If Manipuris face Racial Discrimination, Migrants Should Leave -  JCILPS

If Manipuris face Racial Discrimination, Migrants Should Leave - JCILPS

Written By: / Wednesday, 13 May 2020 17:29

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Imphal, May 13

JCILPS, in a statement released today, stated that the coming of migrants in the state must be stopped immediately and those who are in the state with expired ILP must be sent back. K Y. Dhiren, convenor of JCILPS, states “it is unfortunate that despite many restrictions and inner line permit system, many migrants are still finding their way to Manipur.” He further said that given that Manipur is a green zone and essentials items are distributed to all, the migrants are coming to Manipur.  Moreover, they are not facing racial discrimination and are not treated badly as Manipuris are treated in other places of India during this pandemic, it added.

The statement further mentioned that Manipuris living outside the state are facing racial discrimination and many being deprived of safety and shelter are now willing to come back to Manipur by any necessary means and the government is helping them. While praising the government for erecting fences along Manipur-Myanmar border, it urges for more effort from the government on the migrants who are coming from the west of Manipur. 

It mentioned that on May 1, three workers from Cachar came to the state. While running away from the police one worker drowned in the river and died.  Since there is lack of employment opportunities in their respective places, many would come to Manipur. Therefore, their entry to Manipur needs to be halted. 

JCILPS further appeals that the government should make arrangements as soon as possible for those migrants who are already in Manipur and whose Inner Line Permit is already expired to leave the state.

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