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The unmistakable hint of festivity is in the air as the state is gearing up to welcome the Holi or Yaoshang festival in right earnest. As always, the state will indulge in revelries and merry-making, play with colours and witness friendly competitions and contests in the “Yaoshang Sports” being organized in almost every local clubs. This is also the time for the youngsters to explore possibilities of a romantic relationship through the Thabal Chongba dance.
Chief Minister of Manipur’s seeking opinion of the public through social networking site on whether to continue celebrating the Yaosang for 5 day or shorten it to 2 days is appreciative move. Maximum people like the idea of shortening it but when converting it into reality.
Culture cannot be change overnight but can be move towards the right direction through proper planning without hurting the sentiment of the public. Instead its better think of the other way like declaring holiday for 2 days only for yaosang festival, but it will be like walking in the sky if assume that people will follow the idea of celebrating yaosang festival to 2 days.
Well, something significantly changing in celebrating the Yaosang Festival is that the state it has now become a celebration, cutting across religion, ethnicity, caste or community. This is indeed a very welcome change from the everyday tussles and feelings of distrust that has been permeating the society slowly yet surely.
The festival of Yaoshang, with the fading custom of collecting any and every edible contributions from every household in the locality to arrange a small feast especially for the young ones on the first day of the festival will surely evoke fond memories of simple pleasures of yesteryears. The emerging present trend of organizing sports meets across the state by the local clubs during the festival period is an ingenious means of initiating the naturally gifted young individuals to the reality of competitions. It also weans away a lot of the youths from the emerging dangerous trend of speeding and racing along the streets in their ever increasingly sophisticated and faster motorcycles during the festival.
From all of these developments, a new possibility emerges- one which can revive the slow degradation and deterioration in the quality and quantity of sporting achievements in the state, and for that to happen, we all need to be prepared for the next big step. It is rightly said that the first step to successful introduction of a young mind to sports is to create an atmosphere of fun and success around it, and what better opportunity is there for us in the State than during the festive occasion of Yaoshang.
A state-wide competition amongst the outstanding performers from each of the clubs could very well be the perfect boost to propel the enthusiastic athletes towards serious competition and a future in sports. For this to happen, the proactive involvement of the Government is a must. Encouraging a sportsperson does not only mean monetary rewards and accolades after they have proved their mettle and excelled in their respective events. Encouragement and support should be from the grassroot level, when the aspiring athletes are struggling to find their feet and are at the most vulnerable stage of their sporting endeavour, both financially and psychologically. It is the crucial stage when a lot of aspiring sportspersons with potential and skill gave up for lack of financial and emotional support.
 A proper planning and integration of all the social clubs and sports associations can make this a reality. However one wishes to celebrate the festival, it must be borne in mind that our celebration should not interfere or restrict other’s right to enjoy the same festival. Maintaining the spirit of the occasion will ensure a delightful and memorable time. Imphaltimes wishes the present govt utilise its wisdom in making the culture alive beside properly shortening the holidays of the festival instead of saying that the festival is shorten to 2 days.

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Govt. considering a regulation to control noise pollution – Chief Minister

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Imphal, Feb 20:  Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, who is also the leader of the house today assured the ongoing assembly session to frame legislation for control of the unbearable noise pollution in the state.
This was stated as reply to a calling attention motion moved by MLA Khumukcham Joykishan. The Congress MLA referring to a news report appeared on this newspaper (Imphal Times) on its February 18 publication drew the attention of the house on the uncheck noise pollution created from various sources.
“Not only the loud speakers used during festival or public function but also several machineries for constructions have been creating disturbing noise to the people particularly to student community”, Joykishan said.
Even as the government is preparing for introduction of sound limiters as of now no such thing is implemented. The sound from various machineries and other activities have been distracting the students during this particular days where the examination are going on, Joykishan said.
Guardian, teachers and parents are worried and panicky about the future of the students, he added and said that the government should immediately take up some action plan to control the noise pollution.
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh while replying to the calling attention motion, said that the issue of sound pollution is considered serious by the government.
“On April 12, 2017, our government has ordered to declare no horn zone”, N. Biren Singh said.
This noise pollution is affecting to not only students but to every people. As of construction materials he have no report of any disturbances from anybody but will check if any such exist.
The Chief Minister also said that he will direct the DC concerns after the session today to check use of loud speakers at any of the places and assured that all those users get permission.
Opposition MLA Khumukcham Joykishan further drew the attention of the Chief Minister on crackers blast at many occasions.
In his reply, N. Biren said that the matter being brought up by the MLA is serious and government felt that a regulation for control of the noise pollution. He appealed all the members to support such bill and assured that all the members will be consulted before introducing such bill.  
N. Biren however, fails to mention anything about the kind of noise and disturbances cause by the machineries at local residential area.

