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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 20 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Catch Them Campaign- a timely initiative

Amidst a teeming presence of social vigilantes and self-proclaimed protectors of the people of the state, incidences of vehicle thefts and snatching has been on the increase at an alarming rate. If the statistics mentioned in few reports proved true, then the problem has already become acute which calls for extraordinary measures. In 2014, there were reports of more than 750 vehicle thefts- more than two vehicles stolen daily on an average, the tiny city of Imphal being the main hunting ground. The continuing menace indicates a well-orchestrated machinery at work with a vast network and great reach and influence. While the state security forces have started acknowledging the situation and have evidently taken up steps to curb the crime, there is still a lot of work to be done to bring it under control and deter the auto-thieves. The present infrastructure and facilities being provided by the state government is not helping things much either, with its every initiative turning out to be an exercise in uncoordinated half-hearted measures. It is perplexing for anyone to try and fathom the reason as to the reluctance of state government to deploy force-multiplying measures such as closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) in public places, the very sight of which will act as a major deterrent for the thieves, miscreants, vandals and every other enemies of the public. Safe and proper parking spaces are still a nascent concept that needs to be developed in the state. Haphazard and makeshift arrangements along the sides of the road have been troubling the public no end, with no positive change to the present situation in sight. Such confusions and disorganized public parking system provides opportunities for the thieves. There also remains the very controversial and much criticized High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) which the state government has announced mandatory in the state, but is in reality, a farce designed to make the public pay through their nose for a non-existent service with none of the security for the vehicles. The most dismal aspect of it all is the woeful track record of arrests and even lower rate of convictions. The most hi-tech gizmos or the most efficient system will count for nothing much unless the culprits are hunted down and are brought to book. They must be made to realize that it does not pay to steal or look for an easy way out in life. Exemplary penalties and punishments need to be meted out to these culprits without exceptions if there is to be any hope of curbing the menace. The Catch Them Campaign, an initiative taken up jointly by the Poknapham, People’s Chronicle and Impact TV to raise awareness and force those entrusted with the resources and authority to address the worsening problem to shake off the lethargy and take proactive measures to curb it is a timely and much needed step in the right direction. Together, we can make a difference.

Just born baby dump at RIMS campus

A just born baby was found dump at the backyard of RIMS dental college. The dead baby was found today by passer-by at around 8.30 am. A Lamphel police team had collected the dead baby and kept at RIMS morgue for autopsy. Police have registered a case.

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RN Ravi paranoia: Knowing the truth yet masquerading reality

IT Desk
The 50 points of the NSCN-IM did exist and another 18 points proposal to run the new government of NSCN-IM has been prepared by the collective leadership of the outfit. Imphal Times stands by its report. Denial of the report by Indian interlocutor RN Ravi while talking to a daily paper published in Nagaland is expected, as we the Imphal Times had not reported that the matter has been tabled. The date for talks after the signing of the “Framework Agreement” between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India has not yet been officially announced. And what we in the Imphal Times had reported is the demand that has been prepared by the NSCN-IM collective leadership in consultation with its frontal organization leaders in a series of meetings held at camp Hebron, the liberated zone of NSCN-IM.
Based on a highly placed source, the blue print to make the proposal from the side of the NSCN-IM has been finalised and will be submitted during the first round of talk after the signing of the ‘Framework Agreement’ between the two entities. The term two entities is being coined here as the Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be working forward to find a solution with the outfit beyond the purview of the Indian Constitution or perhaps under some pressures from Christian organizations based in other countries.
Two of the major issues that may spark tensions in the North Eastern region, is the NSCN-IM proposal for restoration of nearly 5000 sq. miles to the Nagas which they claim to have been occupied by Assam. Thinking well about the probable problem if stand stuck to this demand, the collective leadership also put another option and that option is payment of compensation for the land in case they could not restore the land. The proposal for 3 states formula in Naga area by keeping the present Nagaland state as it is and by bifurcating portions of Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur is one big issue that the government of India has to be considered with extreme care.

