No Laws or Act passed by center or state can shattered the land rights of Zeliangrong – ZUF

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Imphal, June 23:

Armed group, the Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) no act or law passed by the nation or state can shattered the rights of the Zeliangrong community over the ownership of land in the Zeliangrong inhabited areas. The statement was given in connection with the declaration of “Tairengpokpi -Tamenglong Protected Forest”, that was published in Manipur Gazette, Extraordinary, in 1966.
“The said notification has directly ignored the rights of the traditional forest dwellers whose ancestry has endowed upon the generations. Furthermore, the land of Zeliangrong since time immemorial have been preserved and owned by the community having their sovereign customary power and rights long before the creation of Manipur state. There has been no Act or law passed by the state or the nation to nullify or supersede the Customary rights of the tribal community. Our history of Struggle against foreign occupation and that of colonial power were never for or in defence of Manipur state. It is solely the instinct of natural rights of the community to defend and protect their land that HaipouJadonang and his contemporary and Rani Gaidinliu fought for and not otherwise for Manipur. Our struggle continues post India Independent up to this day with the age-old traditional rights to self-determination over our land and its resources. Therefore, any attempt from any quarter to claim possession of our land and forest will be resisted and fought for”, a statement b by John Pame, Secretary, Information & Publicity, ZUF said.
The statement said that the Government of Manipur should reconsider the claim notification order or any other Act or law passed by the state in matter of the land of Zeliangrong so as communal harmony and mutual respect and recognition of each other rights prevail.
The “Tairengpokpi -Tamenglong Protected Forest” Manipur Gazette, Extraordinary, published by authority on Sept. 21.1966 and Govt of Manipur Secretariat, Forest Branch Notification, Imphal, the 10th January 1966" said, “Whereas the forest land (excepting bonafide village patta lands) described in the schedule given below is not included in a reserved Forest but is the property of the government over which the Government has proprietary rights to the whole of the forest produce.
And whereas the Chief Commissioner is of the opinion that an enquiry into and record of the nature and extend of the rights of the Government and of private persons in or over the said forest land is necessary but that they will occupy such length of time as in the meantime to endanger the rights of the Government; Now therefore, in exercise of the power conferred on him by section 29 of the Indian Forest Act ( Act XVI of 1927) read with the Government of India, Ministry of states Notification No. 104 -J dated the 24th August 1950, the Chief Commissioner, Manipur hereby declares it as Protected Forest and that provision of Chapter IV of the said act shall be applicable to the land mentioned in the schedule below subject to the condition that this declaration shall not abridge or affect any existing rights of the individual or communities in the said land”.

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