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Insurgency movement in Manipur would be different had the then Union Government listened to one good IPS officer

IT News
Imphal, Nov 8: The fate of present day Manipur would have been different had the then Union government of late 1960s took necessary action on the report of one good Intelligence Bureau officer. According to a finding by the Imphal Times from the real life account of Maloy Krishna Dhar, who had been deputed in Manipur during 1968 in charge of the Intelligence Bureau office in Imphal, it is being learnt that the Intelligence bureau of that time had enough information about the potential growth of insurgency in the state.
According to the write up of the former Intelligent Officer, it has been revealed that they had deployed paid intelligence agents amongst the top functionaries of the RGM and the UNLF to collect information about the strategy and movement of the two underground groups which was on the rise.
It was mentioned in his book that the IB that time had enough information about the Pakistani based Intelligent Agency ISI extending all possible assistance to any rebel group of the region. He wrote that he had concrete evidence of ISI setting up camps for Meitei rebel groups somewhere in Sylhet in present Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan.
“The deal between the Meiteis and the Pakistani intelligence agencies was cemented by Z. Ramyo, a Tangkhul Naga rebel leader, and Thinousille Angami, a self styled Brigadier of the outlawed Naga army.

“Oinam Sudhir, Arambam Somorendra and N Bisheshwar were in contact with the Pakistani operators and over 150 youths had left for East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) for undergoing training”, reports Mr. Dhar.
Having understood the potential of the unwanted consequences, the intelligence officer did report the matter as according to his personal account.
“My reports to Delhi were treated as over reaction of a greenhorn. They, as well as the Chief Commissioner and his entourage were not ready to accept my views on the formation of the revolutionary Government of Manipur and its cadres being trained at East Pakistan (Bangladesh)”.
The IB officer disappointingly  narrated that the then IGP Madan Gopal Singh treated the report as a joke. None of the Government machinery accepted the report.
It is well understood that at that time Manipur was a Union territory and the center is directly handling the administrative affairs. Had the report been treated and acted immediately the present day Manipur Would have been a different story.

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