Interestingly the NSCN-IM also demanded a separate electoral system in this three proposed Naga states which is different from the present democratic electoral system of the country. Rejection of any demand is the right of the Indian Government authorities, but after the framework agreement that was signed between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NSCN-IM leadership on August 3 this year, any sort of objectionable move will be strongly countered. And for that it is expected that the NSCN-IM may seek help from countries which do not want India to remain united and strong.
But another serious issue is the propaganda launched by NSCN-IM to the people of the NE region particularly in Manipur about a solution reaching soon. Taking advantage of the present development the NSCN-IM authority is recruiting cadres at different places of Manipur including Chandel, Tamenglong and Senapati districts besides other claimed Naga areas. The report of the mass recruitment is an open secret but both the state government and the central government is ignoring on what is actually going on at the ground. This report about recruitment of cadres openly has also been denied by the government.
Point here is that, the report about NSCN-IM proposal for 3 state and land compensation from Assam or restoration of the nearly 5000 sq.miles may be termed as false by RN Ravi. But things stand logical and true. They cannot hide what is happening around.
The Nagaland based daily paper report about the version of NSCN-IM interlocutor VS Atem did not said that they will not put up anything during the talk. Moreover he was quoted as saying that there may be more points like 75 to 100 to be put up during the first round of talk after the August 3 pact.

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SF apprehends 2 UGs including KRA(U) President

Troops of Jwalamukhi Battalion of Senapati Brigade under Red Shield Division apprehended two active cadres in an operation carried out on October 18. A press statement of the PRO(Defence) Imphal, said that two KRA(U) cadres were apprehended from Pongmol village of Senapati district in the operation,. The individuals were identified as Lamkhapao Chongloi, age 31 years, s/o Hekai Chongloi and Thangkholun Chongloi, age 44 yrs, s/o Tongking Chongloi both resident of village Khenjang in Senapati District.  They were apprehended alongwith a 7.65 mm Pistol, four live ammunition of 7.65 mm and Rupees 2500/-.The PRO statement added that Lamkhapao Chongloi had confessed that he is the president of UG group of KRA(U) under KNO umbrella and has been involved in various nefarious activities of the group. The apprehendees were planning to abduct the staff of contractor responsible for the repair and maintenance of NH-2.  The insurgent were later handed over to Police for further investigation, the statement added.

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Protest staged; public meeting held at Lilong; urges action

Rampant activities of stealing and looting at Lilong area by miscreants of the area and security forces inaction against those culprits has upset the people of Lilong area particularly the Shopkeepers of Lilong Keithel in Thoubal district. A day after police arrested a person who had stolen around rupees 3.7 lakhs worth Mobile cell phone from a shop called ‘Lilong 3-D Mobile Center’ at Lilong Keithel on the adjoining night of Oct. 11 & 12 after tracking him from CCTV footage, the shopkeepers’ body of the area today staged a sit-in-protest by shutting down all shops and business establishment at the area. A public meeting was also convened in connection with the protest.
According to report, the ‘3-D Mobile Center’ located at Lilong Keithel, owned by one Md Sabir (25 years), son of Abdul Halim of Kiyamgei Muslim Mamang Leikai was looted by miscreants on the adjoining night of October 11 and October 12. According to CCTV footage installed in the shop, the looting was done exactly at 2.38 am of October 12 and the miscreant was identified as Md. Sarib Khan (21 years), son of Noorjaman of Lilong Haoreibi Awang Leikai. He was later arrested by Lilong police however no action is being initiated against the culprit except keeping him under custody, said a shopkeeper. The public meeting held today urges the government authority to retrieve all the stolen cell phone and the cash of rupees 5000 to the owner of the shop besides awarding the culprit with appropriate punishment.
The meeting also appealed all the local residence of Lilong area to work together for stopping all kind of stealing activities in the area as most of the vehicle theft related cases were reported to have been committed by youths from Lilong area.

