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What the public actually want

As with every iterations of the elections, whether for the Lok Sabha or the State Assembly approaching the home stretch, the fevered pitch of all the political parties in the fray for their share of public attention and the all important sympathy is building up to a climax, more so with this edition of the election for the Lok Sabha representatives of the state being speculated to be the forerunner of the changes in the political scenario that is slowly but surely gathering storm in the country. And as always, the political parties have spread out their agenda and manifestos to woo the so-far neglected voters, doling out assurances and promises with uncharacteristic generosity. What has escaped the collective understanding of the people of the state is the absence of the actual show of consideration and genuine concern for the actual aspirations of the people by any of the political parties, a so-called manifesto of the people. Their presumption of the needs of the people only goes to show the lack of connect and respect for the wish of the public who still hopes for their opinions and suggestions to be sought and understood. Well then, what does the common man expect from a good government- the one everyone hopes to usher in?  A better, progressive and stable life: not a great deal to ask of, as almost everybody will concur with.  On second thought, has the government ever made any effort to ensure such a life for its people or made any attempts to understand how such a seemingly simple wish can be granted? For one, fear (read AFSPA) should be removed from the society. Stability means a stable society assured of disturbances against any threat to its territory, means of livelihood, traditions, customs and cultures.  Providing legal and administrative safeguards to protect the rights of the indigenous population over the natural resources as well as against exploitation of these people, particularly women and children in view of the increasing importance of the “Look east policy”, reviewing the claims of many deserving and willing indigenous communities to be granted the constitutional status of Scheduled Tribes, framing of a State Drug Policy to check the increasing instances of trafficking and abuse of psychotropic drugs in the State, making every public place in the State  “Barrier Free access” for people with disability, enabling active public involvement and maintaining transparency in implementation of all flagship programs with establishment of legally enforceable accountability structures, proper promotion of Tourism after social/gender impact assessment to ensure greater community participation for an ecologically friendly and culturally correct and beneficial interaction to the community as a whole and not be swayed by the corporate culture. Progress marches ahead only when food security is ensured. Thus, it becomes crucial to adopt appropriate agricultural land and water policies as well as uninterrupted and unhindered access to public distribution by implementing National Food Security Act. with special focus on marginalized sections of the society i.e. BPL, PLHIV, disabled, conflict widows and orphans and other disadvantaged populace. Ensuring effective and accessible healthcare services to each and every nook and corner of the state with adequate infrastructure, human resources and medicines will negate the predatory commercialization of healthcare services. Last but not the least, providing a solid legal foundation will ensure equal and swift justice for everyone in the state. These are a few basic requirements for ensuring a safe, stable and progressive society. The public doesn’t have to wait long before it can decide on the most likely candidate who can deliver the goods.     

24 years old girl abandon after completing formalities for marriage

 Girl vows to fight until justice is delivered

By Reena Nongmaithem
A 24 years old lady, who was elope by her boyfriend, and had completed all traditional formalities for marriages has been reportedly abandon by her boyfriend by an indecent breakup proposal. The lady is now in a state of trauma and mental disturbances, as conservative Manipuri society often make a laughing stock of her. The incident is not less than raping of a virgin lady.
Reports on crime against women associated with deception, fraud, cheat, abandonment, rape, domestic violence have now become a regular news item in our breakfast table almost every day.
It is known to everyone, the kind of mental trauma when someone who had completed formalities for getting married with her without any reason. Such incidents are many but not every girl are bold enough to stand up for their rights. But the story of this 24 year old girl from Khurai Assembly constituency is different. She came forward to get justice. But for reason to protect the right of this courageous girl, Imphal Times takes the privilege of concealing her identity.
The young but courageous lady while speaking to this reporter said that she will fight until justice has been delivered to her.
“Does patriarchy means a man has the right to follow after a woman, approach her, pressurize her till she says yes to him and again left her when the time comes to take responsibility of her prestige and life”, questioned the young lady, who was abandoned after being eloped.

She was in a relationship with the man from the same constituency area since 2013 and she alleged that she was eloped forcefully by Thounaojam Bidyabhusan of Top Khongnangkhong   in August this year, said the young lady. She was forced by him because she was about to leave him when she came to know that the man was having an affair with another women, she added.
“Even if I was angry before, later I somehow adapted with his family member on the way they treated me. As social custom, his parents and relatives brought me home to hand over me to my parents and they assured to visit again soon to fix the marriage date”, narrated the young lady.
“As per the fixed schedule, my father with local elders waited for them but never came up, and at last we were informed that the man’s father got BP stroke so had to rush to hospital. Then after some days through my father’s relatives, we were informed that, the man and his family cannot take me as their daughter-in-law,” narrated with a teary eyes.
“We filed a case at Nupi Samaj, Konung Mamang, but with their strong background and money power, they won the case. Within the month of September itself the man eloped another women and arranging for marriage and I, tried to suicide and poisoned myself but did not die”, asked herself the reason for her life.
She strongly wish if somebody, who are polishing the society look again her case and award him at least a degree of punishment. 

