh Pariwar has nothing to present to people to improve their quality of life. With a government that is busy providing ambulances for cows while children continue to die from oxygen shortage at hospitals, people are desperate. An easy way for BJP govt. is diverting people’s anger towards minorities. The meeting opined that recent Gujarath assembly and by-election results in various states proved that people would opt for harmony and development over communal fanaticism and violence.”
The meeting was presided over by Chairman E. Abubacker and was attended by General Secretary, M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Vice Chairman O.M.A. Salam, National Executive Council members Anis Ahmed, E.M Abdurahman, Abdul Wahid Sait, A. S. Ismail, P. Koya, K.M Shareef etc.

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