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Tomorrow’s Manipur

Hope and ambition are an intrinsic part of human beings.
People almost always find a way to wriggle out of any situation however difficult or seemingly hopeless it might seem. People of the state had witness this irrepressible human trait witnessed and experienced in our state. Beset with problems and disappointments in every sphere of life- be it the crony politics and contract culture pervading every public development projects and schemes taking precedence over concepts of progress and development , the duality and conflicts on culture and increasingly alienating stands, artistic constraints and vigilantism that is slowly yet surely chocking freedom of artistic expression and individuality, or worse still, the rise of a breed of human parasites and opportunists ready to pounce on and capitalize upon the slightest hint of weakness of anybody or anything, employing any and every means at their disposal- connections, coercions, threat or even violence to have their way.
The perfect ingredients for a superhit blockbuster, one might even summarise with enthusiasm, only if it isn’t for the grim reality of the situation. Just as the darkest hour precedes the dawn, so does the seemingly endless feeling of gloom and despondency in the society gives rise to an undying flicker of hope and expectations, for as things stand now, things couldn’t get any worse than it already is, and that we can only go forward, for the uncomfortable fact remains that our society as a whole is standing with its back against the wall at the moment.
And so we move, or at least we hope to. The Imphal-Dimapur national highway has been assured of upgrading to make it withstand the vagaries of nature throughout the year which will translate to increased efficiency in connectivity, decrease in disruptions in transportation of essential commodities thereby stabilizing prices, increase in comfort and safety to travelers, among others. The Solid Waste Treatment Plant at Lamdeng has already been operational but report said it is not performing as expected before its commencement. This still is a big hindrance in the effort to keeping the city clean, not to mention the clogging of drainages causing flooding and water stagnation raising the threat of spreading vector-borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis etc.
A host of other developmental works is either in the offing or is already in various stages of completion. While the increasing pace and seemingly increasing amount of developmental activities bodes well for the state which has been reeling under numerous forms of disruptions mainly due to the lack of opportunities for development and infrastructures that could made it so, past experiences has put a huge question mark on the end result of these efforts. Those entrusted with the projects should take a proactive role in seeing that these vital activities are carried out according to specifications and in time for the people of this state to stand a fighting chance of catching up with the rest of the world. It is the end result which will ultimately prove the intentions of the leaders true- or otherwise.

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Imphal, Feb 15: Ninety eight (98) applicants under die-in-harness scheme at the state Public Works Department (PWD) still suffer as authority had put halt their appointment process for reason best known to them.
Source said, a leakage about monetary demand allegedly asked by some of the top government officials who were dealing with the file process is the reason for not taking up the case for appointment of the Ninety eight (98)  applicants applied under the die-in-harness scheme.
In February 2017, this newspaper after receiving information about govt. top officials asking money for processing the file for the applicants had conducted independent investigation regarding the matter.
In the course of investigation it was found that an association of the job applicants under die-in-harness scheme at state PWD department was formed under the initiative of one L Kholen, who is also an applicant under the scheme at the department.
On January 4, 2017, a meeting was convened at Sagolband Bijoy Govinda Thangapat Aroiba Lairenjam Leirak Keli Makhong Community Hall to press the government for pushing up the matter of die-in-harness appointment.
The meeting notification was circulated through cell phone from a cell phone number 7008147687.
The message said, “An emergency meeting meeting for PWD Die-in-harness will be held on Wednesday Jan 4 2017 at 10.30 am at  Sagolband Bijoy Govinda Thangapat Aroiba Lairenjam Leirak Keli Makhong Community Hall. All applicants are requested to attend the meeting without fail. No further responsibility and complaints will be entertained for those absentee. NB- Please hand over your contribution on or before 4th Jan, 2017 to the undersigned. L. Kholen.”
One applicant when enquired the amount to be contributed to the sender of the notice informed that Rs. 50,000 is the contribution.
He further told that the money was meant to pay to officers at department of personnel affairs.
On  further investigation it was learnt that the then officer who was handling the case summoned Kholen and asked him about the reason for collection of money. He stand firm saying that no money was collected from any of the applicant .
However, Kholen with some group of people came to the office of Imphal Times saying that they have not collected any money for payment to any officers. Imphal Times after investigation waited for more evidences to publish the story and  finally it was learnt that the officer personally called up all the files of the applicants and started checking by himself. Unfortunately, the officer was transferred to another department on routine government reshuffled measures. Since then the matter regarding the appointment of the applicants under die-in-harness scheme has been put halt.
Recently, In January this year (2018) one applicant went at DP to check the progress of the files. Interestingly, a DP staff did not allowed the applicant to even inquire about the status of the file saying that he had to get permission from L. Kholen first.
Kholen is no official staff neither any agency member of the government but how come a government department need permission from an applicant.
Imphal Times now learnt that the files for appointment of the Ninety eight (98)  applicants have been returned to the PWD department.   
For reason best known to the government authority the case for appointment of 108 die-in-harness applicants has been put to halt.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018 18:54

