Conversion of 10 Aided Colleges to Govt. Colleges:  A boon for some but humiliation for many qualified teachers

Conversion of 10 Aided Colleges to Govt. Colleges: A boon for some but humiliation for many qualified teachers

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Imphal, Feb. 3

When many in the state hailed Chief Minister N. Biren Singh government for taking over 10 aided colleges as government colleges, some few bureaucrats seem to be converting the good cause as a gold mine, sabotaging the good image of the government.

Many teachers who have been serving in these aided colleges which had been converted into government colleges as Assistant Professors are degraded to the status of lecturer when some of the teachers who had been working together at a similar status having similar eligibility criteria have been listed as Assistant Professors. Is it the governing bodies of each college or is it those bureaucrat officers implementing the government policy playing conundrum to make a mockery of the N. Biren Singh government? These few questions are being surfaced after some of the dedicated teachers of these colleges who have been serving before the colleges were converted into government colleges, as they felt such treatment to them is not only injustice but humiliation.

Intending to improve the status of higher education, N. Biren Singh led government converted 10 aided colleges into government colleges. Six colleges were first converted into government colleges and later on September 21 , 2019, four more colleges have also been converted into government colleges. The four colleges are Moreh College (MC) Moreh, S. Kula Women’s College (SKWC), Nambol, South East Manipur College (SEMC) Komla Thabi and Waikhom Mani Girls’ College. When many lauded the initiative of the N. Biren Singh Government, the later part after conversion of the colleges smell a rat as some gold diggers taking the opportunity of the good works is rendering their service with partiality humiliating some teachers.

As per government order dated January 29, 2020, the number of post-sanction for the four mentioned colleges is 327 teaching staff and 157 non-teaching staff of different categories.

In this first part, Imphal Times team takes up the issue happening in S. Kula Women’s College which we felt that there is something fishy going on in listing of some teachers’ grade to the status of Lecturer, while some with similar eligible and experience teachers were listed to the status of Assistant professor.

As per the cabinet decision of the government of Manipur dated August 21, 2019, for the newly absorbed four colleges ”All the Lecturers who are not qualified under the relevant Government College Lecturers recruitment rules under UGC regulation against the created/converted post shall be treated as Lecturer and they shall be considered in the Scale of PB-2 – Rs. 9,300- 34,300/- plus GP of Rs. 4,400/- per month till they get qualified as per the existing recruitment rules by giving them one time opportunity to improve their educational qualification to pursue either NET/M. Phil?Ph.D Degrees as the case may be within the period of 5 (five) years from the date of issue of this order (21/08/2019) for conversion into full-fledged as done in the case of regularization of 418 part-time lecturers vide government order no. 7(2)/9/2005-S/HE (Pt.III) dated 12.04.2017After improving themselves upto the requisite educational qualification i.e. either M. Phil or NET or Ph.D. Degrees, they shall be entitled for pay scale of PB -3- Rs. 15,600- 39,100 plus AGP of Rs. 6000/- pm with the designation as Assistant Professors”.   

Kula Women’s College located at Nambol in Bishnupur district which is among the converted government colleges have degraded six Ph.D teachers who were earlier serving as Asst. Professors before to the level of Lecturers while similar such teachers have been appointed as Assistant professors.

Discrepancies to the restructuring of the teachers of S. Kula Women’s College after conversion to Government College is an open secret and no concern authority of the State government is taking the matter seriously even as such an act is direct humiliation of the six teachers.

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