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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

If only I knew; I’d haven’t tasted life for betterment;
If only I had encounter; I’d haven’t carrying burden;
‘Unification’ a legal practice, isn’t that wholly without;
Binding ‘me’ too tightly, norms and regulations;
Rules and cultures, isn’t that beauty?
Ah! It’s a mere thing ‘he’ does loving, surprisingly;
Frame work and orders, early morning liveliness;
Constituting bodily work animated, as though;
The ‘system’ isn’t natural, it’s framed inducing;
Tired and very tired, I’m to this socially instigation;
Had I ever knew such a wonder encouragement?
Its paining urge, ‘you’ never notice this system;
Charmer as always wondering visioning;
How faithful ‘I’ to this patriarchal lines.

Life’s a behold miracle; life’s a establish distress anguish;
You never discern without recognizing it, sadness;
All I perceived, just a naked truth, liar and unhappiness;
Feel that agony; just sweeten that soreness;
‘Boy or Girl’, It’s a boy! How contented?
Merry making and cheerful and feeling blessed;
Bravo! Everyone greeted, ‘you’re the man;
Favored and supporting and delighted and willing to;
 Had ‘they’ ever detected ‘the pangs of contractions’?
‘Laboring’ isn’t a happy game, its paining achy feeling;
Wondering over again, how ‘they’ reacted?
‘She’s a girl’ ‘she cries whole night’;
Recommending ‘try one more’ child;
How faithful ‘I’ to this patriarchal lines.

Struggling for living isn’t different, when all money matters;
Anger and hypertension, tools I should shelter;
Thought life’s an empty darkness and thrilling space;
All well’s unwell, lives without fences and boarders;
All I knew, I wasn’t knew rubbish joys and freedom;
Overwhelming those empty needful, sticking to same old;
How successful will ‘I’ become? When he misunderstood;
Weeping my passion; tears my adoring jewelry;
Can’t treasured rude and filthiness, never does ‘he’ listens;
It’s hurting, traumatizing and blaming inside ‘me’;
‘Companion’ all that matters, unpleasant to habitual tipsy;
Wondering how many unforgettable nights!
Without sleep just waiting, holding a lantern;
It’s paining endlessly, throbbing and holding back;
How faithful ‘I’ to this patriarchal lines.

Life isn’t a lesson, experiences make it living;
How exotic ‘I’ to him?
Duties I carried so hard, never does ‘he’ understand;
Bearing and rearing, educating and nurturing;
Supporting and raising, breeding and keeping;
All my calling, opening a pursuit to happiness;
Sickening inside ‘me’ throes and struggling,
And hardening, bravely I does escapade;
Suffering inside ‘me’ dies, with those jovial playful smiles;
Holding ‘me’ in restricted paining pride;
How faithful ‘I’ to this patriarchal lines.      

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 Imphal, Feb 4: Indian Delegates represented by Manipur to the 2nd Surin International Cultural Exchange 2018, Thailand was greeted by Art & Culture Minister L. Jayantakumar Singh today in a simple function held in his Office Chamber at Old Secretariat, Imphal.
 Speaking on the occasion, L. Jayantakumar said that the rich form of Art & Culture of the state is nowadays gaining momentum. All necessary steps will be taken up to uplift the art and culture of the state in consultation with the Chief Minister, he added.
The Minister also distributed Trophy & Citations to the delegates and congratulated the artists for achieving— the most ‘Outstanding Performance Trophy’, ‘Entertaining Performance Award’. The cultural troupe from Manipur was led by M. Luxmikumar, IAS, Commissioner, Art & Culture and comprised with (eight) artists from Rhythms of Manipur and also 8 (eight) Artists from Sangeet Kala Sangam, Khurai. It is learnt that in the 2nd Surin International Cultural Exchange 2018, the artists performed 7 (seven) different cultural items including Maibi-Jagoi, Thang-Taa, Pung-Cholom, Dhol-Cholom, Kabui-Jagoi that organised in 7 (seven) different locations of Thailand.
Attending the programme, M. Luxmikumar, IAS said that the motive of the cultural event is to build new friendship and to strengthen the bond with different countries through cultural exchange. Joint Director Art and Culture, Manipur L. Keshorjit Singh, Co-ordinator of the troupe Sherjeet Singh and others were also present at the programme

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Imphal, Feb 4: Even as various political parties of Nagaland state including the NPF had decided to go for the upcoming Nagaland state assembly election differing its earlier stand to boycott the election, the NSCN-IM today reaffirmed its stand and directed all its brigade commanders, battalion commanding officers and all its cadres to boycott the election .
In an order by Lt. Gen. Ningkhan Shimray MC, the outfit said that any officers or personnel going against the directive to boycott the election will be considered going against the national cause and serious action will be taken as deem fit.

