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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 23 December 2017 - Imphal Times

CSOs brief BJP chief concerns over FA

Imphal, Dec. 23: A delegation comprising of leaders of major civil society organizations in Manipur called on the president of BJP Amit Shah at his residence last evening to discuss pertinent issues relating to the framework agreement between the Centre and NSCN-IM.
According to a press release, the leaders of UCM, CCSK and AMUCO apprised Amit Shah of severe implications if any resolution inserted in the agreement adversely affects the interest of Manipur during the discussion at the latter’s 11 Akbar Road residence in the national capital which lasted for around 30 minutes.
On the other hand, the delegation met home secretary Rajiv Gauba today and participated in a detailed discussion on the framework agreement. While allaying the worst fears of the people of Manipur that the territory of their state will be harmed as one of the outcome of talks between the Centre and NSCN-IM Rajiv reportedly gave assurance that the interest of the state will not be compromised.    
The CSO contingent categorically told the BJP president that the interest of Manipur cannot be sacrificed in the process of thrashing out a solution with Naga militant group and that every new development concerning the peace talk should be made transparent to all the communities concerned, the release stated.

The government of India should respect the fact that Manipur has its own political and historical identity originating centuries back and the former should restrict all its appeasement policies within the domain of this reality, it stated warning that the acting in the opposite will never result in a practical and long lasting solution.
Abrupt declaration of any agreement without taking into cognizance the people and government of Manipur will trigger a tense situation which will be worse than the public uprising in 2001, the delegation foretold the chief of the ruling party in the Centre. The people of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Assam must be consulted before releasing the final draft of the framework agreement if the boundaries of the states are to be disturbed, it added.  
After listening to the issues raised by the representative of the CSOs Shah promised that the matter brought up in the meeting and those included in the memorandum to the prime minister will be put up before the PM, home minister and all concerned authorities for prudent study. 

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Drugs worth Rs 2 lakh seized

Imphal, Dec. 23: Police recovered a sizeable amount of contraband drugs from three individuals during checking in three separate incidents today.
In the first case, a team of commando of Imphal East district while conducting patrolling duty in and around Khergao Sabal Leikai recovered 810 tablets of SP from the possession of Md Amamuddin alias Ethem, 55, son of Md Najamuddin of Khergao Sabal Leikai.  The exercise was conducted under the supervision of dy SP (Ops) RK Saklemba and inspector L Vaiphei (OC CDO). The seized tablets is valued at Rs 25,000.

Later at noon, narcotic cell team of the same district while conducting a patrol in and around Khurai Heikru Makhong under the  supervision of Roni Mayengbam dy SP (CAR) and inspector Kh Devkumar Singh OC Narcotic cell detected 506 tablets of WY from an individual named Md Ibungou alias Tabo, 29, son of Md Maniruddin of Khurai Heikru Makhong. The value of the seized item is Rs 1,50,000.
Later, narcotic cell recovered 10,000 tablets of WY from the possession of Douthalen Haokip, 33, son of Thanglun Haokip of Molnom village in Churachandpur district. He is a rifleman in 4th IRB.

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Moirang Municipal Council holds cleanliness rally

Imphal, Dec. 23: A public rally was taken out in localities lying in the vicinity of Moirang Municipal Council today as part of Swachh Survekshan programme and with the goal of promoting cleanliness among the people.
The rally which was organized by the MMC was flagged off jointly by chairperson M Romibala and vice-chairperson M Bashanta from the ground at Mukta High School in Moirang Kokilbon Leikai.  

After passing through Moirang keithel and reaching Moirang Lamkhai, the rally took a U turn and converged at the Loktak Modern Fish Market at Moirang Patlou Leikai.  
According to reports the rally was participated by members of the council, officials of MMC, students, members of local clubs, self help groups and sportspersons. They wielded placards highlighting the need for spreading cleanliness, stopping open defecation, and discarding wastes at proper sites.

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IRMA invites admission in post graduate diploma in rural management

Imphal, Dec. 23: Applications are invited from intending candidates for admission in Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM), 2018-2020, at Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Anand, Gujarat, India. Candidates will be shortlisted based on CAT/XAT and IRMASAT scores. IRMASAT will be conducted across 28 centers on February 4, 2018.

Application form for admission is available online and in hard copy at Admission Office, IRMA. Last date for receipt of filled-in application form is December 31, 2017. For more information candidates can visit www.irma.ac.in .

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Verification drive

Imphal, Dec. 23: A team of state police led by OC City Police Sudhir conducted CAS operation at Masjid Road today from 1 to 2 pm. The operation which was carried out under the supervision of SSP IW Thimthing was reported to be a preventive measure to preclude unwanted incidents in Khwairamband Bazar area. A total of 150 persons were verified but none of them was picked up.

