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AMSU condemn granting of bail to drug lord; Question the sincerity of the Govt. and Judiciary

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Imphal, May 26:

The All Manipur Students’ Union has vehemently condemned the release of drug lord Lhukhosei Zou on interim bail on May 20 and simultaneous transfer of NAB’s Additional SP Thounaojam Brinda who is in charge of the case.
A press statement sign by Lhunpao Lupheng, Publicity Secretary of the AMSU said that the release of the drug lord seems to be rather a preplan by taking advantage when the CSOs, students’ bodies, and Meira paibi along with the people of the state are busy fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The students’ body said that the release of the drug lord smell red as the bail hearing was conducted three times during this month when the lockdown to contain the COVID-19 is enforced and released him on bail on medical ground. It said that Lhukhosei Zou had been released on bail earlier and as he failed to appear at the court he had been announced, absconder. At such circumstances the AMSU said that they are not sure whether the court will continue the trial with sincerity.
On the other hand, Manipur Judicial Association had filed a complaint to the Cyber Crime Police in connection with a Facebook post which the Additional SP of NAB, Th. Brinda Devi uploaded, terming it as derogatory. When the case is yet to complete the government to transfer her. This should not be done, the students’ body observe.
The student’s body further said that the granting of bail to drug lord Lhukhosei Zou and transfer of Additional SP Brinda smells not only corrupt practice by the judge by also indicated government’s hand for the release of the drug lord. The AMSU also question of the judiciary can be played by the government at their will.     

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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  • Konjengbam Kameshore
    Konjengbam Kameshore Tuesday, 26 May 2020 20:48 Comment Link

    Shakespeare once wrote "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances ..." In a Tamil film, Sattam Oru Iruttarai, made in 1981 by director S.A. Chandrasekhar, the fight for justice was the thematic content of the social drama. Remake of it in Telugu and Kannada by the same director as Chattaniki Kallu Levu and Nyaya Ellide respectively was very popular. Not to lag behind, Mattuvin Chattangale directed a Malayalam remake of the film. In 1983 T. Rama Rao remake the film as Andhaa Kanoon in Hindi to depict the sufferings of an honest forest officer when he tries to confront the timber and drug mafia. The protagonist chasing the villain with a sword in hand in broad daylight has an element of poetic justice. The news story in Imphal Times is interesting to read.

  • Pupu Zou
    Pupu Zou Tuesday, 26 May 2020 17:24 Comment Link

    An Open Letter to Mrs Th Brinda Devi, MPS

    Respected Madam,

    I have been a great admirer and always respect the work , honesty and dedication you have for the service and many young people in Manipur have looked up to you as an inspiration and role model .

    The present issue came to my knowledge after coming across media reports of All Manipur Judicial Officers' Association complaint against you in relation to your post in social media . At first I was perturb how could an association such as Judicial Officers who should be the arbiter of issues be the complainant themselves againts a police officer . Something that is unprecedented and unheard atleast in recent past . Then I started to do my own little research in relation to your post and also the reaction from the Association and members of the Bar and also your well wishers who have like always stood by you no matter what the circumstances may be . Here are few points I wish to express
    1. To the best of my understanding and knowledge , an interim bail for 3 weeks comes with an expiration date and beyond any stretch of imagination It cannot be termed or equated with acquittal .
    2. Your post have misled to people thinking the accused druglord has been acquitted which incited the public whose knowledge of law and procedure is lacking and therefore invited unsolicited comment againts the institution such as judiciary .
    3. Granting of bail or not is the discretion of the court and should any party be aggrieved there are forums like higher court to appeal againts the order rather than resorting social media more so from a responsible police officer like yourself . I was astonished .
    4. Fair criticism is one thing however passing a sweeping comment on an institution is quiet the other . The content of your post has travelled beyond fair criticism but maligning the name of the judge and making a sweeping comments againts an institution is uncalled for and unexpected moreso from educated and responsible police officer like yourself .
    5. Even assuming for a moment you have criticised on merit , have you ever wondered or even thought the language you used is unparliamentary , objectionable and offensive . This is not how a responsible public servant behave in public moreso being from uniform whose disciplined have stood the test of time.
    6. Lastly , respected madam , in your post you offered to teach the learned Judge about law for free of cost . Before that I also wish to give you a free legal advice . There is a word called Sub Judice which of all the people you should be knowing better . So when a matter is sub Judice we do not talk about it in public period .

