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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 01 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Floundering progress

With the perfunctory obeisance and practiced eloquence having dispensed with, it is now once again that time of the year for the state government when fervent efforts need to be invested to present a fleeting façade of the Imphal city-town to the rest of whoever is visiting the state for the much trumpeted ‘Sangai Festival’- the only extravaganza touted as the showpiece that represents and promotes the rich and diverse cultural and traditional treasures of the state. One surely cannot miss the spurt in construction and repairing activities being started in and around the main city areas. While such development activities are worth applauding and needs to be encouraged, one also cannot help but puzzle over the rationale behind the decision to concentrate such activities to a very limited area or for a very limited timeframe. The conditions of the roads, especially after the prolonged heavy deluge a few weeks back, have become worse, and one need only to travel just a kilometer in any direction from the main city point to validate the point. The city itself does not fare any better. Putrid stench and rancid stagnant waters welcome one and all, with no sign for things to change in the foreseeable future. The increasing height of the refuge bears testimony to the level of diligence of the concern department as also the strictness and efficacy of the state government in making its employees perform their assigned tasks. The Sangai Festival, no doubt, can be an event to promote the potentials of the state which, to put it bluntly, will only present another problem if the state government really and earnestly starts to explore, because of its enormity. But in order to do that successfully, there is the necessity for the state government to ensure that positive things and long term development projects have actually been initiated and are moving in the right path to progress irrespective of the rate or rapidity. Presenting a gleaming park or sparkling avenue does not constitute development, and it would be very unfortunate for those at the helm of affairs in the state to delude themselves otherwise. Be it tourism or industrialization, development demand funds and funds means investments, or more precisely investors.  If we are to tap the still unutilized potential for tourism, we need to put in place certain basic infrastructures for the tourists to use and enjoy. For the potential investors to have any interest in the state, there must be a proven system which is conducive to the growth of industrialization. Sadly, both these criteria are sorely lacking at present, with no scope of change in the immediate future. But most of all, a politically stable and socially accommodating atmosphere needs to be developed for all these things to materialize. There is no short cut to progress and a lot is required to lay the basic foundation. For now, all that we are experiencing is just a flash in the pan with no substance or synergy. As is often repeated, real development comes from the villages and far-flung areas of a state. Time to focus the energy and the reserves of the state to these hitherto neglected areas then.

CM blames frequent bandhs, blockades and widespread extortion for hindering development schemes

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh today blamed the frequent bandhs, blockade and the widespread extortion by militants as a hindrance to the government effort in taking up welfare and development schemes for the benefit of the people.
“We are plagued with the problem of militancy, underdevelopment and poverty. We do recognise that peace and progress and prosperity go together. We have taken up several welfare and development schemes for the benefit of our people. Unfortunately, frequent bandhs, blockades and widespread extortions have been hindrances to our endeavours”, said Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh while addressing the key note address to the inaugural session of the seminar on “An Emergent Manipur: The Way Ahead” at IGAR South Head Quarters, Maniptripukhri.
Expressing his concerns to the prevailing situation in the state, Ibobi said that relationships between various communities of the state have been vitiated by vested interested individuals in the recent pass to further their own agenda. He appealed the participants of the seminar to come up with some tangible suggestions for remedial action towards restoration of the traditional communal amity.
 “I would like to emphasise that in a democratic set-up, like ours, there is enough space for all of us to express our concerns and grievances,” Ibobi said and added that the burning down of Government properties as an expression of discontentment is an extremely wrong approach.
While calling call upon armed militant groups in the state to abjure violence and lay down their arms Ibobi said that no discourse on Manipur is complete without a discussion on the activities of the various militant groups active in the state. He said these militants extort money from almost all sections of our people at gunpoint.

He further said that his government is successful in the suspension of operation agreement with the kuki militants group besides bringing some valley base arm groups in joining the main stream.
“We are open to dialogue with all such groups to address their genuine and perceived grievances”, Ibobi added.
On the role of media, the chief minister appealed the journalists to play constructive role by highlighting issues that require immediate attention in the state of Manipur.
“Constructive criticism of the government is essential for the democratic system to be effective and responsive”, Ibobi added.
The Chief Minister further appealed the media to make public aware of the developmental works and welfare measures initiated by the government.

