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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 24 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

For the future: Be our true leader

Not every human being is good. Some have criminal mind, some habitual offenders, some never bother for the suffering of others. Only few are beyond these perception and these few people are the one who will be remembered by the future generation. Fame and fortune by committing abusive activism fooling others will not last long. Everybody knows that, yet people of the contemporary days never bother what the future will say about them. One thing most believed is that – Live a life with comfort and luxury is the need of today’s contemporary society, Who cares after death? After all there is no guarantee that we will have a next live or not? If it does happen who cares, nobody is going to remember what they did in their last live. It is this perception that people of today did every odd thing to make huge money using any means even to the cost of somebody’s live.

But thinking about next live is not what we actually should care? It is about our children and grandchildren we should be worried about? Comfort and luxury we brought to them doing things against the society may bring them some happiness but when they are left to live alone the dignity that they used to receive under the protection of their forefather cannot be guaranteed. The Manipuri saying “Huranbagi tarani mapugee nongma” which literally means that one day the mischief will surely be caught if he could bear with it for ten days, is a defecto  element that that will haunt the life of their descendants. Once if the people started exposing the dirty criminal activism practice by them to comfort their children has been exposed the effort will be of no use. The very justified answer to his activities “ it is all for my children” will go in vain. The so call children at which he had tried to make happy will surely start blaming at them on the very moment when the people started talking the misdeeds of them.
Point being put up here is to remind our fellow politicians and bureaucrats to do good things so that their children could live with dignities in the future. Their corrupt behaviours to make their children happy might bring their children living a frustrated live. It will be wrong to consider this piece of writing as an advice but we have seen many. Everyone knows how some of the politicians had tried to admit their sons or daughter to medical institution using false means, It is still a talk on how some of them had mischievously acquired land or there is still a talk on how some top bureaucrats or head of institution had appointed their sons or daughters from the back door. All they did may have been because of their love for their children. But the misdeed are still a talk and people still laugh seeing their young ones enjoying with what they had done. Till today it may be okay but the next generation will certainly threw them out from the clutch of humanity. Do good if you want your children respect after you are no longer with them. 

UKAL Mera Mepham held, CM calls to safeguard rituals of Umanglai Haraoba

Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh called to safeguard as well as revive the rituals and traditions of Umanglai Haraoba in order to restore peace and normalcy in the state.
Addressing the gathering at Mera Meepham (annual conference on Umanglai Haraoba) of Umang Lai Kanba Apunba Lup (UKAL) held at Manipur Film Development Corporation, Konung Mamang here today, the CM said that since time immemorial Umang Lai Haraoba has been playing pivotal role in strengthening the brotherhood among the various communities in the state. The celebration also depicts the inter-relationship of Manipuri ethnic groups.
There is no enmity among the communities of Manipur who are residing in both the valley and hill areas. However, the prevailing tension in hill areas is due to influences exerted by anti-social elements from outside the state and those who want to break Manipur into pieces, said Ibobi.
He also appealed all to resolve the prevailing difference of spelling between Meitei and Meetei as it remains as an impediment to build unity among the predominant community of the state.
Regarding the upcoming Cultural University in the state, the Chief Minister said that the government is in consultation with various stakeholders to provide a holistic cultural education with the inclusion of various ethnic cultures and religions of the state.

Ng Kangjiya Mangang, Retd. Principal and Chairperson, Organising Committee of Mera Meepham said that earlier Lai Haraoba was called as Hai Hoi Laoba and this celebration is important to understand the evolution of the Tengban (universe). The process of evolution of the whole universe is clearly mentioned in three Puyas (mythology books of Manipur) viz Leithak Leikharol; Leishemlol and Putil. Scientifically the Lai Haraoba and Big Bang theory has references.
Chairperson of PDA, Th Mangibabu expressed his displeasure over the unwelcoming practices in celebrating Lai Haraoba in recent years.
During the Mera Meepham, the Chief Minister handed over awards to distinguished Amaiba, Amaibis, Pena Aseiba and Lai Thougal Lup for the year.
Pensions were also distributed to aged people who took leadership role in preserving the Umang Lai Haraoba.

