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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 05 December 2017 - Imphal Times

Chemical used in Agri products: Pesticide residues are detected in human breast milk - Dr. Pramodkumar

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Imphal, Dec 5: Excessive use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in the agricultural and horticulture corps has cause various affect to human health. Believe it or not Pesticides residues are detected in human breast milk.
This was stated by Dr. Pramodkumar, a renowned Public health advocate during a one day media interaction programme organised by Green Foundation at Manipur Press Club today on occasion of World Soil Day observance.
Green foundation is a non-government organisation which is working for promotion of organic farming in the state.
Elaborating on the need for promotion of organic farming in the state Dr. Pramodkumar further highlighted the various negative health effects that are associated with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture and horticulture crops production.
“The excessive use of chemicals in agriculture and horticulture crops has now shorten the life span of human being. It cause various diseases associated with Dermatological, Gastrointestinal like Celiac, non-alcohlic fatty liver disease etc, Neurological such as Alzheimer, Parkisons etc, Carcinogenic effect, respiratory disease like Asthma, Reproductive , endocrine  and may even cause damage to DNA”, Dr. Pramod said.

Dr. Pramodkumar further added that the kind of food we consume today has cause serious health effect that when compare with those people who live 30 years ago, adult today are suffering from obesity, Children and adolescence are three times overweight and now some cases of Paediatric diabetes had been detected to some children.
Farmers in Manipur today have started organic farming understanding its importance. 3 years back that is in 2014, villagers in Italian Village mall near Austrian and Swiss Border  70% of the people had voted against the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide in agricultural land, he added.
Dr. V. Pandey, Scientist in the Regional Centre of organic farming, Imphal said that  best way to improve the health condition of the people is to encourage organic farming.  Dr. Pandey also highlighted on the certification of organic products that are to be consumed in the state and that are supposed to be exported from the state.
Hitoshi Yokota, International Agricultural Consultant from Japan who has been working in India for promotion of organic farming highlighted how soil can be made more fertile using organic manure and other means.
Editor of Huiyen Lanpao, Hemanta Ningomba, U Himmat of Green Foundation, Dr. Ksh. Bimolata, Asst. Prof. Of Ideal College and K. Devdutta Sharma were also attended as resource persons in the session. Promot moderated the interaction session.    

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Preconceived mode of protest

In democratic India, all people irrespective of their social status are equal before the law of the land. Any person is free to exercise his or her rights when he or she feels that he or she is deprived of what he or she were supposed to enjoy. It may be in the form of democratic protest, criticisms through various channels of mass media or by organising mass campaign that the people in the society can be made understand that, rights of a common person is deprived. Once people are convinced, it is natural that the people join hands to the fellow citizen whose rights has been deprived, not because for individual cause but because justice to the single fellow will also mean justice for all people in the society.
Mass media in today’s world is playing tremendous role in bringing up issues which they think is for the cause of the common people.  India is not lagging behind; there have been many cases that common people who were victims of atrocities were delivered justice. Many God men had been put behind bars, business tycoon are declared wanted and many politicians were not spared for the wrongs they had committed which affect the livelihood of the common people by the people in media risking their lives.  
Paid news, reporting of cooked stories and yellow journalism are some of the familiar words coined to defame the people in mass media by those who had been exposed for their wrongs. Saying so it does not meant that some people in the profession are all pure and sincere in rendering their duty.
The mass media in this little state Manipur too has been playing its role effectively. Without bothering the kind of returns they enjoyed as payment to their service, people in this profession have been taking all risk in exposing what is not right when it comes for the cause of common people. Eight people in the field had lost their lives some remain as disabled in unfortunate accidents and incidents when they were on duty. Inappropriate salary in returns to their service had also forced many to quit the profession.  Yet there is no shortage of manpower in this field.
From hand written pamphlets to letter press and then Offset printing machine and then come multi-coloured Web printing machines besides the emergence of electronic media like Television channels, mass media in Manipur too is marching ahead. Now it is the digital media that is slowly dominating the world of mass media. The traditional way of spreading news has been slowly changing converting the system to two ways channel– as both receivers and senders can communicates in a nick of time. The changing media trends showed that criticism, debate, arguments will be the future of media and it is already doing at many of the national and international media, even though it still seems way to go for the state of Manipur.

Saying so, it would be wrong to advocate a free speech of any individual or freedom of press without limit as legitimate. In democratic India a breached of privilege for some individuals or groups by any mass media can be challenged, but taking the law in hand to stand up or protest against any trespassing to individuals or groups is rather a sign of lawlessness. Government’s silence on such matter will only be recorded as ‘weak’ or ‘inefficient’, by the future generation.
On one hand, when lawyers, advocates protest on the street for failure of law and order, and when media goes protest for some peoples’ threat to sue them through proper channel, it showed the timidity character of the group of people in the profession which should be the most courageous people.
Steps like boycott of those voices against media which they felt not correct would be a more unjustified decision. Space for criticism to media should also be provided if someone felt that their image have been maligned by any writings or comment of a media house.
A hurriedly managed staged demonstration by any groups including political parties or media groups or anybody driven by emotion and sentiments is not a signed of civilize society.  

AMWJU staged protest against threats by BJP

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Imphal, Dec 5: Members of the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) today staged a sit in protest at Keishampat in protest against the alleged threat by some leaders of the BJP to the President of the Union Wangkhemcha Shyamjai.
The matters ignited after the President of AMWJU criticised allotment of security escort to some workers of the BJP who are neither MLAs nor Ministers and for calling a worker with a name which they said is defamatory.

