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If report about State Pollution Control Board to incorporate sound limiters while permitting public function, meeting and other entertainment programme, people in the state have reason to believe that there are at  least some officials in the Board which think for the people of the state.

During discussion hour programme at local television channel, a competent authority of the environment department  of the government of Manipur had stated that level of noise pollution in the state is not alarming, what is more alarming is the environment pollution cause by household waste.

Yet everybody knows that the noise created from vehicles both private and public transport vehicles is annoying. Some people in the heart of the city sometime have forgotten that the noise from various vehicles particularly from passenger vehicles is affecting their mental health as most of them seem to be adapted to the kind of noise produced from various engines every single day.

In early 80s, the people residing near Keishampat Power house which was run by diesel generator have to bear the sound of the generator every day. The people residing in and around the Keishampat Electricity office was so adapted to the sound of the generator that after the generator had stopped after getting sufficient power supply from other hydro electric source, there were complaints about some people unable to sleep as they could no longer heard the generator sound.

The kind of effect created by sound was never a concern for that time authorities running the state.

At present too nothing is changing with the level of noise pollution. The decibel level of the noise in Imphal without measuring can be told it is deafening.

All these auto rickshaws, generators which are operated daily as there is no regular power supply and other vehicles of all hues have not only caused noise pollution but also spoilt the environment.

Of late we have seen steel traders moving out of the crowded twin bazaars. Similarly banks cloistered at the busy market areas can be shifted elsewhere.

As the concerned authority envisages to take steps to reduce decibel level of the noise as per reported at one newspaper, the authority much also make sure about the other noise pollutants other than vehicles. With the advancement of technology, carpentry equipments have now been substituted with machines that make a lot of sound.

Civil society organizations and even the entertainers have now realized the impact of the sound to the society probably when examinations of students are in the corner. AMIK an orchestra group had announced that they will stop performing due to the scheduled examination for class X and XII.

Well and good, but what about the sounds created from construction machines of houses at various locality every single day. No authority seems to be checking the kind of disturbances created by them.

If the state pollution control board is serious enough there should also be a provision to check on the noise pollutions created by construction machineries. A regulation so that students and aged people are not disturbed when they are staying at their home is perhaps the need of the hour.

This is being suggested as we know that putting a ban to the use of construction machineries will be impossible but, making some regulations to make sure that local of the surrounding find time to relax is a much. Students are the pillar of the society so as the aged people need respect. 


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Imphal, Feb 12: MAHUD Minister Th. Shyamkumar today said that the Mobile Bio Toilet installed at various places along the Kanglapat has been shifted to the southern side of the road due to the desire of the people including the State Archaeology department.
Kanglapat is considered a sacred lake and installation of Mobile bio-toilet is criticized by many. A probable leakage of fluid notice by reporter of a local daily makes headline questioning the needs for preservation of the Kanglapat as the fluid might pollute the sacred Kangla lake. Considering the seriousness of the news report, Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan drew the attention of the MAHUD Minister regarding the matter during the ongoing state assembly session as calling attention motion.
Joykishan said that the leaked human waste notice in the mobile toilet is likely to ruin the sanctity of the sacred lake. He question if the mobile toilet were not properly maintained or even expressed suspicion about quality of the toilet which is being installed for the convenience of the general public.
Replying to the calling attention motion, MAHUD Minister Th. Shyamkumar said that the department installed 9 Mobile Bio Toilet along the Kanglapat road stretch where Imphal evening is open every weekend.
The Mobile toiler were installed as the authority had been noticing many people littering human waste like urination beside the trees  where the government had planted for beautification of the Imphal city particularly the Kanglapat stretch.
“There is no question of leakage to the newly installed Mobile bio toilet. It has a water storage on the top but sometime the water overflow due to excess usage by people”, Shyamkumar said.
Shyamkumar further said that everything that is being taken up is for the convenience and welfare of the people and due to the desire of the people the Mobile toilet has been shifted to the opposite side – that is on the side where government quarters are located.

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Imphal, Feb 12: The ongoing state Assembly session today passed a total amount of Rs. 7816385300 for six departments as supplementary grant after thorough discussion.
The supplementary grant of demand for Animals and Husbandry including dairy farming passed today is Rs.1408,9,42,000/-, for Community and rural development the amount passed is Rs. 1787775300, for Planning the amount passed is Rs. 442985400/-,for State Academy of Training the amount passed is Rs. 6,83,80,000/- and  Minorities and Other Backward Classes, ST and SC the amount passed is Rs. 121,43,4000.

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Imphal, Feb 12: The items provided under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) to make sure that people of the state who are under the poverty line do not remain hungry still is not make public by easy assessable measures however, the details of how much items had been allotted to respective assembly constituencies can be obtained from the district authority responsible for the disbursement.
This was what the CAF and PD Minister Karam Shaym today answer during a question asked by Congress MLA Joykishan during question hour of the ongoing assembly session today.
Joykishan said that last assembly session the CAF&PD Minister had assured that all details of the NFSA will be uploaded to website for easy access to the general public. However till now nothing of such kind has been made public. Karam Shyam in his answer had stated that the CAF and PD had open a website, however MLA Joykishan stated that the website only uploads about the structures of the office and not the items and its allocations.
Karam Shaym said that if anybody want to know about the allocation anybody can contact the officials related with the office or the district administration officials.
“No official staffs are ready to pick up call by even me who represent the people of Thangmeiband Assembly constituency, and it is for sure that the common people will never be able to find out regarding it”.   

