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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 21 December 2017 - Imphal Times

House unanimously reiterate stands for protection of Manipur Unity Resolve d to sent resolution by adding a clause for disclosure of the content of the Framework Agreement

Imphal, Dec 21: Ongoing winter session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly today re-iterated the earlier resolution for protection of the territorial integrity of the state and resolve to intimate the centre another resolution adopted today in addition with a clause for disclosure of the contents of the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM.

A calling attention motion moved by Congress MLA Kh. Joykishan urging the Chief Minister of Manipur also in-charge of Home to spell out the details of the Framework Agreement between the GoI and the NSCN-IM has been converted into a short duration discussion after 10 opposition MLAs submitted proposal for converting the calling attention to short discussion in the interest of the people of the state. Opposition leader Okram Ibobi and Congress MLA Gaikhangam too joined the other 10 opposition MLA urging the speaker to accept the proposal of the fellow opposition MLAs.

The proposal was accepted by the leader of the house Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and discussion over the issue begins.

Interestingly, every member of the house including NPF member Awangbou Newmai expressed his opinion that the solution which is likely to brought between the two entity should not distort the communal harmony of the region.

“The agreement should be amicable solution and that should not hurt the sentiment of others”, Awangbou Newmai who is in the treasury bench said.

Opposition Leader of the house Okram Ibobi, who had served the state as Chief Minister for three consecutive term narrated on how the Congress Party he belongs to negate the signing of the framework agreement without revealing the contents.

“A group of Nagaland MLAs had met AICC President Sonia Gandhi soon after the signing of the FA on August 3, 2015 seeking support from the congress Party”, Ibobi said and added that during the meeting Sonia Gandhi had rejected the proposal for support of the Framework agreement on the ground that she being a leader of the opposition had not been informed about the FA neither the matter was brought to the notice of the Congress Party nor reveal the details of the contents.

“The FA was signed in a hurried manner without informing none of the neighbouring state of Nagaland including Manipur, I am not informed about it”, Ibobi added.

He further said as soon as the news about the Framework Agreement was signed, Okram Ibobi said that he rushed to New Delhi and met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and asked why the state government has not been consulted before the signing of the agreement.

Ibobi said that the Home Minister did not give any details of the agreement even though he was the Chief Minister of the state that time.

“Not only me even the legislatures and the civil society leaders of the Nagaland state were not let known what was there in the Framework Agreement”, Okram Ibobi said.

He also added that he believed that the Framework Agreement might not have been disclosed even to the present Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.

Leader of the House , N. Biren Singh who is also the Chief Minister of Manipur said that his government is very much concerned about the development after the signing of the Framework Agreement. He said time and again the Manipur Legislative Assembly had adopted resolution for protection of the Integrity of the state. He said as there has been already resolution adopted the house need to reiterate the resolution in addition to the clause for disclosure of the contents of the Frame work Agreement.

All MLAs in both the treasury and the Opposition bench were unanimous in taking decision on the matter


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Finally it is the Govt. which is responsible for the traffic mess

If not all, majority of the people of the state wanted a change.
A change Manipur- free from corruption and violence of any form; where citizen of the state have high respect for the rules
of law is what most people expect.
Of now Imphalites witness some changes except the terrific traffic regulation as well as rumours about middle men or fillers asking money for appointment to government post as well as their transfer and posting. Still then, fed up of the system experience in the last 15 years of congress rules many people are left with no choice but to force the mind waiting for changes that might occurred in the coming days.
The night life, bridging of relationships between various communities in the state, etc., are some of the hopes given to the general public.
But then, high hopes sometimes are shattered on learning certain irregularities practice at higher government level. May be it’s just a rumours but there is reason that some of such rumours have reason to be believe with the way its happening/seen today by common man. Many efforts had been seen by the present government to change the state into the right direction. But one thing which the government can never bring a change is the traffic regulation of vehicular movement in the heart of Imphal city.
Is the present government dead serious about the present problem is a question being asked from sections of people. 6 months back when the present govt. was nearly two months old, a Superintendent of Police for Traffic Control Wing had been appointed. Since then all blames on the irregularities are pouring on this group of traffic regulation enforcers which does not have a full fledged police station.
Appointing an SP for control of Traffic regulation is more like a show, as almost everyone knows that a concrete policy programme is needed for smooth flow of vehicular movement. When we talk about proper traffic regulation the Traffic Control Wing is not the sole responsibility – other department particularly the State Transport department, The State PWD, The IMC etc. are also responsible as it is co-ordinations among this department that the traffic regulation enforcers can streamline the flow of vehicular movement in a proper way.   
As mention in this column about a month back, people of the state witnessed Chief Minister N. Biren Singh post at which he update the street of Yangon, the capital city of neighbouring country Myanmar. The post show heavy traffic following rules of law of traffic regulation and the discipline of the citizens driving vehicles.
“Meegi lam  Yangon, Myanmar traffic lambi magi magi line dagi hennade gari hengatnaba thoujannabagi HORN makhol
tade” ( In Yongon Myanmar each of them follow rules by driving on their own line, no horn heard for overtaking), this is what