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Govt evicted encroachers from Heingang Reserved Forest area

At least 64 structures and houses allegedly constructed illegally at Heingang Reserved Forest have been evicted by a team of Central Forest Department and Heingang police station personnel starting from today morning around 7 am.
During the eviction drive the team also evicted 32 houses at Hanaba Ching, Keirang Machin Khunou mainly populated by Muslim communities largely non - Manipuris.
When visiting the site of eviction, Imphal Times reporter witnessed a scuffle between police personnel and locals of Heingang area regarding the eviction drive. An earth mover (JCB) was destroyed by locals while a water reservoir reportedly situated within the Reserved Forest area was also dismantled by the government authority.
On top of it, some of the public properties including Sericulture and Horticulture firms situated at Heingang were also destroyed.  Due to misunderstanding between the forest department officials there was also a short brawl regarding the destruction of Sericulture and Horticulture firms. The eviction of the government structures were stopped after the intervention of Forest Minister. While, locals of Heingang expressed displeasure over the eviction of Heingang Garden, which was established with a view to protect the reserved forest.
According to officials of Forest Department it has been mentioned that the department had already served show-caused notice six times since October 2013 to concerned villagers and owners of illegal structures to vacate the area. Locals and environmentalists expressed concerned over the mass destruction of the agricultural lands, forest products and Lokchao Sericulture Farm located at the Heingang Makha leikai which is under the Department of Agriculture, Manipur Government.

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Several depts fails to submit UCs of around Rs. 4570.90 Crores

Various department of the State government  have failed to submit utilization certificates (UCs) for implementation of developmental project costing around Rs. 4570 crores at the end of March 2015. According to a government source, most of the outstanding UCs pertains to the department of Tribal and Hill Affairs ( which is around 45% of the total a month mentioned), Education (S) (16% of the total amount) Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (9% of the total amount), Arts and Culture ( 5% of the total amount) and MAHUD (3% of the total amount). On the matter the Finance Department of the state government had directed the concern department to submit the UCs latest by October 31, 2015, directly to the office of the Accountant General (A&E), Manipur. Interestingly, Minister in Charge for the Arts and Culture and the MAHUD  department is the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh who is also in-charged of Finance department.

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Assam Rifles Saves an Accident Victim

IGAR(S) Imphal, Oct. 24: A troops from PRO office for HQ IGAR(S) saved the lives of accident victims when a vehicle overturned and fell in the drain in front of the PRO’s Office at North AOC on the night of October 23. The vehicle bearing registration number MN-01-S-2819 was driven by one Dipu Oinam from Singjamei Chingamakha on the road between Chingmeirong and Imphal Hotel faced a puncture and instantly swerved to the left as the driver lost control and the vehicle fell into the drain. The troops from the Sanjeevani (PRO office) instantly rushed out from their office and extricated both the driver and his mother who were then further evacuated to the hospital. The Officer and his troops personally assisted the family to the hospital and the victims were given timely treatment saving their lives. Post this, the troops also ensured the recovery of the badly mangled vehicle via specialized equipment.

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SMDC opposes construction of Market at Tombisana High School

School Management Committee of Tombisana High School has come out with strong objection to the construction of Market Complex at the Tombisana High School Complex. Speaking to reporters at Manipur Press Club today afternoon President of the Committee TM. Rajen Ayangba said that government should look for some other places as education is an important sectors of developing Human resources. He said the Tombisana High School is the 3rd oldest School in the state which was established during the time of British regime and the state should safeguard it instead of demolishing it. 

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UNESCO Club Manipur launched

Manipur added a new chapter by officially inaugurating a UNESCO club Manipur here at Imphal Hotel Sangai Hall today.
Dhirendra Bhatnagar, the president of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Association, Headquarter, Paris, Kanarjit Kangujam, Director, UNESCO Club Manipur, Dr. Moirangthem Nara, Ex-Minister, Art & Culture, govt of Manipur, L Ibomcha, Dornacharya awardee 2010, Prof RK Ranjan, Convenor, INTACH, Manipur Chapter (Heritage), sharatchand Thiyam, shahitya Akademi Awardee 2006, Prof n Rajmuhon, Department of Chemistry, Manipur University, Dr. Dhanabir Laishram, Social Scientist, Johnson Elangbam, President, United Committee Manipur graced the function as presidium members and resource persons .
Resource persons from various fields presided in the function spoke on role of such UNESCO in peace keeping and peace building in the world. The resource persons also highlighted the importance of such organization in this wee hour of Manipur. Speaking on the occasion, Prof N Rajmohon highlighted the UNESCO Club Manipur in taking leading role in the conservation of cultural heritages of Manipur. He said Manipur has enough cultural heritages and natural resources. If these cultural and natural resources are harnessed Manipur can be converted into gems, he said.
He emphasized role of young dynamic, vibrant potential youths of Manipur in running the UNESCO Club Manipur successfully which ultimately will lead to world peace and security. 
“Having such a platform is very important from where we can train our young stars, youths and keep their potential and bring at the global level. Moreover such forum will be much helpful in bringing up the Issues in the state” he added.

