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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 10 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Opposing development

Two incidents, as stark in their contrasts as can be, happened in two different states in the last couple of days which revalidate the truth that a government can either be as decisive as can be desired or as lethargic as can be imagined. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister ofDelhi, considered by many to be a maverick politician, sacked a minister from his government immediately when allegations of wrongdoing and corruption backed by recorded evidence emerged. An enquiry into the allegations has also been ordered, and if the past is any indication, he is expected to pursue the matter to its rightful conclusion. This is what is expected of a decisive government, and what also needs to be done. Closer home, allegations of corruptions and misappropriations regarding various projects of irrigation sector in the state have cropped up, with the state unit of BJP taking a decision to hand over the investigation into the matter to the CBI. Furthermore, Ram Madhav, National Secretary and In-Charge, North East for the BJP accused the Ibobi-led Congress government in the state of not cooperating with various development programs and schemes in Manipur being initiated by the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the centre. Corruption, nepotism and favoritism have been an undeniable truth in our society as is elsewhere, and no effort or method to eradicate the practice seemed to be having much success as of now. Although undesirable, the lure of personal benefits and profits by those in power and influence is understandable. What is inexplicable is the reluctance of the government to implement development measures meant to uplift the living experience of the public. While those in power and governance might be sheltered to a certain extent from the negative impacts which the public are experiencing on a daily basis, they certainly stand to gain more from any progress the state might make, and yet they continue to dither on various matters, treating the mandate of the public as their birth right. Of the meagre feeble attempts being made to display some semblance of development activities, the priorities are evidently misplaced. Corruption is a scourge which, even though seemingly difficult to remedy, is possible to eradicate. But to achieve it, the society needs a leader who can stand up to established traditions, concepts and defy conventions. We need an individual who can shun material pleasures and inspire others to be altruistic. But above all, we need someone with the conviction to carry out his or her sworn duty without consideration of the consequences, one who has the temerity to declare right from wrong and the enthusiasm to fight for the people- a decisive, upright and prolific human in short. But going by the general perception, the obvious question that is on everyone’s mind is: will such a person ever appear on the political horizon of Manipur?

PM Modi likely to attend Manipur Sangai festival

Prime Minister Narendra Modis is likely to visit the state on November 24 to attend the Manipur Sangai festival which is scheduled to begin from November 21, sources said. During his visit, the Prime Minister is expected to inaugurate the Indoor hall and 100 bedded girls hostel for girl player at SAI which are under hectic construction inside the Sports Authority of India SAI complex Takyel.
The Indoor hall inside SAI complex is being constructed to meet the international standard. It would be the third time of Modi’s visit in the state if he attends the upcoming Manipur Sangai festival slated from November 21 this year.

He visited the state last year and attended the Manipur Sangai festival, a tourism festival of Manipur organized by the Manipur Government. During an election rally regarding MP election held in 2013, Narendra Modi visited the state.

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High Court verdicts for cancellation of 1675 primary teachers is the responsibility of the state govt. - DESAM

Students’ body Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) today blamed the state government for the High Court order for cancellation of the 1675 Primary Teachers in the state education department.
President of the student body Moirangthem Angamba, while speaking to media persons at its head office at Keishampat junction said that those teachers were recruited by an expert committee of the state government amidst hue and cry on alleged irregularities from various sections of the society.
On September 12, 2006 state government notified an advertisement for recruitment of 1423 primary teacher, 203 Hindi primary teacher and 49 Hindi graduate teachers. The written test for recruitment was held on December 6, 2006. And the result was declared on September 2007. The viva voce for the selected candidates was held on December 2009. And the appointment letter was handed over to the successful candidate on December 2011.  
Moirangthem Angamba further said that after series of complaints were received by the state government from sections of the society regarding the irregularities on the recruitment process the state government had formed an expert committee headed by the chief secretary. He said the matter was discussed in dept by the government authority and a review committee headed by the Director of Education (S) finally gave approval for allotment of appointment of letter. Angamba said that among the selected primary teachers, 326 OBC candidates were selected which was not mentioned in the government notification for recruitment of the teacher. Even after knowing that something wrong had happened to the procedure for selection of the primary teacher, the state government appointed the teachers that they selected to their recruitment process.
Mentioned may be made that 9 candidates who had strongly stood against the wrong produre of the government and applied RTI seeking their answer notes. After getting information through RTI the nine candidates move the matter to Manipur High Court and finally the High Court verdict on October 6, 2015 directed the government for cancellation of the selected teachers. The selected teachers have been on pay roll for almost five years.
DESAM President Angamba said that the government even after knowing that there has been something wrong to the procedure for selection of the teachers gave them appointment letter. The government also knows that the selection might face problem after some days, he added.  On the other hand if the 1675 teachers were cancelled then the students of the state might suffer a lot due to lack of teachers.
Angamba further appealed the government to deliver justice to all the selected teachers and to those complaining the irregularities to the selection process. 

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Boy killed in accident

A 6 year old boy was killed in road accident at Senapati district head quarter near toll tax post this morning at around 7 am. The decease has been identified as Vaini Pao, son of Pabini of Puphathabam of Senapati. The boy was hit by a Marsel jeep bearing registration number NL03 1217 hit him while trying to cross the road near the toll tax post. The boy was immediately took to the district hospital Senapati but was declared brought dead by the hospital authority.