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Imphal, Feb 20: Books under SSA will be made available to all the students of the state from March 1 to March 31. This was stated by Education Minister Th. Radheshyam while replying to a calling attention motion moved by Congress MLA K Ranjit.
K. Ranjit while drawing the attention of the house said that new report appeared at Huiyen Lanpao daily paper said that till now students of the government schools which are entitled to get free books, bags etc have not get books issued under SSA till today. Session had already began, and as the books are available in book store rich parents of students studying in private school are getting it when students who can’t afford the private schools and studying in government school from class 1 to class VIII still are depriving the right to education as books are not provided till today.
Replying to the concern of the MLA K Ranjit Singh,Education Minister Radheshyam said that books cannot be completed publication as one of the major paper supplier for printing of books the Hindustan Paper Ltd had stopped supplying of papers for printing of books. The education Minister also stated that as only one bidder come in the first e-tender notification the e-tender has to be repeated twice which delayed in starting the printing of the books.
However, he said that the books are ready now and will be distributed to students in between March 1 to March 31.   

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018 17:00

Demand for grants of 4 dept passed

Imphal, Feb 20: Four demand for grants of four department were passed today in the ongoing state assembly session. The demand for grant passed today are – CAF& PD – Rs 567330000/- , PHED –Rs. 253,25,79,000/- ; Arts and Culture – 22,77,38,000/- and Fishery – Rs. 32,62,10,000/-.
Three opposition MLA N.Loken, MLA K.Meghachandra and Kh. Joykishan moved cut motion during the passing of the demand for grant. MLA K, Ranjit and MLA O Lukhoi also expressed their observation.

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Imphal, Feb 20: Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar Singh has said that active consideration is on to open cold storage to each district in the state soon. He was speaking at the inaugural session of national conference on “Linking Startups and SMEs in Food Processing with Government Schemes & Markets” at Classic Hotel in Imphal today.
Deputy Chief Minister said, although agricultural and horticultural products are abundant in the state, adequate processing and preserving facilities are not available as of now. He said, beside this, there has been long pending demand of opening cold storages for preserving foods mainly fruits and vegetables in the state. Keeping in view of such necessities, cold storage at least one each to all the districts is highly needed and therefore, planning is on to open it.
Joykumar Singh further said many fruits and spices like lemon, orange, pineapple, ginger etc. and also vegetables of superior quality comparing with the same varieties in other parts of the country are available in Manipur. Appealing the entrepreneurs to look into such differences, Deputy Chief Minister said such quality products should be made available even in the International market and if once tested the demand of it will be growing. He said, various medicinal plants are also abundantly available in the state. Most of the plants which had been used as medicines by our forefathers have a peculiar and unique value and therefore such value should be known to the younger generations as well. Deliberations in the conference will definitely help small and medium entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in future, he added.
Entrepreneurs from different parts of the state attended the conference which was jointly organised by ASSOCHAM in association with Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Government of India, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Indian Council of Agricultural Research- Research Complex for North Eastern Hill region (ICAR RC NEH), Imphal.
Joint Director, ICAR NEH Dr.Meghachandra Singh, OIC, NABARD Manipur P.N. Praveen Kumar, ChetanVij, Assistant Director, ASSOCHAM and Sanajouba Singh, Secretary General, All Manipur Food Processors Association also attended among others in the conference.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018 16:58

1 UNLF arrested

Imphal, Feb 20: One S/S Sergeant of proscribe group UNLF was arrested today by Tengnoupal District Police under the supervision of Dr. S Ibomcha Singh,SP Tengnoupal Police Station and under the command of Thomas Thokchom, AC 8 IRB attached to CDO Moreh led by Inspector P Tarunkumar Singh, I/C CDO Moreh at around 9:35 am from Moreh Forest Gate.
The arrested cadre has been identified as one Khangembam Logmanyachandra Meetei @ Leikanba @ Tondon, son of Kh Gopeshwar Meetei of Yairipok Chandrakhong Awang Leikai.
Logmanyachandra joined UNLF in May, 2006 of 32nd batch and his army number is 2079.
Logmanyachandra got three months basic training at Lazang Village in Chandel District, Manipur and currently working in the medical department of UNLF, as per report receive here.
A case has been registered at Moreh Police Station for further legal action.