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UNESCO Club Manipur to be officially inaugurated at Imphal

UNESCO Club Manipur will be officially inaugurated on October 24 here in Imphal. Speaking to the media person Director of UNESCO Club Manipur, Kangujam Kanarjit said that the inauguration function will be held at Imphal hotel while the office will be located at Global Youth House at Porompat.
The inaugural function will be attended by the present president of confederation of UNESCO clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI) Dhirendra Bhatnagar.
He further added that UNESCO Club Manipur is founded on October 18, 2015, under the confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India CUCAI that was founded during a convention of UNESCO Clubs and associations in India held at USO HOUSE, New Delhi. He further said that the aim of UNESCO Club Manipur is to popularize the aims and objectives of the UNESCO and to promote its programmes and activities amongst the masses in manipur.
Karnajit said that the UNESCO Club Manipur will help to represent India in the world federation of UNESCP Clubs, Centre and Associations (WFUCA), Asian pacific federation of UNESCO clubs and association (AFUCA), and other international regional platform.

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Ambassadors and High Commission from South East Asia to take part in Sangai Festival

15 Ambassadors and High Commission from South East Asia have been invited for this year’s Manipur Sangai Festival which is slated to begin from 21 November, 2015.
Speaking at the press conference held at the Old Secretariat Hall, Babupara, O Nabakishore, Chief Secretary, Manipur said that the State Government have sent invitation to 15 Ambassadors and High Commission from South East Asia including the Ambassadors from our neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
Embassy of Japan has shown keen interest to be a part of the Manipur Sangai Festival.
O Nabakishore also said that this time there will be 2 flights of Golden Myanmar, of around 80 passenger seats capacity, from the starting of Sangai Festival which is from 21 November.
There will also be up and down flight from Mandalay to Imphal and Imphal to Mandalay on 22 November and the management of this flight is taken by KB Enterprises.
KB Enterprises has earned the support from Manipur Government for their hard work to reach at this stage where they are right now, he added.
As a new edition to the festival, the management are giving main emphasis only to the ethnic product namely handloom and handicraft, bamboo products, etc of Manipur. There will be cultural event at the Hapta ground apart from the event shown at the BOAT. Traditions and cultures of different tribes of Manipur, huts, foods, etc will also be shown during the festival.
Thailand, showing their keen interest has sought for 25 stalls and 5 stalls from Myanmar.
For the people looking for stalls for the Sangai Festival, an Online Registration service has been provided where they can apply for stalls.
Asian Theater Artists and some International Theater Artists including Theater Artists of Manipur will be seen performing, he added.
O Nabakishore further said that like every year, Sangai Festival will kick off from 21 November to 30 November. The preparation and maintenance of roads has already begun. Completion of Sanjenthong Bridge is almost finished and will try to open to the public even if it has to be during the Sangai Festival, he added.
The State Government of Manipur are expecting the Sangai Festival a grand success and sought for support from the public, he added.

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Woman died after consuming poison

A newly married woman reportedly died after consuming poison at Sabungkhok Maning Leikai under Lamlai Police station yesterday evening.
The deceased woman has been identified as Moirangthem Ningol Chanam ongbi Robiya(21) wife of Ch. James(22) of Sabungkhok Maning Leikai. Locals said the spouse married only some four months ago. The woman reportedly consumed poison after heated quarrel with her husband on October 17. She was found unconscious on the evening of the next day by her maternal family members. Later, she was evacuated to PHC Yairipok and then to JNIMS and again to Raj Medicity and SHRI where she succumbed . Doctor declared her brought dead.
They further added when the women was death, none of the family member were present so the death body was brought to parental house at around 6:30. At round 10 pm mob of the local demolish the house of the husband later police control the mob and police keep the death body to JNIMS morgue for post-mortem. 

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Client accuses lawyer of taking fees without filing case

One Thokchom ongbi Bina of Heirok Thokchom Leikai part 2 has alleged an advocate to have taken a sum Rs 49 thousand from her by promising justice for her land case. She said the said money was taken from her in the last 10 month. However when she inspected to the court the advocate did not even file the case.

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