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Sunday, 04 February 2018 16:42

ULFA-I, RPF condoles the demise of its cadre

Imphal, Feb 4: Revolutionary Peoples’ Front (RPF) and United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA-I) today condole the demise of Moniram Asom (Manab Deori) of ULFA (I) and Hera (Meitham Khamba) of PLA who were killed in a encounter with Security Force at Sangkapani, Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh on February 1.
A joint statement of ULFA(I) and RPF said that Moniram Asom, aka Manab Deori son of Rongai Deori and Dananti Deori of New Mohong, Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh is a Lance Corporal of ULFA (I) and his army number is A-20628. Hera, aka Meitham Khamba Hera (Meitham Khamba is a Lance Corporal of PLA, SCOM-I.
“ULFA (I) and RPF salute and express condolence to the sacrificed Comrades of ULFA(I) and RPF and their families, relatives and friends”, the statement said.
It added, “Heroes sacrifice and revolution marches forward, Let the souls of the dearly departed heroes rest in peace”.
“Departed Lance Corporal Moniram Asom and Lance Corporal Hera were the fighters who fight for the liberation of Assam and Manipur of Western Southeast Asia Region. They joint the respective revolutionary organization having faith in that their birth right were fight for the nation. Truly they were brave and good soldiers who love and fight for their nation without discrimination of races or faith”, the statement added.

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Imphal, Feb 4: The NSCN-IM has condemned the killing of (L) Mr. Dichungbe Nriame (Deputy Kilonser), Care Taker CAO of Asalu (Zeliangrong) Region on 2nd February, 2018 at his residence in Jalukie town by unknown assailant(s) terming it as cold-blooded assassination.
“Such a coward and dastard act of killing a national worker at a time when the whole Nagas are longing for peace and unity is totally uncalled for” a GPRN-MIP statement said.
The statement added that the NSCN-IM who heeds to the call for peace by the mass and in the spirit of forgiveness towards its rivals, has been lying low by not launching any offensive, for the nation awaits the inevitable coming of a great change.
It further sought clarification from whosoever has committed the beastly act of murdering the late CAO and threaten to launch its investigation to find out the truth and do whatever it takes to bring justice.

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Sunday, 04 February 2018 16:40

Legal awareness campaign held

Imphal, Feb 4: Center for Women Development , Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai today organised a legal awareness campaign at Ibudhou Panganba   Community Hall , Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai under the sponsorship of Unite NGO Mission Manipur.
Around 100 women from the locality attended the awareness campaign.
President of YPAC Oinam Ranjit, Meira Paibi leader Menaka Devi and Vice President of Center for Women Development, L. Binokumari graced the occasion as presidium member.
President of Women Action Development (WAD) Mangshatabam Sobita while speaking on the occasion as resource person highlighted the present condition of the women of the state. The rampant violation of women’s rights from various sections including armed forces has been highlighted. The increase of rape and other form of crime against women has been highlighted.

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Imphal, Feb 4: World Cancer Day is being observed today. The day is observed on 4th February every year to raise awareness about cancer, its treatment and to encourage methods of its prevention. The primary goal of the day is to reduce the illness and related deaths by 2020.
The day is being observed at RIMS, JNIMS and various other places of the state. 26 Assam Rifles under the aegis of  IGAR South 9 Sector observed the day at Charangpat Mayai Leikai Community Hall under the theme “we can I can”. Zilla parishad Member of Charangpat GP, Ph. Heramani, Pradhan S. Imo , Captain Suraj, CO of 26 AR Yairipok, Captain Vijendra Mohito and Geet Tongbram MO of Dist hospital Thoubal.
At the National capital New Delhi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated a medical camp at Swarna Bharat Trust, Atkur in Andhra Pradeshh organised on the occasion of World Cancer Day. Mr Naidu noted that use of tobacco, alcohol consumption, obesity, unhealthy dietary habits, lack of physical activity, ageing, exposure to radiation, certain infections and family history are among risk factors. He said systematic screening of population will help early detection.
Health Minister J P Nadda said in a tweet that government has started AMRIT scheme in order to provide relief to poor people from the rising cost of Cancer drugs. He stressed that Cancer is curable if detected and treated early.

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Imphal, Feb 4: The second day of ‘Imphal Jamboree’ – youth festival was held successfully at the Trade and Expo center, Lamboikhongnangkhong, Imphal.
During the first panel discussion on the topic of ‘Improving the State of Youths’, Prasoon Gupta Co-Founder, Director, Sattviko, delivered opening speech and moderated by Rahul Narvekar, Founder/CEO/Owner at the India Network. Annu Grover, Green Evangelist-MD, Nurturing Green, Rajeev Sharma, Consultant, Niti Aayog, Coo, Wealth Bank and Dr. Palin Khundongbam, Chairman, MD, Shija Hospital Research Institute were the panelists.
The Indian Network team also conducted the start-up pitching session with the young ventures of the state after a process of online screening.  
The topic of the second-panel discussion was ‘Youth- Value creators of tomorrow.’ The discussion was moderated by Sapam Shyamananda, Founder, Lamjing Meira. Chirag Gupta, Co-founder, 4700 BC Popcorn, Pankaj Judge, Founder, Chai Thela, Sadiya Nadeem, Founder, Glam Studio and Ragesh Keisham, Chairman, MD, The Sui Generis Agronomy Pvt. Ltd was the list of panelists.
There are different youth-led stalls and enterprises present at the event. A beautiful musical performance was delivered by Pentafusion.
The aim of the event is to foster the participation of the youths in North Eastern Region to come together and converge to ‘Improve the state of youth’ with the theme of ‘Youth – Value creators of tomorrow.’ The festival primarily aims to bring the youth together for three days schedule events thus giving them space to unwind, learn and unlearn, create awareness and empower along the way. Firstly, stalls installation of youth-led enterprise and secondly, programmes such as influential talks, panel discussions, seminars, stand-up comedy and performances to name some would be conducted simultaneously.

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