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Interpersonal Communication Campaign held

An Interpersonal Communication Campaign was held at the Kshetri Sanglen in Thoubal today.
The Communication Campaign was organized by District Information Officer (DIPR),Thoubal Govt. of Manipur.
M. Shyamkishore Singh, District Co-operative Officer, Thoubal, Ch Noyon Singh, District Information Officer (DIO), Thoubal and Dr. Ksh. Manglem Singh, Retd. Chief Medical Officer, Thoubal attended the function as Chief Guest, President and Guest of honour respectively of the Interpersonal Communication Campaign. During the Campaign, Resource person P.K. Singh, DI ZEO, Thoubal deliberated on the topics of “Implemented by Education”.
Md. Riyaj, Community Mobilizer, NRHM Thoubal spoke on the topic “Implemented by Health”. A. Kumar Singh, AE, PHE Thoubal, spoke on the topic “Implemented by PHE Departments and Advocate, Chongtham Momon Singh spoke on the topic “Rite to Information Act”.
Altogether around 100 male and female took part the communication campaign and an interaction programme also performed.

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Christian fraternities bids adieu to Rev. Dr. Rouchhunga Pudaite at CCpur

Siamchinthang Tangpua
Churachandpur, Oct 24: Funeral programme of Rev. Dr. Rouchhunga Pudaite (1927-2015) was held at Sielmat Christian Higher Secondary campus, Sielmat village, Churachandpur today at around 11:30Am.
Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur, Lunminthang Haokip, Langkhanpau Guite, Chairman, ADC, Churachandpur, United Naga Council President Gaidon Kamei, Kuki Inpi Manipur, Paite Tribe Council, general headquarters, Vaiphei People Council, Mizo People Council, Simte Tribe Council United Zou Organisation, Hmar Women’s Association, and various churches paid to the ‘harbinger of church reformers’ among the tribal communities and the man behind the spread of the Bible to millions through his “Bible for the world”.
Rev Dr Rochung Pudaite’s body was brought home today to be buried at his ancestral place and home at Sialmat, Churachandpur.
He had also translated the Bible into the Hmar language in 1950s after his graduation from Allahabad University. It is said that he was the earliest pioneer of Christianity in Manipur, and it’s spread among the Hmar community in particular, was supposed to reach here days back but due to some issues, his body arrived today only from America where he has been residing after becoming a citizen of the country some decades ago.
It took eight hours for the body to reach Churachandpur from Imphal as many churches, groups and organisation had arranged receptions at several villages along the way.
Dr Rouchung was the son of Rev (L) Chawna Pudaite and (L) Taii from Phualpui Village of Vangai Range. After his graduation, he studied theology at Wheaton Graduate School, Northern Illinois USA, where he completed his Master’s degree and later did his D. Lit at Ohio’s Malone College.
Starting from 1971, he set up his pet project “Bible for the world” with great zeal and success which was responsible for handing out the Holy Bible to Christian and non-Christians and was lovingly called “God’s tribesmen” after he wrote eight books and was included in the list of “who is who” in USA apart from winning many accolades and at least three awards.
He was the founder of Evangelical Free Church of India (EFCI) which had grown by leaps and bounds among the Hmar community.
As a social, religious and educational reformer he also set up Sialmat Christian Higher Secondary School, Partnership Mission Society, Trinity Bible College and Sialmat Christian Hospital in Churachandpur district.
Dr Rouchung Pudaite Funeral Committee’ was set up to organise his last condolence which will culminate in his burial at the Rouchung Bangalow and is expected to be attended people from all communities residing in the district.
Dr Pudaite, 88, was admitted on October 10, 2015 at the memorial Hospital, Colorado Spring, Calorada, USA where he succumbed and was finally brought home after 13 days from his adopted country via Delhi where he was received by the Hmar Students’ Association, while his body was received at the Imphal Tulihal Airport under the initiative of the HYA GHQ around 9:30 am

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Loktak Day

26th Loktak Day 2015 will be observed at Loktak Lairembi Lampak of Thang-ga on 27 of October 2015.
Speaking to the media person Chairman of PDA, MLA  T. Mangibabu said that the Loktak Lake play a very important role in Manipur, many life’s are dependent on them from the resource of Loktak Lake. However most of the people consider it as a normal lake. From this we got electricity from Loktak hydro electric project, many are depending their livelihood by fishing.  He said that the celebration will mark the importance of the Loktak Lake.
President of the Loktak Day Celebration Committee, H. Sanayaima said that the celebration began from 1990 and had completed 25 years. The Loktak lake will provide employment to youth by developing the Loktak as a tourists spot, he added.

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