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Imphal, Feb 20: Controversy over whether Khongjom was to be observed on April 23 or April 25 still continues. The matter was even put up during zero hour as a matter of serious concern by MLA RK. Imo and MLA Y. Surchandra yesterday after a newspaper reported a matter regarding this by a student group KSA.
As per document with the Imphal Times, the matter on whether the war was fought on April 23 or April 26 of 1891 is produced here.
On the Letter No 181-M dated 29th April, 1891, location Camp Manipur, Brigadier-General T Graham, C.B., commanding the Tamu Column, Manipur Field Force wrote to the Assistant Adjutant- General, Manipur Field Force. This was also published by, The London Gazette  dated August 14, 1891.
As per the letter which is with the Imphal Times a report was received from Tamu on the 25th March that the telegraph wire had been cut 25 miles from Tamu, and that the Manipuried were rising. On the 27th March a detachment of the 43rd Gurkha Rifles arrived at Tamu from Manipur, and stated that a revolt had taken place.
 The Tamu Column was constituted by
1.Four guns , No 2 Mountain Battery, Royal Artillery
2.HQ and Wing, 4th Battalion King’s Royal Rifles.
3. 2-4 Gurkha Regiment.
4.12th ( Burma) Madras Infantry.
5. 32nd ( Burma) madras Infantry in reserve at Tamu.
 The main body of the Tamu column concentrated at Tamu on the 21st April, and advance on the 23rd April, it having been arranged that the column from Kohima, Silchar, and Tamu should concentrate on Manipur on the 27th April, 1891.
The column advance without opposition to Pallel. On the 24th April, 1891, While the main body was at Tengnoupal, Information was received from Pallel that the Manipuri troops  had entrenched themselves in a position about six miles north of Palel, and orders were issued for a reconnaissance to be made on the 25th April to ascertain their strength. On the arrival of the headquarters of the column at Palel on the 25th April, 1891, information was received from Captain Drury, 2-4th Gurkha regiment, who was commanding the reconnaissance party, that he had hemmed in a large number of the Manipur soldiers in their entrenchment about six miles north of Palel.  
The letter in his war diary wrote, “As Captain Drury had only 100 rifles of the 2-4th Gurkha Regiment, 50 rifles of the 12th ( Burma) Madras Infantry , and 44 mounted infantry of the 12th (Burma) Madras Infantry with him, and as I did not think this force strong enough for the purpose, I ordered two guns of No.2 Mountain Battery and 200 rifles of the 2-4th Gurkha regiment, the whole under the command of Captain Rundall, 2-4th Gurkha Regiment , to  reinforce Captain Drury. Captain Rundall, on arrival at the scene of action, placed his gun on a hill about 1000 yards from the entrenchment, and commenced to shell it. In the meantime Captain Drury with his detachment of the 2-4th Gurkha Regiment and Lieutenant Grant with the 12th (Burma) Madras Infantry gradually approached the entrenchment from the north, while Captain Carnegy with his Gurkhas approached it from the south. The guns ceased firing as the infantry approached, and finally both Captain Drury’s and Captain Carnegy’s parties, the former accompanied by the detachment of the 12th (Burma) Madras Infantry under Lieutenant Grant, rushed the entrenchment. A regular hand to hand fight ensued, when most of the enemy in the work were killed. The mounted infantry of the 12th (Burma) Madras Infantry under Lieutenant Cox cut off the retreat of those who tried to escape, and killed many of them.
Of the enemy, 76 dead bodies were found in the entrenchment, and 52 outside, while the mounted infantry killed many more. Amongst the killed were two Minzawraws ( Majors) named Meah and Senna Mypa ( a prince).

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