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Items filtered by date: Friday, 09 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Beyond the barriers

Technological advancements are an all-pervading phenomena, one which is impossible to miss. And so, our small and relatively remote state has been engulfed with such changes that are hard to ignore. Though physically and geographically hard to access, technology has made its mark on the public. The virtual world has shrunk and information is now just a click or a swipe away. The state Government is also doing its bit to promote and propagate the integration of technology in every department and systems, albeit in a rather frustrating and for-the-sake-of-it manner. Despite such advancements and progress; or attempts at progress, the plight of a section of the public with disabilities and difficult physical deformities remains almost impossible when it comes to accessing these public facilities and services. The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 was an Act to give effect to the Proclamation on the Full Participation and Equality of the People with Disabilities in the Asian and Pacific Region. However, almost two decades on, we still have yet to see even the most basic groundwork to implement the recommendations and directions of the laws which is aimed at making all and every public facility accessible to the differently able and physically challenged persons. More surprising is the fact that these recommendations are not something which would put a financial constraint on the Government as it entails very basic changes and alterations or additions to the present infrastructures to make them more accessible. The total absence of such facilities at the public places in the state indicates a total lack of regard and consideration for this section of the society more than anything.  Discounting the weak and infirm will only add to the woes of the Government. It should instead focus on making the most of its citizens by empowering them to contribute to the society. The contributions of outstanding persons like Prof. Stephen Hawkins, a multiple paraplegic in the field of science, or that of Marla Runyard, the first legally blind paralympian to compete in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, or Ludwig Van Beethoven who composed some of the most famous musical compositions after he became completely deaf cannot be ignored. One would surely admire the achievements of Helen Adams Keller, the deaf and blind American author, political activist and lecturer. All these extraordinary people managed to overcome their physical and mental constraints and outshine everyone in their respective fields because of the support, guidance and understanding provided to them. A government which cannot render even the most basic assistance for its disadvantaged citizens, for all its achievements and advancements, cannot claim itself ideal. Understanding the everyday ordeal of these people can shape the holistic development of a state or a country. It is for all of us to try and make the world that little bit easier for the physically less fortunate citizens, and the Government has a very urgent and important task of living up to its own claims of a fair and considerate setup.  

JSCC locks school administrative block for defying agreement on fee exemption

Joint Students’ Coordinating Committee (JSCC), an apex body of AMSU, KSA, MSF and SUK has conducted a drive against the schools that have violated the agreement made between JSCC and All Manipur Recognised Private Schools’ Welfare Association and All Manipur School Van Transports’ Association. Volunteers of the JSCC today locked the administrative block of Heritage Convent, North Point, RK Sanatombi, Shishu Nistha Niketan schools after the school authority failed to comply with the agreement for exemption of school fees for students.
Speaking to the media persons at the office of MSF, Jayanta Kumar Khuman, Convenor JSCC, said that the agreement made between JSCC and All Manipur Recognised Private Schools’ Welfare Association have not been followed.
They have released a press note through media, newspaper to follow the agreement on or before October 7 about the percentage of school fees, salary of the teachers and for the van services.
Despite their warning, some schools neglect their words and keep on taking the full fees. Looking through this matter JSCC conducted the drive at some schools today, as they have already announced that if any schools avoid the agreement they will start taking action from October 8, he added.
Manjit Sarangthem, Media Co-Ordinator JSCC also said JSCC and All Manipur Recognised Private Schools’ Welfare Association and All Manipur School Van Transports’ Association made an agreement between them on August 16 and September 1.

The school authorities were informed to charge only 30% of school fees for the month of July and August and 50% for the teachers as well as school vans.
They have informed the concern school authorities many times through media, newspaper.
An educational institution is a learning place but nowadays some of the institutions are being misused and turning out to be a business place.
We all know all the students and the people of Manipur has suffer a lot fighting for the implementation of ILPS in the state.
Looking through these situations, taking 30% of school fees are considerable. Those schools who are still taking full fees despite the warning should stop immediately and follow the agreement in order to avoid any unwanted incident in the future. They will continue the drive until all the schools follow the agreement, he added.

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66th Territorial Army Day observed

CM highlights the importance of TA, says it benefits the youths of the state

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh lauded the activities of the Territorial Army in the state saying that raising of the Territorial Army unit purely for the domicile of Manipur has given a direction and impetus to gainful employment of youth of the state and further their involvement in the development of the state by taking part in provisioning of security to the citizens.
Speaking to the observance function of the Territorial Army Day held at 1st Manipur Rifles Banquet Hall, the Chief Minister said that 165 Infantry Battalion (TA) (Home & Hearth) ASSAM is the first and the only Territorial Army unit raised purely from the domiciles of Manipur. “As you may be aware, after the attainment of lndia’s Independence from British rule, the need was felt to have a sizeable reserve force of trained citizens to support the regular army in time of need. The Territorial Army Act 1948 was passed by the Indian Parliament resulting in the constitution of the present Territorial Army. The Territorial Army was formally inaugurated by Sir C Rajagopalachari, the first Governor General of free India on 09 October 1949", the CM said.
He said that Manipur’s Home and Hearth TA Battalion; i.e. 165 TA Battalion also called ‘Manipur Terriers’ since its deployment in state in February 2007, has become an inseparable part of the security setup of the state. lt has been performing its task of being an interface between the local populace and the Army and Assam Rifles Units with distinction.