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Mob lynch vehicle lifter; another beaten black and blue

An angry mob today lynches a vehicle lifter after being caught red handed at Bashikhog Khonghampat area today morning. The irate mob throw the dead body along with the motor bike he tried to escape on a nearby pond. Another associate of the vehicle lifters was also caught while trying to make way with a stolen vehicle from Kiyamgei area. He was thrashed by the local and later handed over to the police. He is identified as Soibam Romesh Singh (18 years) of Arapti Awang leikai.
According to report at around 2.30 am today morning the deceased along with some of his colleague tried to steal a Scorpio vehicle parked inside the residential complex of Y. Herojit at Bashikhong Kitnapanung. As the thieves were trying to unlock the vehicle auto alarm wake up the owner and started chasing them by waking up the locals. Another Activa vehicle parked at the residential complex was also found missing. On alerting the locals the vehicle lifter was found trying to escape in his motor bike but unfortunately his vehicle slipped. The angry locals than lynch the person. The dead body along with the bike were thrown at a nearby pond. Later the Activa vehicle that they lifted was also found while another lifter Soibam Romen was taking it away at Kiyamgei area. He was brought at Bashikhong Club and that thrash black and blue. Later, he was handed over to the police. Interestingly another company of the vehicle lifter gang also came at the club posing self as a police personnel. Later, he was also nabbed and handed over to the police.

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Memorandum submitted: JAC against the brutal killing of AK Moushi of Mayang Imphal

Joint Action against the brutal killing of AK Moushi of Mayang Imphal Thana Wangkhei Leikai has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Manipur demanding immediate arrest of the culprits.
Sh. Ibochou Sharma, Convenor of the JAC against the brutal killing of AK Moushi, also threatened to launch various form of agitation if the authority failed to arrest the culprit before Oct 30.
The  memorandum stated that Late Akoijam Moushi aged 14, s/o Akoijam Nodiyachand Singh of Mayang Imphal Thana Wangkhei Leikai went out from his residence on 22 October at about 10 am of the morning and never return.
Later the dead body of Late Akoijam Moushi was found hanging over a small tree known as Chigonglei standing inside the bush of Yendhou, he added. An FIR was registered at the Mayang Imphal Police Station in connection. The JAC suspect the boy to have been hang to death by unknown miscreants.
Sh Ibochou Sharma further said that the the deceased was found hung to death using a piece of cloths which do not belong to the family members.
During Post mortem conducted in front of a Magistrate it has been learnt that there were bruise mark at various part of the body suggesting that he was brutally assaulted before hung to death.
Sh Ibochou Sharma also said that the JAC against the brutal killing of AK Moushi will launch agitations of various kind with the help of civil society organization until and unless the culprits are nab by the concern authorities on or before 30 October 2015 and punished them.

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PREPAK clarifies

PREPAK in a press statement claimed that there is no connection with the one Asem Sarat (50) S/O A. Nityai of Thoubal Awang Leikai who was reportedly apprehended by a combined force of 2nd AR and Thoubal district Police Commando on October 24 during checking and frisking  at Thoubal Bazar. The statement strongly condemn the allegation made over the party that the apprehended person was in charged by party to collect money from the School, College and brick fields in Thoubal District.

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Road accident

A woman was killed while a driver and three other sustain serious injury in freak road accident at around 2.pm yesterday. The incident happen when an Aris Tata collided with a tractor at Kshetri Leikai of Thoubal. The decease has been identified as Khangebam Jamini (55) wife of Kh. Khukil of Mongpok Sekmai Mayai Leika. The three others injured were in RIMS for further treatment.

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Special Clinic for Oculoplasty at RIMS

Prof. M. Amuba Singh, Medical Superintendent, RIMS Hospital, Imphal through Media Advisor, would like to inform the public that a special Clinic for Oculoplasty under the Department of Ophthalmology, RIMS, Imphal will be opened on every Wednesday at 2.00 p.m. in Eye OPD, RIMS Hospital, Imphal in public interest.

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Puya Mei Thaba Numit

The month long observation of 283 Puya Meithaba as “Puwarigi Amamba Numit” begins today a thet auditorium hall of Youth Centre of Khuman Lampak organized by Puya Mei Thakhibagi Apunba Ningsing Lup (PUMANIL).
Speaking on the occasion MLA, Sarat said the history and treasure of our society has been lost with the burning of the Meitei manuscript (the Puyas) .  Convener of PUMANIL said that since time immemorial, our society has own unique culture and tradition and lived together in peace and harmony without difference between us. But during the period of king Pamheiba, during 1709 of August 28, all our ancient scriptures were burnt giving no clue for our cultural history, and its lead to the destruction of our customary existence.
During the function many resource person also grace the function.

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Assam Rifles helps in conduct of Study Tour

IGAR(S) 41 Assam Rifles of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) provided transportation for conduct of “Know Your Town” study tour to students of Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Hungpung ,Ukhrul from 22 to 24 Oct 2015. During the study tour, the students visited various Educational and Religious institutions in Ukhrul town. The study tour also included visit to Shirui peak and Sihai Phangrei. The students get the rare opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of Mova cave, Hungpung and Khangkhui cave. Fr T.S Dominic, Principal Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Ukhrul expresses gratitude to 41 Assam Rifles for extending logistic support for the success of the “Know Your Town” study tour.

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Stationery items distributed by Assam Rifles

IGAR(S) 40 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector AR under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) distributed stationery items to Disabled Children of Moidang Pok Village under Military Civic Action Programme on 28 Oct 2015. The items were presented in order to help the disabled students of the village to scale new heights in the field of education and also to reach out to the populace in far flung areas by the Assam Rifles. During the interaction, disabled children and locals highlighted the support and cooperation extended by the Assam Rifles. Assam Rifles assured maximum possible help and support for the education and sports of the students.  The students profusely thanked Assam Rifles for this noble act. Assam Rifles has yet again contributed towards bright future of youth, thereby preventing influence of anti-national elements on these young minds.

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