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Gangnam style is better

‘Rules are necessary things. The more the better rules the status of the Some are hard and fast rules, like the rule of the road, which cannot be broken without danger to life and limb. But to the new kid in Imphal city he will definitely say there seems to be no rules in the roads of Imphal city. The rules which are frame by the so called government which runs the state, if failed to follow by the citizens and the enforcing agency fails to make the people follow it what is the use of the rules.
Recently, during the state assembly session, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had expressed his seriousness to the problem of noise pollution. He had assured the house about the need of some hard rules to control the noise pollution which has been distracting the mind of students during exam time. Not only the sound population created from vehicles but from construction machineries which has been using every day at many places particularly in residential area have been distracting the aged people.
Chief Minister’s assurance to frame some hard rules to control sound pollution is indeed appreciating. But what about the already existed rules framed by the state government to control the noise pollution. If the assurance of the Chief Minister during the session is converted into action and if the rules itself is failed to follow by the public and also failed to impose by the enforcers, than it will be another waste of time.
Similarly, there is a transport policy of the state government. But the way the traffic went uncontrolled surprises every people of the state on the answer by the chief Minister about the state following a transport policy. The traffic is a mess here in Imphal. Even though there are traffic rules no people follow the rules and the traffic regulation enforcers too fail to make the people follow the rules.
When the rules that are meant to make the people follow fails, when the rules that are supposed to be enforced by government agency could not handle either intentionally or due to lack of experience and skill, then people as well as the law enforcers have no respect for the government. Either the ruler is inefficient or did not have the guts to make his paid employees follow the rules of the government.
Sometimes, we in the media felt that, is our chief Minister so weak as we have seen government officials still not attending office till 11 am at various offices located the DC office complex Lamphel.
On one hand the assurance not to engage retire government officers is becoming another joke. As there are report of re-engaging retired government official and another on the process to re-engage in the Manipur State Power Company.
It is not only the people or the paid government employees which have no respect for the rules, but the government too is no less. For a mere political benefit the government selected a Chairman without having second thought about the faith of the statutory body. Yes it is about the Manipur State Commission for Child Rights. How on the earth does this government think that a musician is capable of serving the commission as chairperson.
Yeah every thing happening in the safronisation  style. Gangnam style is better when it come of the state of Manipur  

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Imphal, Feb 29: Whether the present government lead by Chief Minister N.Biren Singh have some concerns about the rights of the children in the state is not known as the government fails to act on the unwanted things happening in the Manipur Commission for Protect of Child Rights.
A case has been filed in the High Court over the appointment of the Chairperson identified as Sunitibala Ningthoujam. Interestingly Sunitibala Ningthoujam is a graduate in music.
On the other hand the statutory body which is established for protection of child rights has received complaints from a University for creating inconveniences to the girl students by its staffs. Following that a meeting convened by the members of the MCPCR decided to take up action against the said staff being complaint but the Chairman standing by the side of the employee hold back the action supposed to be taken against the staff.
Following that in February middle week the members of the MCPCR boycotted the Chairperson. Since then there is communication gap between the chairperson who have degree in music and those of the members. No commendable works for the protection of the child rights have been taken up.
On the other hand, on her certificate, the chairperson has been recorded as Lourembam  Sunitibala while the government order which appointed her as chairperson released the appointment order in the name of Sunitibala Ningthoujam.  

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Imphal, Feb 28: Locals of Khangbok area in Thoubal district today block road demanding magisterial enquiry to the dead of a 2 years and 3 month old minor girl identified as Kh. Ibemma Devi. A JAC formed in the connection alleged negligence of the Sky Hospital staffs and demanded the government immediate magisterial enquiry to the cause of the death. The JAC also urged the government to ensure that no such incident occurred in future.
The minor patient reportedly died at around 1 pm yesterday at the hospital. She was reportedly admitted to the hospital on February 23. Sky Hospital staffs while talking to Imphal Times said that the father of the deceased minor Kh. Rupachandra Singh of Khangabok Khullakpam Leikai have given consent of taking the responsibility if anything happen before the heart surgery was conducted. The minor girl was admitted under the RastriyaBal Satriya Karikram (RBSK) to perform heart-hole surgery. The Sky hospital authority said that the victim admitted at the hospital on Feb 3 and surgery was conducted on February 24. On February 25 improvement was noticed to but all of a sudden on February 26 her health got deteriorated. Hospital authority said the case was not related with the heart hole surgery.
Following the news of the death of the minor girl the irate locals gathered at Khangabok area and JAC formed against the death of the child convened an emergency meeting. The road was block for some time when the meeting was held. The meeting resolved not to accept the dead body until the demand for magisterial enquiry into the death has been conducted.
A memorandum in the connection has been submitted to the Chief Minister and Health Minister.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:16