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Tribal JAC opposes Jiribam district demand

A meeting of JAC for the protection of Tribal and Minority Peoples’ Right was held today at Jiribam. The meeting expressed that the Press Release made by Jiribam District Demand Committee on the 4th Oct. 2015 is totally uncalled for and condemns the decision of the JDDC to resume its agitation with respect to the conversion of Jiribam to a full fledged revenue district while majority of the inhabitant of Jiribam which comprises of Tribals and Bengoli are reeling under the threat of the 3 infamous bill passed by the Assembly on the 31 Aug. 2015. The meeting also further asserted that unless all the stake holders of the proposed full fledged district are involved in the decision making process the demand for the proposed district would be considered as an exclusive demand which is meant to serve the interest of the Meitei community only.

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JAC of A. Anilkumar urges to arrest gangster

Joint Action Committee Against the Life Attempt of Arambam Anilkumar, his Wife and Care Takers organized a press meet held at the residence of Arambam Anilkumar today.
The convener of JAC N. Ashokumar said that  Lamding Makha Leikai Womens Development Association mislead the issue by calling bandh demanding immediate arrest of Arambam Anilkumar after knowing the reason of blank fire. He further added that some goons of Lamdeng area are using the mask of Lamdeng Makha Leikai Womens Development Association to protect their local gangster. He further appeal that instead of protecting gangster, the Lamdeng area should support in arresting the criminal gangster.

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State joins National Postal Week Celebration

Manipur joins National Postal Week which starts from today. The week which will be organizing  various events during the whole week was inaugurated by Vinod Kumar, Director (posts) at Head Post Office, Imphal.
Today, on its first day, a meeting of post Forum which is an initiative by India Post to exchange views with important customers was organized. Persons from various field of Sports, Media personalities, Singers, Insurance sector, Teachers and Advocates actively took part in the meeting. 
Kh. Ningthem, Sr.Coach Youth Affairs and Sports (YAS), Khogendro Khomdram, editor Sangai express, S. Nabachandra Sharma, playback singer, Heer Kamei, Retd. Divisional Manager, Oriental Insurance, S. Rupachandra, Asstt. Solicitor General and Md. Raheijuddin Sheikh, Principal, Manipur College, Imphal were among the core participants in the discussion.
Speaking in the occasion Vinod Kumar said he was pleased for the suggestions regarding further improvement in postal system by members and several customers who participated in the event.
He further said, the forum has given a fresh breath of life as far as interaction between consumers postal authorities are concerned.  Now the postal India is now keen to have this forum on a regular basis which is also the only forum where there is direct interface with the customers which was started on 10th of September this year, said Vinod. On the other hand, as part of today’s event, more than 30 students from different schools were given a training session on how to write letter, correct address and use of PINCODE while posting materials.
While interacting with media persons, regarding the importance of this training session, Vinod said, “Young students are the future of our Country, speed with accuracy is the key point in present era for fast communication. Hence, this young generation should know how they can help themselves to communicate in fast manner by adopting simple but useful method of writing address and use of right kind of stationary”.
Describing the week, he said, all the postal division and Sub-division and branches of the state will be observing each coming days of this week as starting from today as, World Post Day, Saving Bank Day, Mail Day, Philately Day, Postal Life Insurance Day, and Business Development Meet Day.
He further said that, the week will also feature events like customer meet, tree plantation, rural postal life insurance mela in various districts of Manipur will also be organized by the offices of Manipur Postal Division.
It may be mentioned that, India has the largest Postal Network in the world with over 1,54,882 post Offices as on March 3,1 2014 of which 89.86% are in rural areas.

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Temporary makeshift Bridge at Chakpi swept away

Incessant rains in the last two days has once more swept away the temporary makeshift bridge build across Chakpi River at Chakpikrong after the RCC Bridge has been swept away by a wild flood on August 31 this year, early morning today. The RCC Bridge was first constructed in 1966 by a Calcutta based company and in the same year the water level reached the lower portion of the Bridge. Again in 1987 the Bridge was shaken due to flood. But this year in August the Bridge was swept away by flood due to incessant rain. The temporary makeshift Bridge was the only means to connect people at both side of the river.

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