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‘Tenant farmers face the worst in draught’

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Imphal, June 3:

Tenant farmers are facing the worst situation during draught situation here in the state of Manipur as the state government policy fails to mention on whom to be compensated by the relief sanctioned by the center. Besides, the amount sanctioned for the year 2019 as relief for draught will be able to distribute an amount of Rs. 2,675/- per hectors even as amount spent for cultivation of an hector is around Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 20,000/-, said a statement by Irabot Foundation Manipur.

The statement added that farmers in the state faced extreme hardship during Kharif Crop season due to scarcity of rainfall in 2019. The year saw scarcity of over 60% of water in natural water reservoir due to lack of proper rainfall, however, each farmers tried to cultivate their land spending around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000/- per hectors to yield the product. As most of the cultivable land dried, government of Manipur declared the state ‘draught’ on August 31 of 2019. After a team from the center has inspected, a sum of Rs. 26.53 crore was sanctioned as relief for the draught hit state.

The Irabot Foundation Manipur questioned on how to distribute the compensation as many farmers are yet to get the relief compensation for the year 2017, notwithstanding that the sanctioned amount (Rs 26.53 Crores) will be able to distribute only Rs. 2,675/- per hector, as the total devastated cultivation land due to the draught in the state of Manipur is 95,153 hectors as reported by the department of Agriculture .

The government have not properly mentioned on how the tenant farmers will be able to get the compensation. The Irabot Foundation Manipur urged the government distribute the compensation on time without favouritism or nepotism.

Huirem Naresh

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