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Practice Peace and Change the Life

By: Prem Rawat
Have you ever dreamt of a world where there are no conflicts, the world where individuals value each other’s existence and live in peace & harmony?
Peace is what every individual alive on this planet desires to perceive, despite his status, religion, caste or creed. But the fundamental question is “what is peace”?
The idea and definition of peace may vary with each individual; however it is something that is cherished by each one of us. With all the chaos around the world, is it possible to attain the same?
Even without the question the answer is within you. The world doesn’t need peace; people do and the peace that we want is within us. Peace dances in the heart of every human being, but people are not at peace because people are not being in touch with themselves, not knowing who they are.
As human beings, we have a need–not a need created by society, but a fundamental need to be fulfilled, to be in peace. But what is peace? Something that is not born of thought, but felt. Something that resides in the ocean of answers, not in the ocean of questions. Peace is not the absence of noise. Peace is not the absence of war. It is from the hearts of human beings that peace will be achieved.
People ask, “If peace is so simple, how come we don’t have peace in this world?” It’s a very important question. Everybody has his or her own interpretation of what peace is. We don’t recognize peace as something that is as universal as the Sun. We don’t recognize peace as something as essential as water and air. Peace is a need that has to be satisfied, not in thought, but in the heart of every human being. Just like it is good to talk about food, but it is better to eat food. Just like it is good to talk about water, but it is better to drink water; same way it is good to talk about peace, but it is much better to actually feel peace.
If we can make such a mess out of the earth—if we have that much power—then certainly we also have the power to bring peace. The question remains whether we want to do it or not—because peace begins with every one of us. It is individual human being who desires peace. It is individual human being who needs peace.
This is what Prem Rawat, an International speaker says on the subject of Personal Peace, who is attracting audiences from all walks of life. The honorary title of “Ambassador of Peace” has been bestowed upon him by Governmental and Academic Institutions because of his ability to inspire audiences to see personal peace as a possibility for all. His efforts to bring this message to as many people in the world as possible, is supported by The Prem Rawat Foundation. The foundation works towards addressing fundamental human needs of food, water and peace, like Food for People program at Bantoli in Ranchi, donation in disaster relief at Uttarakhand, Nepal etc. The excerpts of Prem Rawat’s message have been recorded and printed, are easily available online at www.timelesstoday.com and www.rajvidyakender.org

About the author

Prem Rawat is an internationally renowned speaker who presents a fascinating and practical perspective about the ‘Business of life’. Asking the question “What does real success, prosperity and happiness actually look like?”, Prem Rawat provides a uniquely challenging view to the status quo. As the world advances globally in every sphere Prem asks “Are human beings really thriving, achieving their true potential, or are we just surviving?”.
Addressing The Young President’s Organization in Europe on the subject of “How do we become better Leaders?”, Prem said, “We talk about the need for prosperity. In my formula, prosperity without human contentment is chaos.”
Prem sees human happiness as not just a possibility but a critical need for everyone. Without it, however good we become in business, however apparently successful we become in our careers, we will remain unfulfilled.
What we are now seeing in the world says Prem is the result of the lack of human contentment, including wars, environmental destruction, greed, violence and social ills, all of which can be avoided provided humanity is in touch with itself. His recently published book “Splitting the Arrow – Understanding the Business of Life” addresses key aspects of understanding life better, using the powerful medium of story-telling.
The honorary title “Ambassador of Peace” has been granted to Prem Rawat by a number of governmental and academic institutions because of his ability to inspire global audiences. He receives hundreds of invitations every year to speak internationally. These include prestigious forums like the European Parliament, United Nations, UK, Australian, Italian Parliaments and universities including Harvard, Oxford, California, IIT Delhi and ISB Hyderabad etc. He has also spoken at many prisons including Tihar Jail, New Delhi to help improve the quality of life for inmates and reduce re-offending.
Humanitarian Efforts
In 2001, Prem Rawat started ‘The Prem Rawat Foundation’ (TPRF) with a mission to address the fundamental
human needs of food, water and peace. TPRF’s -Food for People, is an innovative program that provides nutritious meals to children and ailing adults in India, Nepal and Ghana.
The Foundation’s signature Peace Education Program is a unique soft skills based training program providing
practical steps by which individuals can experience personal contentment. The program is used in 70 countries.
Awards & Recognition Prem has received keys to over 20 cities around the world and numerous awards in recognition of his work. In 2012, he was awarded the ‘Asia Pacific Brand Laureate Lifetime Achievement Award’ and joined the illustrious company of the late Nelson Mandela and Hillary Clinton as the 4th recipient of the award.
Prem Rawat embraces creativity and technology. He is an inventor, musician, artist, photographer and an accomplished pilot with over 14000+ hours flying time. He is married with four adult children and two grandchildren. His writings can be found at  www.premrawat.com and www.tprf.org, www.TimelessToday.com


