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COVID -19 case reaches 1199 in India: Manipur still relief as no community transmission recorded

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Imphal, March 30

Even as the North East states of India still have just 2 confirm case of COVID -19 , with one girl in Manipur, whose condition has been reported recovering and another at Mizoram, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in India have reached 1199 with about 29 dead recorded till the filing of this story.
The state of Manipur is still in relief, yet measures to contain the spread of the virus taken up by the state authority is causing some inconveniences. No person complaint the total lockdown or imposition of curfew as it is the only means to contain the virus from spreading. The good news is that all the family members of the COVID-19 positive girl, who were quarantined have been found not affected by the virus, that means that there is no community transmission from her.
The dead toll now is 29 in India. In northern India, the capital city Delhi has recorded 72 cases and 2 deaths. The state of Panjab has 39 cases of COVID -19 and reported 1 death. In UP 72 cases of COVID -19 have been confirmed. In central India, the state of Madhya Pradesh has recorded 47 cases and 2 deaths.
In western India Maharastra is the worst hit state as of now with 215 cases and 7 deaths. The largest state of Rajasthan has recorded 63 cases of Coronavirus and Goa has recorded 5 cases.
The eastern part of India has also recorded COVID 19 cases across West Bengal, Bihar and Odissa. West Bengal has recorded 22 confirmed cases and 2 death. Kerala is now the 2nd hit state in India with 202 cases. The state also confirmed 1 death till today. Karnataka has recorded 83 cases and 3 death.
The first Coronavirus case was reported on January 30. For a month the number cases in India was at 3 and all the patients have recovered. The Coronavirus than resurfaced in India on March 2 and after that the number of cases steadily went up. On March 13, just 11 days the virus resurfaced the number of cases has already gone beyond 80. Just 7 days later on March 20 , 230 cases were reported in the country. The number of cases showed steep rise since then. On March 25, the number was 606, and as per recorded yesterday the number of COVID -19 patient reached 1024.
Health Ministry of the Government of India had stated that India has not yet entered Phase 3 of the transmission, that is the community transmission. Collective effort have to be made on a war footing to break the chain of transmission to contain the spread of the virus.

Rinku Khumukcham

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