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CRPF hand over toilet facilities to public

Imphal, Dec. 23: The IGP of CRPF Manipur and Nagaland, Vikram Sehgal yesterday dedicated to the public four sets of public toilet in four villages of Bishnupur district. The facilities were constructed by the 32bn CRPF under the military civic action programme and as a part of the  Swachh Bharat Mission cleanliness drive.  
The public toilet facilities, which have separate booths for male and female, were inaugurated at Zero Colony in Loktak Project complex, Toupokpi, Phubala and Moirang Bazar Kumbi parking.
Besides the IGP, commandant of 32 Bn CRPF Rajagopal Singh, officers of the battalion and local leaders of the respective villages where the public toilets were built participated at the ceremonies.  

A chief highlight of the handover programme held at Kumbi Parking was a cultural show during which cultural dances and pung cholom were showcased.
Speaking to pressmen, IGP Sehgal said altogether 25 public toilets will be constructed in the state under the MCA scheme with the objective of bolstering the Swachh Bharat Mission.

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Jiribam students thank DC, SW director

Jiribam, Dec. 23: Students’ organizations of Jiribam have thanked the district administration including DC Ksh Robert and officials, director of social welfare and officers of the department for agreeing to defer the DPC for selection of workers/helpers of anganwadi and mini-anganwadi which was scheduled to be carried out today.
In a joint communiqué released by leaders of district unit of AMSU, MSF and KSA it was informed that volunteers of many students’ organizations and local meira paibi groups went to the site of the DPC at Jiribam Higher Secondary School before it begin, met officials conducting the DPC and demanded its postponement.

The officials were told that in case they intend to go ahead with the DPC then the evident anomalies in the process should be rectified in advance. After hearing the public appeal the authorities concerned decided in favour of the postponement of the DPC.

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A perspective

The doctrine of running good governance lies to the integrity of the leader that leads the government. In democratic form of government govern my a hard written constitution, one can hardly sees the difference of ideology among any of the political parties which are on the theatre for running a government when it comes to Indian Nation. The left wing ideologist or the right wing ideologists have nothing to for the interest of the common people as long as it has to run the government under the constitution of the country. This is being said on the logic that future of the common people and those newly merged nation to the Indian nation were never a matter of concern for the framer of the world biggest constitution.
Absolute freedom is granted to the Indian constitution, but again it is this freedom that gives opportunity to major communities to rule over the poor. The concept of secularism define in the constitution has been easily misinterpreted or perhaps misused by the majority community. Any ban on anything which one community said it is against their religious practice is made free to exercise.
India is a vast country and the concept of Hindu has been misinterpreted as communal tools to hold power to run the government. The same is with the Muslim dominated area. The majority are protected by the constitution of India in the name of protecting the minority.
It is at this hour that bourgeoisie’s pseudo politicians have no worry for adopting religion of any kind for survival without even looking on whether they are worshipping the wrong god or barking at the wrong tree.
When Congress rules the nation, people living below the poverty line are the commodities for their personnel gain. Equality which has been guaranteed in the constitution appeared to have been left out for the poor and middle class people. Only the sons and daughter of the politicians were privileged to inherit the post. This cannot be denied as have been seen with the emergence of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as the only leader of the crumbling congress party.
In Manipur, 15 years of congress rule has left the people acquaintance with any alternative. It was never the ideology or the party itself that the people were soured but the governance which shattered the hopes of thousand people of the region.

When BJP replaced the congress at the centre in 2014, the state of Manipur successfully strike and hit the bull’s eye to replace the same here in 2017 state assembly election.
The new government now is in the power and the Chief Minister which now led the state is trying everything to win the heart of the people by not letting down any short of proposals. He had done it and is doing. The first three months was excellent. But rumours are taking around the city and critics have now started barking, as, not everything he and his government had promised is not turning into action.  The fight against corruption, at which his government started by establishing a special cell called ‘anti-corruption’ cell turn out to be a cell to look after middle and lower class employees.
Things only matter is that people are fed up of another political crisis .
Yesterday’s inauguration of Imphal Evening is a great job at which many people had been dreaning off but then while doing so lack of home works among many in the concern department had given room to many for straight criticism .
Don’t know the concept of opening an evening life in Imphal is consulted with the Law department or not, and if consulted those in the department need to be replaced by some more qualified individuals in the field. It is being said so as National Highways cannot be diverted or blocked by the government for any purpose. This was already experienced with the ruling of the Manipur High Court when the Highway in between the Chief Minister’s Bungalow and the Post Office was diverted by the then Okram Ibobi Singh led congress government.
The motive of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, who led the government, is crystal clear. He will not compromise his integrity and essence of patriotism with anything. All he had been striving hard is for a change and developed Manipur. But then doing good for the state and people need more consultation as he is now for all the people of the state and not for a mere group of people  whom he think will keep his position undisturbed.
Forget about the National Highway rules, but please think about those women vendors at Khwairamband Keithel who faced difficulties in returning to their home. And forcing them to return before 7 would be injustice.