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MLAs of Manipur Legislative Assembly enjoy over Rs 1,14,000/- as monthly salary and allowances; have over 700 staffs

IT News
Imphal, Dec 13: Members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly enjoyed a sume of Rs. 1,14,000/- as salary cum allowances in month. In addition to this once a person is elected as member of state Legislative Assembly he or she is entitled to get a sum of Rs. 15 lakhs as loan, which is exempted in case he expired. As per official source a member is also entitled a yearly allowance of Rs. 2 lakhs every year for travel anywhere in the country. In case a member travel abroad a maximum ceiling of rupees 3,50,000 is sanction as travel allowances.
Besides, this an MLA also gets 700 litres of petrol, 3000 litres of SK oil  plus a sum of rupees 4,500/- as electricity bill. Quarters for accommodations are free for all MLAs. Every MLAs are also entitled to appoint one Computer Assistant and one Personal Assistant, each on a par with the monthly pay and allowances admissible at the minimum of the pay scale of a Lower Division Clerk, and also two drivers and one peon on par with the monthly pay and allowances admissible at the minimum of the pay of a driver and Peon of State Legislative secretariat. This pay and allowances of staffs are born by the state Legislative Assembly. Vehicles for the MLAs are also provided by the state Legislative Assembly.  
These do not include the local area development fund allotted to each MLAs for development of their respective constituencies.

On the other hand, total staffs of Manipur legislative Assembly, which has 60 members, has now cross 700, an official source said. The source said that even after knowing the excess staffs in the state Assembly some more post are also being created and recruitment advertisement are seen in some specific newspapers in the state.
Source added that the State Assemblies of Meghalaya and Tripura have not cross 500  staffs though these States and Manipur have the same number of MLAs.
The source further added that the smallest post such as peon gets salary of not less than Rs. 20,000 when those in the class 1 officer level reached nearly 1 lakhs.

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Japanese delegates called on the Governor of Manipur

Manipur had an emotional relationship with Japan - Governor

Imphal, Dec 13: A team of 10 member Buddhist delegation led by Mr. Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura, Japan called on the Hon’ble Governor of Manipur, Dr. Najma Heptulla at Raj Bhavan, today. Sharing her experiences on her visits to Asian countries, Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla interacted with the delegation team and discussed on the relation especially between Manipur and Japan. Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla said that Manipur had an emotional relationship with Japan from way back.  Interacting with the delegation team, she said that she had discussion on the Indo-Japanese relation and Manipur-Japanese relation with the Ambassador of Japan a year back. She had discussed about the cleaning of the Loktak Lake, the largest fresh water lake in North-East India, with the Ambassador. She also said that she invited the Japanese delegation coming for the Business Summit at the Sangai Festival and asked them to invest in Manipur in building the road. She further said that the Japanese should built roads in Manipur for connectivity with the entire South East Asia which she is also pursuing the matter with the Government to have good road connections with the entire South East Asian Countries. She added that there is a close cultural relation and that the religion Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism are still in practice in South East Asian countries. India’s ethos is spread through out the Asian countries and that the Prime Minister talked about the ancient relation that we have with Japan at the South East Asian Summit, she added. Japan had a very close relationship not only on the platform of Buddhism, but from the 2nd world war and Japan wants to connect specifically with Manipur and expressed that there will be many more relationship with Japan in the near future. The Governor also asked the delegation team to visit the Museum where the artefacts of the World War were displayed.
Mr. Nakamura said that the main purpose of their visit is to pray for the war victims of the Japanese Army, the Indian Army and the Civilians who died in the 2nd World War particularly Japanese-Imphal-Ladakh war. Japanese want to connect with the North East people of India and that he had requested the Governor to make the State Government provide good connectivity so that Japanese Tourist can visit the state and can promote Manipur tourism, he further added.