Border area programme at Moreh

Moreh, Feb 28: In preserving , promoting and uplifting the dying art and culture of Northeastern states the Northeast Zone Cultural Centre - Dimapur is organising a Border area programme under Ministry of Culture - Government of India and Department of Art & Culture Govt. of Manipur  in association with Social Health and Educational Society ,Moreh at Ema Kondong Lairembi Haraobung Moreh.
6 states of India named as Haryana , Gujarat , Assam , Sikim , Kerela and Manipur are participating in this border area Programme and showing there cultural art and dances . Border Area Programme is directed by Central Govt. under Ministry of Culture Govt. of India to organise in International borders as to make interaction with all people from Different states of India and also to bring love and relationships to all the citizens of different states of India through their Arts and Cultural Dances. 
On the first day this program is conducted at Kwatha Village and in the second day it is conducted at Ima Kondong Lairembi haraobung - Moreh.  Additional Deputy Commissioner N.Bangkim as Chief Guest , Sub-Divisional Police Officer Shandeep Gopal Das and President of Indo-Myanmar Worker Forum Moreh N. Pulindro as Guest of Honour and President of Meitei Council Moreh M.Thoiba as function president of the program took part on the occasion . Along with various organizations of Moreh named as Kha- Nongpok apunba Nupi lup , Tamil Sangam moreh and Gorkha Samaj Moreh were also taking part in the occasion.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:16

Free & full Wi-Fi at Manipur University campus

Imphal, Feb 28: Manipur University will soon be filled with free wi-fi (wireless fidelity) signals provided by Reliance Jio, which was announced on Tuesday by the vice-chancellor professor Adya Prasad Pandey.
The announcement was made at the office of the vice-chancellor in presence of vice-president of Reliance Jio Balasubramanium Iyer amid teachers and students of the university.
Adya Prasad said as an initial stage the plan for free wi-fi service in the campus wi-fi service has already been provided in some section of the campus. But the opportunity offered by Jio will help to enhance the internet service throughout the university campus.
He said Jio will also help in boosting the quality of smart class that is already provided in 17 departments of the university. “This will make the students shine; my aim is to facilitate their needs”, he added.

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Imphal, Feb 28: Power sector in the state received some criticism from various sections of people over its irregular supply in the past few days. Source with the Imphal Times said that the main reason for irregularities in power supply in the state is due to absence of Managing Director for the Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited.
On the other hand , a highly placed source said that Managing Director of Manipur State Power Company Ltd. (MSPCL) N. Sarat, who is retiring today is likely to come back as Managing director of the MSPCL. The source said that all process for him to re-appoint as the MD is set by amending the RR for appointment of the Managing Director.
A govt. advertisement published in newspaper call application from qualified candidate who have minimum experience of at least 25 years in the power sector with minimum 3 years of experience of working as Managing Director / Chairman – cum- Managing Director.
As per the advertisement N. Sarat is also one of the candidates who can apply for the post. This is presumed as no age limit has been mentioned.
On February 1 , 2014 the Electricity department has been bifurcated into Manipur State Power Company Limited and Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited by a Gazette notification.
The gazette notification was followed by a cabinet decision of the state government.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:15

‘Establish Kakching District HQ at Kakching’

Imphal, Feb 28: Soraisam Sports Association, Sora (SSAS) demands that District Headquarter for Kakching District should be at Kakching as it falls the main centre for the four constituencies of the District.
Speaking to the media persons today at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Md Ramis, Vice-President of Soraisam Sports Association, Sora said that Kakching District is comprises of four constituencies in which Kakching falls the main centre for all the four constituencies.
The demand made by the Kakching District Head Quarter Demand Committee, Waikhong Thongjao does not fall the main centre for the four constituencies and also inappropriate to establish the head quarter, he added.
Md Ramis also said that though the newly created Kakching District has been announced as full fledged district, no proper infrastructures has been provided till date.
 Since Kakching falls the main centre, establish the district head quarter at Kakching and hand over to the people of the district at the earliest, he added.
Md Ramis further said that Soraisam Sports Association, Sora and the minority people settle in the four constituencies of Kakching District fully supports the Kakching District Infrastructure Demand Committee as well as any demands or decision taken up by the committee.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:14