    I wish to conclude by saying no system is perfect . The system are run by some individual and because we have grieviances againts an individual one cannot blame the entire system .
    There are high ranking police officer who are in custody because of drug issue , by your standard should all the police be condemned and painted with the same brush as you just did for the judiciary. I hold no brief for the judiciary either but I have seen many landmark judgement passed not only by the Hon’ble SC but even the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur which has changed the course of history of this country and state . You must be knowing better than me .

    We are all educated adults and we live in a civil society where not only our freedom is important but the restriction as well . I wish you would have thought twice before choosing the words you choose . Let alone adults even as a child we were brought up and taught not to use such language . At the same time I do understand the anger and frustration but it’s a test we all have to raise above by not loosing our self respect .
    I understand we live in a free world but what if everyone say whatever they want to say without thinking of consequences . To those who call entire judiciary corrupt , has anyone even thought that there are honest judges in this state who are working day and night despite the challenges for the public good . It’s easy to point a finger to someone and it hurts when the other points at u ... it’s time for you to introspect so as everyone else .

    Btw I don’t understand how the accused going on an interim bail spoils the future generation of manipur and that judiciary is useless and corrupt are proves his innocence . The trial is still ongoing and judgement has not been given yet . Let’s not jump our guns in haste and conclude things . Allegations are easy to throw , only difference is when you are on the other side , the story changes

    All I am saying is Let us all be able to express our point of view but with civility and in dignified manner ... no one is
    “Holier than Thou “

    PS : I am not in anyway condoning any accused . Who ever has committed a crime be it any offence under IPC or any other law , let the law take its own course be it the present the past of the future cases . I am only questioning the nature of the language , the sweeping comment againts an institution with impugnity and the conduct of a public officer in public domain


    Thangminlen Singsit

    (Copy paste from the writer's Facebook timeline)

  • Pupu Zou
    Pupu Zou Tuesday, 26 May 2020 17:18 Comment Link

    (One interesting comment on Madam Brinda's fb post and others)

    #The_Third_Eye_View: Beyond_Ordinary_Perception

    - Lincoln Zou

    With reference to the numerous posts, allegations and dehumanizing comments made in social media regarding the bail order of Mr. Lhukhosei Zou, I, as a well wisher of your achievements, would like to state the following points for your kind retrospection or introspection.

    Ma’am Brinda, you have been successful in apprehending drugs worth hundreds of crores, have raided and destroyed brown sugar factories as an ASP of NAB. Your dedication, commitment and integrity as a Police Officer were doubted by none at that time. But your posts and statements in social media platforms, the premature allegations and that many accused drug lords who were not charge sheeted by NAB brings doubts to the mind of the people about the your integrity and intent (in this case).

    Your choice of words (in social media) reflected your ego, your attitude to victimize the dutiful doctor in the court and giving her psychological trauma by threatening her inside the court and that making her cry, is uncalled for. You victimized her for performing her duty as a medical officer. Is the doctor humiliated for being ‘Chingmi’?

    You proclaimed your respect for the court but disrespected the sanctity of the court by looking down upon its judgement. You asked people to uphold the inviolability of the institute but you acted otherwise while you were in the court itself. It behaved as if you were the Investigating Officer, the witness, the public prosecutor and even as the Ld. Judge. Are you creating a KANGAROO COURT in our Manipur ?

    Remember that there are forums for appeal for an aggrieved person which you know very well. If I am not mistaken, you are the first officer in the history of Manipur who challenged, criticized and disputed openly and unprocedurally, not only the judge of a court but the judicial proceeding and the system itself. You are indeed brave, but naive as a police officer.

    If what I have heard was true, you violated the decorum of the court by your words, body languages and dress. This is unbecoming of a police officer of your status.

    The SP, NAB, your superior officer, by his letter dated the 13th May, 2020 stated that the treatment of the accused is beyond the purview of his office as charge sheet has already been submitted. But, you insisted on, disrespecting the orders of your superiors. Not only that, you disrespected the Ld. Judge by inviting her for a ‘free course on law’. This has hurt the sentiments of all the judges, advocates and other officials as well.

    As much as I hate drug lords and their business, it is wrong to swear at someone by showing your middle finger, calling ‘meenai’ and other derogatory remarks. Had it been someone else, he or she would have landed in jail and NSA be labelled as per the previous event.

    As a public figure, you are misleading the public by feeding them half baked truth before the judiciary made any final judgement.

    Let us go by the law of the land. I go with your saying ‘TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPH’. Let us not disturb the sanctity of the judiciary by poking our nose in its business.

    26th May, 2020

    (Copy paste from their comment)

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