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Memorandum highlighting plight of valley people of Manipur submitted to President, PM.

We are the Change Manipur- a body of individuals formed to highlight and address the concerns being faced by the public in the state with members comprising of students, professionals, businessman, entrepreneurs, and eminent retired senior citizens submitted a memorandum to the President and Prime Minister of India on the decades long denial of settlement rights to the valley people, and disproportionate population distribution between hills and valley vis-à-vis the three bills passed in the Manipur Legislative Assembly dated August 31st, 2015. Addressing the present need for the approval and implementation of the ‘The Protection of Manipur People Bill 2015’, ‘The Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms (Seventh Amendment) Bill 2015’ and the ‘Manipur Shops and Establishments (Second Amendment) Bill 2015’, which were passed by Manipur Assembly on August 31, 2015. The purpose of the memorandum was to present a true picture of the misery and sufferings of the Meiteis/Meeteis and Meitei/Meetei Pangals (Muslims) consequent upon the recurring blockades of the national highways, discrimination in terms of land ownership rights of Meitei and Meitei Pangals in the hills, relentless false propaganda of discrimination, artificial ethnic, racial and cultural differences with Meiteis/Meeteis, for political motive to gain administrative secession from the Manipur State have threatened the age-old peaceful co-existence of all communities in Manipur. The prominent points highlighted in the memorandum were:- Sinister intent to exclude Meiteis/ Meeteis from living space in the hills; The Tribals’ claim of so called ethnic, social and cultural differences; Quota system for the Tribals; Control of the highways by the Tribals and consequent recurring blackmail of the national highways which are the lifeline of the valley people, and Progress confined to the valley areas.

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Sajiwa Central Jail- a model prison in the country

By: Wahengbam Rorrkychand & Reena Nongmaithem

With its extensive correctional measures to reform and rehabilitate the jail inmates, the Manipur Sajiwa Central Jail in Imphal East district is beginning to stand out as a typical model in the country.
The history of its correctional effort went back to 1990s when GS Pandher (IPS), was Inspector General of Manipur Police. He took various correctional and counseling measures to bring the inmates of jails into normal life. After a short hiatus, former Superintendent of Sajiwa Jail, IK Muivah, who is the DIG (Range I) at present, again took up from where his former senior officer, Pandher left off. In recognition of the effort, the coveted President’s Correctional Service Medal for Meritorious Service were awarded to 3 (three) jail personnel of Manipur Central Jail including Muivah on the occasion of 67th Independence Day, 2013 celebration.
The Sajiwa Central Jail holds the distinctin of being the first jail in the Northeast India to have meditation, sports and other co-curricular activities for the inmates.
During a visit to the Jail, Superintendent Wungkhai Phanitphang (MJS) told Imphal Times that a jail is the place for the confinement of people accused or convicted of a crime rather than a rehabilitation centre for the inmate. In order to bring the inmate into normal life, various correctional facilities are provided. As part of the undergoing reform measures, facilities like workshop and Industry for artisans, counseling sessions by experts, worshiping and free legal service/advice, IGNOU study centre, sports and other extra co-curriculum facilities are provided inside the jail.
With the support of jail staffs and philanthropist, a special section for handicraft and gym has been opened. Hundreds of inmates are visiting gym daily on shifts and the result is visible and remarkable, said the Jail SP.
Further, he also disclosed that a proposal has been made to State Home Department to provide some funds for the extensive reform measures that are being undertaken inside the four walls of the prison. However, the Jail authority received no funds so far.
Presently a total number of 623 male inmates including 42 convicts, 25 NSA detainee, 339 UTP (Non Ext), 166 (UTP Ext) and 51 UTP (ND & PS) Act are at the jail as of Wednesday (September 30, 2015), he said.

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Maoist bans Mega Marathon of BJP

The banned armed group, Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has banned the proposed Mega Marathon of BJP scheduled to be carry out on October 4.
Stating that as part of its Hindutva ideology the BJP is trying the disintegrate the state in communal line, the outfit warned in a release that all the civil society organizations and Hindu frontal groups not to take part in the banned marathon. BJP should be responsible for any untoward incidents. It also informed that the proposed general strike in protest against the marathon has been lifted.

