ZB urges state govt. to take Hit and run cases as top priority

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Imphal, April 06:

Zeliangrong CSOs has urged the state government to serious on cases of hit and run on top priority basis considering the sentiment of the people who are living on the stretch of the National Highways and who have been suffering from the past incidents so as to avert further occurrence of hit and run case in the near future.

The Zeliangrong Civil Organizations (i.e. Zeliangrong Baudi, ZeliangrongYouth Front and Zeliangrong Students’ Union) Govt. also urged the Manipur State Govt. to immediately install Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) cameras in all the important road junctions of village and townson the stretch of the National Highways so as to easily identify the vehicles involves in the hit and run case and to make the drivers more alert and cautious while on the wheels.

 A statement by the Media and Publicity cell of Zeliangrong Baudi said that hit and run case on the National Highways is very frequent and the vehicles involved in the hit and run case in most of the incidents fled away andvanished without tracing. There are very few cases where vehicle owners and the suffered or aggrieved partiessometimes come to certain term of understanding and condition only when the vehicles involved in the incidents are caught red handed. But the rest ofthe vehicles which are not caught,fled away or unnoticedby the people in the incidents vanished and untraceable without considering the suffering of the injured persons or felt the sentiment of the deceased family members in case the person is found dead.

The reckless and also driving vehicles under the influenced of intoxicants are the main caused of hit and run cases. Insincerity and wild nature of the drivers on the wheels by not respecting the value of lives and felt the sentiment ofthe people particularly living on the stretch of the National Highways have inflicted enough and immense suffering without notice for the last many years. There were many persons who had lost their lives and many persons suffered with irreparable grievous injuries by the hit and run cases wherein some persons remains physically crippled for lifetime even though the vehicles involves in the case cannot be traced out. There is possibility in rising of frequent hit and run cases since the trucks and vehicles are now given free and safe passage on the National Highways without stoppage for registering in the police outpost or station with the implementation of new policies by the coming of the Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) led Govt. in the State.

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