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International Earth Science Olympiad

Imphal, Dec 13: The Geological Society of India is organizing an International Earth Science Olympiad 2018. For this Olympiad an entrance test will be held on Sunday 21st January 2018 at Senate Hall, Department of Earth Sciences Manipur University. The Student (born after 01-07-1999) who will be studying in IX, X, XI, XII Standard who were during September 2018 may participate the entrance test. The 11/2 hour test at 10.30am will be English and comprise objective type questions spanning the Geosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Astronomy. Twenty five students chosen in order of merit from India will attend a training Camp. The top four students will represent India at the 12th IESO 2018 in Thailand. And a special prize for top three from Manipur University centre will be awaited.
Last date of submission application form is 18th January 2018 details will be available at Department of Earth Sciences Manipur University or Office of the Dean, School of Human and Environmental Sciences, Manipur University. For Application form, syllabus and limited reading materials, visit www.geosocindia.org/index.php/ieso.
I, therefore, request all concern Headmasters/Headmistress/Principal kindly to inform and take part in this completion.

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1 PREPAK arrested

IT News
Imphal, Dec 13: Combined team of Tengnoupal District Police   and 11 AR led by Inspt P. Tarunkumar of CDO, Moreh, under the commmand of Th. Krishnatombi, AC 8 IRB and under the supervision of Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh arrested one cadre of PREPAK from Dalpati area, Moreh at around 12. 45 pm today. The arrested cadre has been identified as Tongbram Jiten @ Yaima@ Tayaima (52 yrs) S/O. T. Shyamkishor. R/O. Lalambung near RIMS gate. A police source said that the arrested person is a  S/S Major of PREPAK(PRO),  presently holding post Assistant Finance Secretary and CORCOM Coordinating committee (Revenue) member. His Army No. is 33167,  presently Staying at Tamu, Borigong.

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AR recovers WY Tablets

IT News
Imphal, Dec 13: troops of 12 Assam Rifles of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) recovered 1335 numbers of WY tablets worth Rs 6.675 lacs at Khudengthabi Check post in Tengnoupal district yesterday.
A statement of the IGAR (South) said that at around 1 pm yesterday, on receiving specific information the troop halt one blue coloured Pulsar motor cycle travelling from Moreh to Imphal for checking at PVCP, Khudengthabi, Tengnoupal District. While checking the vehicle, it was found that around 1335 numbers of WY tablets, were hidden under the seat of the motor cycle.
Recovered items along with apprehendee handed over to Moreh Police Station.

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Beggar culture should be clean from the mindset of those in govt.

Former Chief Minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Singh, now leader of the opposition party in the state legislative was heard talking tough to the present N. Biren Singh led government over its failure to bring any sort of special package for the development of the state during a protest demonstration demanding revelation of the contents of the Frame Work Agreement. What he is trying to prove is that N. Biren Singh led government is not efficient enough to bag financial package to the state of Manipur even though the political party he belongs to is heading the government at the center?
Well, Okram Ibobi Singh statement perhaps is not wrong. In around eight years of BJP led government led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh still have not received any financial package for taking up developmental works in the state, even as there has been much promise to sanction various package for taking up developmental project.
Financial package is a much for taking up any sort of development project - everybody understand. During the 15 years congress rule in the state of Manipur when Ibobi was th Chief Minister and when the  Congress party is leading the government at the center, there were no shortage of financial package, as there were no dearth for bagging to those concern central government authority. During the 15 years of Congress rule under the then chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh various development programme has been taken up. The only problem is that, in his fifteen years regime none of the developmental works including, creation of new infrastructure for the welfare have not been completed even today. The ISBT and even the Manipur Legislative Assembly secretariat Office and other official set up at Capitol project were inaugurated before the construction is completed. Forget about the various district hospitals constructed at various district head quarters of the state which were left incomplete even as the time frame provided for construction of the infrastructures have been lapsed.
Report of the Comptroller of Auditor general had highlighted various misappropriations and official source had revealed that some of the developmental fund sanction had to be halt as the concern department failed to submit utilization certificates.
Even the DIPR office complex which is being constructed at Keishampat was left incomplete for years and it is a blessing for the that the new Minister in Charge of the new Government Th. Bishwajit took serious concern and finally it is after the new government under the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh comes to power that incomplete structures of the building has been started construction once again.   When Chief Minister N. Biren Singh takes oath as the Chief Minister of the state many of the sanction project were seen left incomplete. Financial assistance for taking up of almost all the developmental programme being taken up during the previous government period has already been sanction. In some of the case the second instalment for the construction have to be halt as the then government had failed to submit utilization certificate in time.
In 8 months periods, the N. Biren Singh led administration had completed almost all infrastructure development works which were left incomplete for reason best known to the previous government.
A committed government should left the habit of begging and instead it should rather find way to collect revenue of the state from every available resource available in the state.
As of now the govt. seems to be doing everything by exploring every revenue resource. Now the government should focus to recover the black money from those which had misappropriated govt fund and added it for taking up developmental works of the state instead of begging the centre.

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