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Needs of counseling to curve domestic issues among in-laws highlighted

“Manipur State Legal Services Authority is all set to introduce family counseling among newly married couple and in-laws in the state to curve the domestic issues and problems generated mainly between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws.”
The above statement was made by, A. Noutuneshwari, Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Cum Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, I/E  today morning while interacting with media persons on the sideline of an observance function of “Senior Citizen’s Day” which was held at All Manipur Women’s Association Complex, here at Purana Rajbari, Nongmeibung. She stressed the importance of counseling as to fill the understanding gap between newly home coming member and elderly in a family.  
 Regarding the legal protection aids to senior citizens, CJM said, the legal service authority is giving effort, the senior citizens to make aware of the schemes under Social Welfare Department and family maintenance facilities under CRPC 125. She said, the authority is always in firm stand to give legal protection free of cost to senior citizens.
Meanwhile, president of All Manipur Women’s Association, K. Binodini said like Manipur State Legal Services Authority mark the day as a special one, she urged through media that, children in every home to understand their parents and to give love with care and attention. It may be mentioned that, the Legal Services Authority observed the day in joining the International Senior Citizen’s Day today.
In connection to the program, the Service Authority presented woolen shawls to elderly women gathered.
Advocates Chakpram Bimolchandra, Salam Devananda, Thiyam Rajkeshor, who also graced in the program as presidium members spoke in relation to the observance of the day.

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Newly formed committee to observe Puya Mei Thaba for one month

Apokpa Marup, Manipur Pandit Loisang, Kangla Mei, KIL, Acoam Lup, Panthoibi Sindam Sanglen (Wahengkhuman) and CLK jointly formed a new commemoration committee known as Puya Mei Thakhibagi Apunba Ningsing Lup in a meeting held at Naoremthong Laishram leirak community hall today.
The meeting elected Laningba Mangi as Chairman, Lai Loken, Ima Lairik and Ima Shanahanbi as vice chairman, Chandramani khuman as convener, Leimapokpam Mani Mangang, khuraijam Dhara, Chingakham Ngocha and Chingubam Pakpi as co-convener. Speaking to the media person Convener of the Puya Thakhibagi Apunba Ningsing Lup, Chandramani khuman said that the public seminar in October 9 of 1998, held at Kangla Hall decided to observe Puya meithaba on 17 of mera. Acoam lup observed every year since 1998 to 2014. But as agreed by the committee the Puya Mei Thaba will be observed for a month from 29 October, 2015 within and outside the state of Manipur.
He further said that conflict between hill and valley and unrest situation to people are due to the burning of Puya in the October 5 of 1732, during the reign of king Pamheiba at the front of Kangla Utra Sanglen. He further appealed to the masses to support the observance.

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JNIMS Auditorium Inaugurated

Chief Minister of Manipur, Okram Ibobi Singh has appealed the medical fraternity of the state to create Manipur a favourable destination for medical tourists in the northeastern region. Addressing the gathering at the inaugural ceremony of JNIMS auditorium hall, Porompat here today, the CM said that if the state is facing various economic problems due to limited resources, we need to focus on health sector as a top priority.
The dream of the people of Manipur is to have a premier medical institute to cater the patients from inside and outside the state, said Ibobi while appealing the doctors to dedicate in their service.
The Chief Minister further added that the condition of the casualty department of Ukhrul district was restructured immediately after seeing that the condition. He had advice the concern department to develop the casualty. He also assured to construct quarters for doctors of the state-run hospital at its Porompat campus in order to render their service without any disturbance during emergencies. Another concern for the state is power, said the CM, while adding that without power it would be impossible to successfully run the hospital activities.
Chief Secretary of Manipur, O Nabakishore Singh while speaking on the occasion said that the construction work of the 16.07 Crore auditorium has been completed way ahead of the schedule time of completion.

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KCP Poirei warns Shagolmang PHC MO

The banned armed group, Kangleipak Communist Party- Poirei Meitei Lup has alleged the Medical Officer (M.O) of P.H.C., Shagolmang under Imphal East for converting the health centre as a place for practicing immoral activities. In a release, the outfit said that despite of repeated warnings the MO is dithered to his immoral activities. The party has decided to award strict penalty to the MO.

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