International Human Rights Association Condemns hospital denial to provide treatment to pregnant mother ; demands resignation of Health Minister

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Imphal, Aug 8:

The news of a pregnant woman who was denied admission by various Hospital authorities which subsequently led to the death of the pregnant mother and her child came as an utter shock to many.  In fact, such inhumane act of apathy is indescribable but despairing and mournful to the core.
A statement by the International Human Rights Association, Manipur said that the rights body is extremely perturbed by how and why such acts of insensibility and irresponsibility still have places in our society. This extremely unfortunate incident shows a grave violation of Human Rights, and of the fundamental right to life.
“We strongly condemn any organisation or individual involved in the denial of admission or denial to initiate treatment leading to the death of the woman and her child. Such act of indifference can only bring adversities to the society in general and to the state in particular”, the Rights body said.
The International Human Rights Association demanded the government to take stringent actions against the perpetrators. In addition, the rights body also demanded immediate resignation of the Health Minister on humanitarian grounds since the deplorable incident is a clear portrayal of incompetence and the lack of dedication towards serving people in the true sense of service.
Nonetheless, we acknowledge and appreciate the concern and timely intervention of the general public, the leaders and positions alike to fight against a crime that is no less a cold-blood murder. 
It is an appeal therefore, to the concerned authorities and individuals to therefore put into action the requisite mechanisms that are important to bring Justice to the deceased mother and child while also assuring that such unfortunate incidents will no more have a place in our society.

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