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh wrote in his post. The post showed that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh wanted the same to be followed in the state of Manipur. But the question is that have our Chief Minister taken up anything to streamline the traffic regulation since he assumed power? There has not been a single meeting of the Traffic Regulation and Parking Committee Meeting since his government comes to power.
Well in the first month when he becomes the Chief Minister his government had instructed a probe over the installation of
electronic traffic signal light as well the irregularities in the installation of CCTV. People now wanted know what had happened
to the probe? A mere suspension of and an SE and an EE is not satisfactory as the report has not been made public.
As for those responsible for the damage  in installed of CCTV enquiry seems to be still going on even though he had promised to complete the enquiry within 3 months. Its now 8 months his government comes to power.
Some of the critics sometimes said that drivers of vehicles are responsible for the traffic mess. But the reality is that it is the traffic regulation enforcers that are responsible for the traffic mess in the city. An example can be cited from those people who had drive at city like Delhi or any other metropolitan city outside the country. These drivers follows the traffic rules in the city like Delhi or outside the country, but then when they return here in Imphal they don’t bother to follow the regulation as no one is enforcing the rules.
To be frank the traffic control police assign on duty are serving for the convenient of the VVIP , VIPs and son and daughters of VIPs.
Discipline of the state is also highlighted by the way that the traffic regulations are followed by the people and definitely it is the traffic regulation enforcers that people should be force to follow the rules. For that more legislation to empower the traffic control police is needed.
If Mr.  Chief Minister is serious for a discipline traffic movement in Imphal. He should definitely spare extra time to this
Traffic control wing by converting into a full-fledged Police Station  besides convening regular meeting of Traffic Regulation and Parking Committee (TRPC) for at least once a month.

MLA Dr. Chaltolien Amo says that health Minister lied while answering his question

Imphal, Dec. 21: MLA Dr. Chaltolien Amo today said that Health and Family Welfare Minister L. Jayentakumar had lied to him while answering to the question he seek.
The question was supposed to be answered by the Minister during the question hours however as the question hour was over Chaltolien Amo during Zero Hour put up the matter. he said that he asked the Minister on whether the construction of the CHC Parbung has been started and the answer is yes and the work agency is stated to be Manipur Tribal Development Corporation. However, when he enquired about it to the MTDC it has been learnt that there has been no such deposit for the said work to the office.
How could a work be started when the amount is not deposited the MLA questioned.

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CSOs continue campaign; meets Sena Chief

Imphal, Dec 20: Continuing its campaign for the protection of the territorial integrity of the state as well as demanding disclosure of the Frame work Agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and the Government India leaders of the Civil Society organization presently camping at New Delhi meet various other leaders of different political parties at New Delhi. The CSO team which comprise of Elangbam Johnson, President, United Committee Manipur (UCM), Ph. Deven, President, All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO), Jeetendra Ningomba Vice President of the CCSK, YK Dhiren General Secy UCM and Sunil Karam of NIPCO today met Anil Desai MP& National Secretary General of Sivasena. During the meeting the General Secretary all called on the President of Shiva Sena Uddhav Thackeray and allow the CSO leaders to talk with him. The Shiva Sena Chief assured all support to the people of the State. The Sena Chief also assured to bring up the matter at the Parliament.  

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Newly constructed Church Building inaugurated at Bunglawn

Bunglawn, Dec 21: A newly constructed church building of the Evangelical Synod Church was inaugurated and dedicated to the Almighty God today at Bunglawn village in Churachandpur District of Manipur.
The construction for the new Holy House was started in 2012 following the foundation laying ceremony pronounced by Late Elder Kamkholien on 30th April 2012.
Amidst solemnity and fervor, the new church building is being inaugurated by Reverend Thangkhosiem, Executive Director of the Evangelical Synod Church (ESC) and dedicated by Elder Letkam Gangte.
The church being inaugurated today is of 80' long and 40' width with a sitting capacity of about 500 people.
Around One Crore INR has been invested for construction of the new church building.
A souvenir titled “Amazing Grace” is also being released to mark the significance of the occasion. The inauguration ceremony, which is being attended by hundreds of people, is richer with presentation of gospel numbers from Synod Headquarters Church Choir. Besides, veteran artists Pu Goukhosiem and Pi Chongmawi also jibed the gospel songs with their numbers.
The church, founded in 1957 has produced four pastors, namely Rev Khaitinthang, Rev Dr Soson Gangte, Founder Principal, Faith Theological College, Dimapur, Pastor SJ Minthang Gangte and Pro - Pastor Soilal during the last 60 years.
The new church is being constructed following the destruction of the previous building by a strong windstorm on the fateful night of 28th April, 2012.
Once a destination of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the then President of India, Bunglawn village was founded by Suktung Thangkhopau Gangte in 1957. His grandson, Pu S Paukholal Gangte is presently the chief of the village.
At the moment, there are about 60 houses with a population of about 400 people.

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Guwahati media families maintain good health

Guwahati, Dec. 21: Most of the media persons and their families in the city maintain satisfactory health status. According to a series of blood tests, conducted recently at Guwahati Press Club (GPC) for the benefit of its members along with their close relatives, nearly 90 percent of the participants showed good result in the tests of thyroid stimulating hormone, haemoglobin, blood sugar, uric acid and creatinine.
“Out of 60 participants in the TSH test, conducted by Dispur Hospitals on 25 November and 9 December, ten individuals showed thyroid disorder. Some others have shown the tendency to cross the limit, but they might manage the disorder with physicians’ guidelines,” said a GPC  statement. Meanwhile over 65 participants in the 16 December camp, organized by the city based Apollo Hospitals information centre, showed satisfactory result in the haemoglobin test. However eight out of them were diagnosed with high uric acid, five with blood sugar and two with creatinine, added the statement. All the participants can get their blood reports from the office of the press club. They may also consult with the attending physician at the weekly Evening with a Doctor program on 23 December for necessary advices. The OPD clinic will start at 3pm and continue till 5 pm at the press club premises. Till date, the unique healthcare initiative has been supported by Apollo Chennai Hospital, SIMS Hospital Chennai, Manipal Bangalore Hospital, Fortis Hospital Bangalore, Medanta the Medicity Hospital, Down Town Hospital, GNRC Hospitals, Nemcare Hospital, Hayat Hospital,
Ayursundra Hospital, Sun Valley Hospital, Barthakur Clinic, Wintrobe Hospital, Narayana Hospital etc.

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