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Sharmila dissatisfied with the people; says she is confuse on whether her movement is right or wrong

Irom Chanu Sharmila who has been undergoing fast –unto death protest for the last 14 years today expressed dissatisfaction towards the attitude of the people of the state towards her movement. The lady who has been demanding for repealed of the draconian act AFSPA, today said that she is now confused on whether her movement is right or wrong as people of the state no more showed support to her in any form.
Speaking to media persons at CJM Imphal West court complex today afternoon, Sharmila said that people seems to have no desires for repealed of the act who have provided license to kill anybody on mere suspicion by security force.

On the other hand Sharmila said that this so called democratic country have no respect for common people. She said that while she was produced to Patiala House Court recently the Judge of the court do not want to hear her real voice, instead the justice prefer to listen to her defense lawyer only. She said her voice is not respected by the court in this democratic country.
Irom Chanu Sharmila was produce at CJM Imphal west today at 11 am as usual.


  • Desmond Coutinho
    Desmond Coutinho Tuesday, 13 October 2015 18:32 Comment Link

    Oh and the reason you haven't heard anything about the last phase of lobbying I did for Sharmila is because you don't have a free press but I guess you knew that officer

  • Desmond Coutinho
    Desmond Coutinho Tuesday, 13 October 2015 18:29 Comment Link

    I can't remember if the Imphal Times allows me to comment but @Officer Thingkon Moirangcha. Irom Sharmila has been campaigning for the removal of the AFSPA from Manipur since 2000. In 2004 Mr Babloo Loitongbam removed the AFSPA from Imphal East and Imphal West using Sharmila's protest. His famliy then took over command of the infamous Imphal Police Commandoes. Nothing much happened since then. I got to hear of Sharmila in 2009. Initially I brought in European Union MEPs led by Sir Graham Watson. I lobbied with many foreign celebrities Sharmila has letters from the offices of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the President of Ireland, Tony Blair, First Minister of Scotland from that initial period. Obviously I have been able to provide her with books and using the legal system to provide her with a computer (allowed by HH Mr Justice Roland Keishing in 2011). But I doubt I am a big factor or the biggest. The AFSPA was removed by the State Legislative Assembly merely by denotifying disturbed area status in 2004 from Imphal East and West. No farther action was ever taken. Recently the MLAs voted in the 3 new bills after a very quick protest led by school children resulting in one death by tear gas countless strippings and hair pulling of young girls and beatings administered to young boys. The AFSPA does not apply in Imphal so they could not shoot to kill with impunity. Some officers who fired tear gas cannisters were suspended. In the Hill Tribal areas the AFSPA does still apply hence the meme live ammo in the Hills and tear gas in the valley. The biggest factor in Manipur for change lies with the people who are largely apathetic in the Valley or distrustful of Sharmila in the Hill Tribal areas. Clearly if I could be of any benefit in reassuring the mainly Xtian Hill Tribals of Sharmila's sincerity so that at least they met with her for talks I would offer to assist. But unfortunately local goondas have once again placed Sharmila in isolation. I doubt Mr Thingkon's friends would have her killed now. The Centre have threatened Direct Presidential Rule if Manipur keeps having riots with indiscriminate killing of civilians. Very few read. Those who think in Manipur keep their thoughts to themselves. Nobody believes the propaganda of the goondas who run the State of Manipur. So far the people are held back from rallying around Sharmila out of fear. Those in the valley feel they have nothing to gain from the removal of the Black Law because it's already gone from Imphal and they aren't allowed to buy land in the hill areas. And those in the Hill Areas don't trust the Manipur Police who are the running dogs of the GoM. They would prefer the Army covered by absolute impunity from prosecution than the drug taking sadists who alone can afford the bribe to pay to join the police force. You might allow the comment but once these goondas see it you will have to take it down. No matter Mr Thingkon posted an ignorant comment and he obviously isn't interested in the repeal of the AFSPA from Manipur. And given he is representative of the people that's remains the biggest obstacle to change.

  • Thingkon Moirangcha
    Thingkon Moirangcha Tuesday, 13 October 2015 06:02 Comment Link

    We have not heard anything about Desmond Coutinho and relationship with Sharmila. Desmond is the biggest factor.

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