Rape accused surrendered

Imphal, Feb 15: An absconding accused that has been charge for raping a 12 year minor girl on the eve of February 13, 2018 has surrender to the police yesterday evening.
The accused has been identified has one Heisnam Langbol (22 yrs), son of Heisnam Budhi of Thanga Heisnam Leikai.
According to a report received, the victim family had lodge a complaint to Moirang Police Station on February 14, 2018, stating that on the evening of February 13, 2018, around 6:30 pm, the accused Heisnam Langbol kidnapped and rape their 12 year old daughter somewhere in Thanga area as the accused has absconded after the incident.
The accused Heisnam Langbol who had been charged for rapping a minor girl and absconding from the public and police has surrendered to Moirang Police Station last night (February 14, 2018) around 10:20.
A case has been registered and to avoid any untoward incident, a team of Moirang Police Station has guarded the accused resident.

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Imphal, Feb 15: Alliance for Socialist Unity, Kangleipak has set strictures to be followed during class X, Class XI and Class XII examination conducted by COSEM and BOSEM, which is set to start from February 19 and February 20.
In a press statement, the organization said that under its campaign for National Regeneration (CNR), examinations conducted should be in most fair manner.
It said a special task force formed by the organization have imposed curfew within 200 metres in the periphery of school campus conducting examination. No parents or helper should be seen helping the students from outside.
The outfit also warns using of Mobile phone, Camera, notes etc by the students or the invigilators as well as invigilators assisting any of the students.
Flying squad of both BOSEM and COSEM are also warn serious action if they fail to perform their duty without biasness.
The statement also said that uploading of original or hoax question paper through social networking site will be seriously deal with and students’ organizations are also asked not to occupy any school.
The ASUK statement said that the Special Task Force had not taken up any stern action to any defaulter last time but will not spare any person.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018 18:53

Minorities Awareness program

Imphal, Feb. 15: An awareness Program on Welfare scheme of minorities in Manipur & elsewhere in India was held today at Rural Development  & Panchayati Raj Bhavan,  Porompat,  Imphal East.  Sponsored by Manipur State Minorities Commission, the Program was organized by All Manipur Buddhist Association (AMBA) Imphal.  Dr.  Syed Burhanuddin,  Chairperson  -  Manipur State Minorities Commission,  Dr O Kumar Singh,  Advisor - AMBA,  Ojit Ningomba, Advocate,  S Mobi,  Editor- Echel Express,  S Bhubon, Senior Member- AMBA and Memyo Ningombi, Joint Secretary- AMBA,  were present as Presidium Members. Speaking as Resource  Persons at the Awareness Program,  Alhaj Dr Syed Burhanuddin,  Chairperson - MSMC,  Ven. Panthaw Paa, Member-MSMC, Rev. M Ranjit Singh, Member- MSMC and Abdul Hakim Shah, Secretary- MSMC elaborated on the various Welfare scheme being made available to the minorities of the state including the scholarships, benefits and assistance to students and other members in various walks of life to enable the minorities in the state to contribute to development of the society as a whole.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018 18:52

Save Thoubal River: Sit-in-Protest continue

Thoubal, Feb 15: “Committee for Conservation of Thoubal River” along with various club organisation continue its movement for clean Thoubal river.
Today, sit in protest were staged at seven different places by meira paibi, shopkeepers, women vendors  and locals of Yairipok Bazar, Yairipok; Kiyam Babu Bazar, Haokha Kiyam; Leisangthem Bazar, Leishangthem; Okram community hall, Thoubal Okram; Sabantongba manung keithel macha, Sabantongba and Khekman community hall of Phoudel.
Displayed placards as today sit in Protest “Our River Our Life”, “Our Thoubal River is Dying Let’s Revive Our Thoubal River” and “Save Thoubal River”.
Whereas, the committee, along with the local people, will continue to launch different forms of agitation at various areas of Thoubal if the plights and grievances of the people remain neglected.

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Imphal, Feb 15: MLA of KonthoujamAssembly Constituency Dr. Sapam Ranjan today kick start cleaning the river banks of Maklang River, Konthoujam in Imphal West to avoid flood and other natural calamities in rainy season.
The initiative taken up by MLA, cleaning the river banks of the Maklang River in Konthoujam will safeguard the houses and villagers residing in and around the river bank.
The river banks were clean using JCV heavy vehicles and trucks.
Mention may be that last year more than 200 houses of Konthoujam Assembly Constituency in Imphal West District were affected by flood resulted from the overflowing of the Maklang River.

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