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Monday, 12 February 2018 16:48

WEMSA Sports Meet-2018 Begins

Thoubal, Feb.12: The 3rd Biennial Sports Meet of The Western Maring Sports Association (WEMSA) kick -started  involving 15 teams today at Kwarok Maring village playground, Tengnoupal district in the presence of Ph.Heramani Member Charangpat Zilla Parishad as Chief Guest, Kh.Sanakhomba Nominee Pradhan Lourembam Gram Panchayat as functional president and K.Boby Social Worker as guests of honour.

In the also presence of Ch.Meshil ADC Member and Kh.Morung EM ADC Chandel and a hundreds strong audience comprising of clubs, sports officials, sports lovers and residents of the neighbourhood.

Men and women of maring community residing in the Western maring Area will take part in this sporting event which includes football tournament, Sepak Takraw and volleyball tournaments during day time.

The sports meet began with a football match between KKYC Koijam and LKUWYC Kangsang village.

A part of the sports meet which will carry Rs 40,000 cash for the champions and Rs 30,000 for the runners up team of Football event, Rs.20000 and Rs.15000 of Volleyball and Rs.10000 cash for the champions and Rs.7000 for runners up team of the Sepak Takraw event.

The sports meet which also witness cultural programmes and religious rituals during night time. The sports meet will culminate on February 17.

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Imphal, Feb 11: Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has asked the government departments, Ministries and State governments to ensure that no essential service or benefit should be denied to a genuine beneficiary for want of Aadhaar. In a statement, the authority said, it has taken a serious note of some of the cases reported in media about the denial of essential services like hospitalisation or medical help.
It said, such claims of denial are being investigated by the concerned agencies and strict action will be taken in case denial has occurred. It said, Aadhaar is meant to bring transparency and accountability in public service deliveries through effective use of technology and it should not be misused and made an excuse to any denial in the services.
The authority said, it will again write a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all the States and Union territories to ensure that Aadhaar Act is implemented for all the schemes at the ground level in service deliveries to beneficiaries so that no denial happens due to want of Aadhaar.

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Imphal, Feb 12: A  commemoration program with wreath laying activity was performed at the plane crash site of General Orde Charles Wingate  on February 10, 2018. The site is located near village Thuilon in Tousem sub-division, Tamenglong District. The commemoration was participated by representatives of “The Chindit Society, United Kingdom” represented by Yumnam Rajeshwor Singh and his team, ADC members of the concern area, Micah Panmei, The village Chairman Rampisinang Kahmei and the villagers. They all maintain one minute silence and followed by condolence prayer, offered by the Village Pastor. The Chindit Society’s membership includes the families of Chindits, together with those who have an interest in the Far East theatre of war, the campaigns in Burma and the remarkable contribution made by the Chindit Long Range Penetration Groups. The Society has Holly Wingate (Orde Wingate’s daughter-in-law) as President and Alice Wingate (Wingate’s grand-daughter) as Vice-President.
General Orde Charles Wingate was a British General who started the Chindits who made Long range penetration  behind the Japanese  lines  during the defeat of British in Burma  during 1943. He was born in India in 1903 at Nainital in the then United Provinces.  He went back to England with his family and  lived at Godalming in Surrey, and he himself was eventually educated at Charterhouse. Wingate’s idea was to put soldiers behind the Japanese lines to sow confusion amongst their lines of communication and also to strike back at them at a time when they were carrying all before them. His ”Chindits,” or “Wingate’s Raiders,” a brigade of British, Gurkha, and Burmese guerrillas, harassed much stronger Japanese forces in the jungles of northern Burma (now Myanmar) during World War II.
 He died in a plane crash on 24th March 1944 near the village of Thuilon in Tamenglong District. On 24th March 1944 Wingate flew into Broadway in a B-25 Mitchell bomber from 1st Air Commandos. From there he visited the White City and Aberdeen Strongholds. After returning to Broadway he flew on to Imphal to meet Air Marshall Baldwin and from there he set off back to Lalaghat. Wingate’s plane crashed on the return journey in the hills around Tamenglong.  All on board were killed including a number of war correspondents. Wingate’s death was a serious blow to the Chindits and changed the course of the rest of the Chindit campaign.
    The villagers of Thuilon have agreed to commemorate 24th March every year as the death anniversary of General Charles Orde Wingate. The road from Tamenglong HQ to Thuilon is hardly  40 km, but due to the bad road condition it took 4 hours to reach the village from Tamenglong HQ.  At present there is no electricity in the village as the only transformer is not functional since last year. The village produces lots of oranges, yongchak, vegetables and U- Morok. But due to high transportation cost, not much benefit is received by the villagers.

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