Corruption: Election, Evidence and Ignorance

By : Jinine Lai
(Asst. Prof. International College, University of Suwon, S Korea)
Corruption can be generally understood as themalpractice for personal gain by syphoning of public money and by misusing of government offices and powers. In fact, bribery and nepotism is often a segment of it in contemporary Manipur. What we have come along with corruption is our vital experience in paralyzing the deliverance of governance and deadened the civic sense of community as well. I would like to share three aspects here – they are Election, Evidence and Ignorance.
First, the Chief Minister, N Biren articulated something about corruption at an inauguration occasion of a community hall at LuwangsangbamMakhaLeikaion 14 August. He articulated that in case people are committed to a corruption free voting in election then we will be able to have a corruption free government.     
Somewhere back in 2008 when he was in Congress, three four of us approached him for a human rights event support. In that morning at his government bungalow he told us about those houseful visitors from his constituency coming to meet him. They were there seeking help in monetary kind. Those houseful visit happened almost on everyday basis. He explicated that how many rupees he had to help with which was logically beyond his legitimate income and fund. That made me feel myself guilty of the situation of seeking support from him.
Each minister and MLA is obliged to spend a huge amount of money before and after he or she wins the election to make sure a winnable size of voters are retained in his or her favor. If this tradition is not maintained, no doubt, no chance of winning the democratic battle is so unequivocal.    
N Biren’s proposition is of the both rational and realistic.
Usually the talking point about corruption and electoral malpractices associates the conundrum–‘Which first, egg or hen?’ Who are responsible for such derailment of democratic destination? The public put up a reciprocate attitude based on the past experience that the politicians are the people of big lucrative profit and power hunters and they invest their resources for their families, nears and dears to harvest a good return out of electoral trading.
The politicians are absent of the concerns and commitments towards the deliverance of governance, rule of law, human rights, social and economic well-being, may be because of
Ï% Their motivation is derived from the strong ambition for possession of more power, inflating of movable and non-movable assets
Ï% They have attached to an attitude that when it comes down to the electoral practices the voters are good for nothing. They understand the voters are causing an extensive exhaustion of candidates’ monetary resources.
Ï% At the end of day, majority of them discover themselves they are none but puppets of chief/high commands.
The chances for changes are also very scanty. There has been retention of old reign repetition of politicians over the several electoral terms. The one fundamental factor of this, is the non-availability of alternative, because of the fact that the choice poses between bad and worse. Hence the bads are elected and are allowed to remain to rule the ruckus.
Second, as far as anti-corruption goes, the witness and evidence always carries a question mark. Whenever we put up corruption in legitimate domain, it boils down to witness and evidence. Then it reduces to a rhetoric and insubstantial noise.
Here, a court room imagination is switched in my mind in a case of corruption versus evidence.   
Judge – Where is yourwitness and evidence?
Man – Sir, those massive money thrown in the elections, the towering houses and all those movable and immovable assets accumulated.

Judge – But they cannot be the evidence in the court unless you establish them.
Man (Feels helpless but after a while)– Sir, I got you! Here you are!
Judge – What’s that?
Man – Sir,my humble question to you. Are you a human or Jesus Christ?
Judge – What do you mean?
Man– I mean, did your mother give birth to you in the manner the Virgin Mary did?
Judge – No, I’m very much a human.
Man – Then sir, your parents had sex.Do you have any witness of that copulation?
(A murmur in the roomas the judgekeeps quiet)
Man – Isn’t that a circumstantial evidence yet no witness, sir?
Third, why on earth are majority of our community muchactive in humiliating small wine vendors, petty thieves and minor offenders? We are much active in taking part in punishing them particularly in public and vandalizing the properties of those trivial culprits. The crucial crookedness is that our community does not turn strongagainst the big looters and real social smugglers. When it comes to larger domain of socio-political-economic corruption, the majority do always remain passive.
Aftermath incidents of bomb-gun attacks by the extortionists at the landmark buildings which turn out to be house of the well to do families or bourgeoisie, the locals raise their voices displaying neighbors’ concerns launching sit-in- protests around the house of the rich.
It gives an ill indication of social response towards corruption, exploitation for it encourages public looters and social smugglers. Rather at such moment it has to remind the receivers of bombs and bullets; what they are receiving now is what they have just earned.
The locals are well aware of how the owners of the towering houses have accumulated so much wealth but what they ignore is the crimes the rich commit