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SF rescues toppled Vehicle

The troops of Jwalamukhi battalion of Senapati Brigade under Red Shield Division successfully recovered a 10 Ton Tata, which toppled on NH- 2 and blocked the traffic on NH -2. The vehicle was transporting FCI goods and toppled after a freak accident along the route.A PRO (Defence) statement said that troops of the Battalion showing immense technical aptitude recovered the vehicle from NH -2  without  any damage to life or property . The initiative once again proved the motto of the Security Forces “Friends of Hill People”, the statement added.

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Swaach Bharat Mission at Thoubal

As a part of Swaach Bharat Mission (Urban),Thoubal Municipal Council organized a mass rally and Public Awareness Campaign under the theme “Cleanliness”, at Thoubal today. A large number of peoples took part in the rally which was flagged off by Y.Bijen Singh, Chairperson, Thoubal Municipal Council from TMC office, Thoubal Wangmataba to DC Office Gate, Thoubal.  Speaking to Media, Mainam Rajen Singh, Asst. Executive Officer, TMC said that this programme is set to provide Keep My Clean City and to provide sanitary latrine to each household. Cleanliness drive will be taken out to all the villages of TMC areas and will involve every individual for more effective result.
The peoples held play cards like ‘My City A Clean City’, ‘Green City A Clean City’, ‘We Need A Clean City’, ‘Keep My Clean City’ etc during the mass rally. The Rally was also attended by W.Prafullo Singh, Vice-Chairperson, TMC, and Ward Councillors of 18 Ward of Thoubal Municipal Council and Auto Association, Thoubal among others.

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Indo-China Joint Military Exercise Hand-In-Hand 2015

Imphal, Oct 10: The Indo-China Combined Military Training Exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2015 will be conducted from 12 to 23 October 2015 at Kunming Military Academy, Yunnan, China.
The exercise will bring together troops of an Infantry sub-unit and a formation headquarter of Indian Army and similar participation from the Chinese Army for the joint training. This will be the fifth exercise in the Hand-in-Hand series, which started in 2007. This exercise will strengthen and broaden interoperability & cooperation between both the Armies as well as complement a number of other exchanges between the two forces.  Over the years, the two countries have decided to progressively increase the scope and content of the combined training. The twelve day exercise will lay emphasis on joint handling of insurgency at sub-unit level and related issues, while the aspect of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief will be discussed at formation headquarters level. Commanders and Staff Officers of both sides will work in close coordination to receive and collate intelligence and to issue suitable operational orders to the combined field training components, who in turn will execute these orders on ground. The exercise curriculum has been planned progressively where the participants will initially be made to get familiar with each othersorganisational structure, weapons, equipment and tactical drills. Subsequently, under Joint Tactical Exercises Battle Drill of both the armies will be rehearsed.
 A Consolidation and Validation Exercise will be witnessed by senior officers and observers of both Armies at the end of the Joint Training, in which troops of both nations will carry out sub-unit level counter insurgency operation training.

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Modi’s auspicious Swaach Bharat Abhiyan is total flop show in Manipur

By : Tarangchhen Sapamcha
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s auspicious mission “Swaach Bharat Abhiyan” which was officially launched all over the country on October 2, last year is a total flop show here in the state of Manipur. The country witness Narendra Modi sweeping the garbage on public place when the auspicious to keep India clean was officially launched on the day at Rajghat in New Delhi. The mission was launched as a mark of respect and honour to the Father of the Nation –Mahatama Gandhi on his birth anniversary. People of the country observed the birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi as “Cleanliness Day”.
As observed across the nation, Manipur observed National Cleanliness Day on October 2 this year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi . The day was marked here in Imphal with government functionaries and several civil organization conducting social service like cleaning of drains, roads, plantation of trees and organizing awareness campaign for keeping the surrounding clean and tidy.
October 2 has gone, and it is 8 days since. Observing the National Cleanliness Day or Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s “Swaach Bharat Abhiyan” seem to have lost its significance here in the state of Manipur.  
Most of the programme conducted in connection with the Modis’ auspicious Swaach Bharat Mission or in commemoration to the birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi turn out to be another show off garner popularity. For sixty six years, the state joined the nation in observing Gandhi Jyenti and for one year the government follow the Modi’s auspicious Mission to keep the surrounding clean and tidy but there is no such place in Imphal which is clean and tidy. The Nambul River which runs in the heart of Imphal city is no less than a dumping place of garbage. The huge amount of money spend for constructing retaining wall at both side of the Nambul River from Samusang to Keishampat Birdge turns as waste as the effort do not help in keeping the River clean. The state now gears up for another Sangai Festival to attract the foreign and domestic tourist from across the globe and country. Much money has been spent to the beautification works of Kangla Moth. Now the government will spend another huge amount will be spend buying bloomed flowers to place on the road median. Yet, there seem no hopes to see the tourist crossing the Sanjenthong Bridge or clean rivers, forget about the filthy roads at Nagamapal and Khwairambandh Keithel area where the famous three Ima Keithel are located. 
Shopkeepers and vendor women at Khwairamband Keithel are often blamed for the mess in the heart of Imphal. But these shopkeepers and vendor women said they are left with no choice but to pile up the wastage on the roadside as Imphal Municipality Council authority had never render their duty properly.
“The workers of the IMC picks the garbage for name sake only, they never care to keep the place clean”, this was what has been told to anybody who talk about the dirt in the area.
Government authority too spent money on awareness or constructing some sort of infrastructure when called for but almost most of the works taken up do not sustain and happened as a gold mine for some few bureaucrats and politicians.
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s auspicious project Swaach Bharat Abhiyan is the talk of the country, the show here in Imphal is a total flop. May be because, Narendra Modi is BJP and our Chief Minister Okram Ibobi is Congress.

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