The BJP had threaten to take legal action against Wangkhemcha Shyamjai, President of the AMWJU for calling Kwak Sharat to a member of the BJP which they said that it is derogatory and it defame his name.
W Shyamjai also allged that another leader of the BJP had threaten him for naming him on the allotment of security escort  during a discussion on the issue of VIP culture emergence in the state through local TV Channel ISTV.

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Non-Nagas of Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh oppose inclusion of their areas in Nagalim

(Local source)
Itanagar, Dec 5: In yet another brain storming interaction that lasted for six hours, 10 Non-Naga communities residing in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh strongly registered objection to inclusion of their ancestral land in the Nagalim structure.
The communities including Singpho, Yobin, Khampti, Deori, Ahom, Adivasis and others attending a meeting at Singpho Heritage Centre, Bordumsa today said they were constitutionally comfortable under the framework of Arunachal Pradesh and Indian constitution and therefore any design to include Bordumsa, Miao, Namphai and Modoi-Diyun areas in the Nagalim Framework Agreement reached between Government of India and NSCN (IM) will not be tolerated.

“Since we are Non Nagas, the question of snatching our land forcibly and integrating to Nagalim does not arise”,  a joint statement said.
The gathering further resolved that Article 371 (A) which is the base of agreement between NSCN (IM) and GOI should not be extended to Non Naga inhibited areas as it will yield only negative results. In case such plot is in place, a largescale democratic movement will be launched, the resolution said while asking the state government to be firm and clear about its stance on the issue.
“What are the provisions in store for protection of our rights in case our land is integrated to Nagalim? The statement questioned.

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Hoax bomb halt traffic at Chandel

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Imphal, Dec 5: A bomb like object found lying on the Pallel-Chandel roadside about 1 Km from 8th MR Camp at Leikun Vilage in Chandel district had put halt all sort of traffic for few hours. However, normalcy was resumed after Police Bomb Squad found it as hoax.

The incident happened at around 11 am today and as there were some blast occurred in the district in the past one month, people were panic on seeing the bomb like object on the roadside. Mentioned may be made that on Novemebr 13 a blast occurred at Maha Amani Village in Chandel district killing 2 Assam Rifles personnel injuring six others. On November 15 another blast took place at Sajik Tampak followed by fierce gunfight between rebel groups and the Assam Rifles troopers.
Both the attack on Security force were claimed by proscribed group PLA.

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Red Shield Division preparing for the biggest ex-servicemen rally in the state

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Imphal, Dec 5: The Red Shield Division is preparing to organise the biggest Ex-Servicemen Rally in the State, a statement by PIB defence wing said.  
The statement said that the rally is being organised under the theme of ‘ Towards a Happy and contented Second Innings’ on December 9 at Leimakhong Military Station.
The event shall serve as an ideal platform to gather first hand information about the problems being faced by the Veterans and to provide assistance to resolve the same.  

The Red Shield division is expecting large scale participation by Welfare Agencies and Civil Administration in organising awareness stalls for the Veterans on various welfare and self employment schemes instituted by the Army and State Government.  
An ‘Online Registration Counter’ will also be opened for registration with the veterans portal.  All Ex-Servicemen, on registration with the Veterans portal, will be given an ID and password on their mobile phones, with which they shall be able to monitor redressal of their grievances.  Any query on the above rally, please contact Mob No 85554865291 and 9862009437, the PIB Defence statement added.  
Meanwhile, 26 Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ 9 Sect AR organised an ex-servicemen meet at Thoubal today.
A total of 86 ex-servicemen attended including Army ESM-60(incl 10 widows), AR ESM- 24 (incl 03 widows) and Dependent AR - 02 the meet and Commandant 26 Assam Rifles addressed the gathering with an welcome note.Points raised during the last ESM Meet held on 23 Sep 17 at Thoubal and steps/action taken by the unit thereafter were announced by the 2IC.

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World Soil Day Celebrated in Thoubal

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Thoubal, Dec. 5: Krishsi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Thoubal today observes World Soil Day as observe in other part of world,  under the theme “Caring for the planet start from the ground” in their office premises.
Dr.Y.Radheshyam Singh,Chairman MANIDCO & MANITRON attended as Chief Guest; L.Radhakishore Singh, Chairman Khadi & V.I.Board and Manipur Pollution Control Board, H.Dingo Singh,MLA Sekmal Assembly Constituency, Sh.Dwijamani Singh, Dy.IGP Manipur Police Telecommunication Organization and Ningthoujam (o) Mala Devi, Pradhan Khangabok Part-I Gram Panchayat attended as Guest of Honour while Khaidem Mohendra Singh, Addl. Director, Department of Agriculture Manipur attended as President.
Dr. M.Thoithoi Singh Ph.D,M.Sc. Agriculture SMS Plant protection of KVK Thoubal delivered the keynote address.
Speaking on the occasion L.Radhakishor stressed the importance of planting groundnut crop.

He said ground nut is suitable for the state soils and stating that this crop also conserved nutrient in the soil as well as in the economic point of view.
Radhakishor said he would consult other staffs of KVK Thoubal to help farmers in whatever way possible while urging farmers to perform soil testing.
During the programme, 105 soil health cards were distributed to the progressive farmers from different village in the Thoubal District.
Critical Inputs for Soil Amendment and other seeds were distributed to the farmers.

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