Alert about probable drone attack during ensuing Republic Day in Maharashtra

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Mumbai, Jan 13:

The Maharashtra police have issued an alert about a probable terrorist attack using the Dark Net strikes which can be aimed from a distance of 20 km to 30 km, during ensuing Republic Day.
The Maharashtra Cyber department has reported that individuals with terrorist tendencies were discussing drone attacks, chemical attacks and cyber attacks on the Dark Net. Dark Net is 99 percent compared to surface internet. Tor Browser is used in the Dark Net which is not easily traced, because it uses a lot of proxy bouncing. Alerts have been issued for drone strikes on Mumbai and other important cities.
Special Inspector General of Police (State-Cyber) Yashasvi Yadav, confirmed that the suspicious communication is being monitored and Mumbai and other major cities in Maharashtra are on alert. Citizens have also been instructed to be vigilant through investigative mechanisms.
Terrorist Conversations from the Dark Net
The drones are dangerous. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has already been on high alert for possible drone strikes in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. “Suspected drone spotting reported by villagers in Sandhawan of Kanachak area near International Border in Jammu: A search is going on”, J&K Police said in a tweet.
Drone strikes can be aimed from a distance of 20 km to 30 km. Payloads can be mounted on drones. Besides, backtracking them is not easy. If the criminal uses a mobile phone, his IMEI number can be traced, but the culprit cannot be traced back to the drone. That is why it is demanded that anti-drone system should be installed in Maharashtra as soon as possible.
In the meanwhile a proposal to set up the cyber security project at a cost of Rs 900 crore at Mahape in Navi Mumbai is still pending.

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