Self-conscious manhood: Finding the true self

Kh. Ibomcha
Anyone who reads W.E.B Du Bois’s Magnum opus ‘ The souls of Black Folk’ would have come across the idea of ‘double consciousness’ connoting how the racialized, in a racialized society, feels like to live as the racialized in the world of racializing people. This consciousness looks at one’s self through the eyes of the other making him or her feel a sense of twoness within his/her body—two souls, two thoughts and two cultures tearing him asunder.
Why do I begin my write up with Du Bois, when my real interest lies in decolonizing the Meitei mind as always cracked at it in most of my published articles? Simply because, the syndrome we have now is pathologically pretty much analogous to the one which the American blacks had after the civil war, wherein every aspect of black life — education, politics, business, religion and even the right to life— revolves around the white culture. Like us, the Meiteis, they literally won freedom, but still had very few political rights or freedoms.
What is evidently observed now is the fact that we, as a group of people, have been driven by a concept of twoness. Here the idea of being twoness can be understood as the feeling of being both a Kangleiyeit and an Indian which we quite often see in how our politicians do politics. This will be best described by phrases such as ‘two souls, two thoughts, two unrecoiled strivings and two warring ideals in a body, our body.
For instance, few months back our current chief minister said, “we worship cows, we preserve them” while we really are lovers of beef meats supporting BJP’s Hindutva, where the consumption of beef has been dubbed as serious offenses against religious or moral law. His political behavior is driven by his inner core, an abode of two souls—one, an Indian, and the other, a Kangleiyeit— of which the former is lording it over the latter.
This political behavior can also be understood in the light of Greek philosopher Thucydide’s views on ethics which takes political behavior as something driven by fear and self-interest. Here it is worth recalling TAPTA Jayenta’s popular song ‘sak-udabi telephone da makhol phaira nik-e” (Having cold sweat whilst picking up calls from Delhi mandarins). As always perceived, fear of losing power is what made them a puppet in the hand of the racializing subjects. So to make sure he is still holding the reins of power he will do whatever things it take to clench the power although it misrepresents his people’s collective being.
Even some politicians, without doing any critical thinking, are heard of saying “if we want to survive there is no way other than joining RSS”. If we cut into what they have said we will see the existence of a veil skilfully crafted by Indians within which we are made to exist by measuring our soul by Indian tape. It is within this veil we experience oppression, but this oppression is made invisible by our so called leaders to serve their personal interest that slowly annihilates our collective being. This Vail structures the lived experience and perception of the world for both the racialized and racializing subjects.
Here to understand our situation we can invoke Plato’s allegory of cave describing this kind of life behind the veil as being imprisoned in and cut off from what is being real. Thinking to join RSS as the only option left for us to thrive is like looking out from a dark cave and assuming the shadow figures of things remaining in the dark as something real. We are like those people imprisoned in Plato’s cave that symbolizes ignorance meaning it prevents them seeing the truth.
Thus, being the racialized, we do not have the option of taking positions in the identity formation work; instead our self-formation has been trapped between two adversarial positions where we have been put— the racializing subject’s position denying our humanity and own position, which is impotent, powerless and hog-tied.
Now what we need is, in Du Bois’ word, the second sight or rather our potential ability to see the world behind the veil. The life we are living now, existing behind the veil or cave, is like living in a world that yields no true self-consciousness, but letting us see ourselves through the revelation of the others. This veil not only creates a barrier of recognizing one’s self, but it leads one to misrecognising his or her self like Plato’s prisoners in the cave rotting there with a distorted view of themselves.
Inability of to see the world behind the veil, that is misrecognizing ‘the self’ will lead us to risking the annihilation of our existence as a distinct people rooting out elements constituting our being-in-the world. Now, it is certainly time to say: let’s stop defining ourselves looking at ourselves through the eyes of others. Yes, we must stop measuring our soul by the tape of a world that looks at us with amused contempt.

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