24-hours bandh paralyzed Imphal-Saikul road;   PDCC demands punishment of PWD engineers who go hand-in-globe with contractors in stealing public money

24-hours bandh paralyzed Imphal-Saikul road; PDCC demands punishment of PWD engineers who go hand-in-globe with contractors in stealing public money

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Imphal, Feb 1

Traffic along the Imphal-Saikul road has been severely disrupted as Peace and Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) imposed 24-hour bandh along this road demanding action against PWD engineers who went hand-in- globe with contractor implementing work order for construction of a new Bridge at Yumnam Patlou in Imphal East district.

“When a VDF or constables or grade IV employees were suspended and panelized for accepting tips of Rs. 100, why the N. Biren Singh government is taking no action against the PWD engineers and the contractors who work hand-in-globe and steal public money amounting to lakh of rupees”, Thoudam Hemjit, General Secretary of PDCC told reporters.

Since early morning a large number of people came to the street at Pangei area and stopped all sort of vehicular movement. Shops and other business establishment remain closed and Saikul too remains cut off from Imphal due to the 24 hours bandh.

Hemjit further said that after government officials felt the need for construction of a new bridge as the 70 years old culvert was outdated on April 14, 2016, a work order for construction of a new bridge was issued.

However, for reason best known to the authority of the PWD the construction work was never seen taken up until 2017.

“On December 26, 2017 we called a bandh demanding immediate construction f the bridge”, Hemjit said and added and following the bandh there was an agreement reached between the PWD Engineer as the later assured to start construction.

“The construction did begin, but as it was done in complete violation of the work schedule we complain the matter to the PWD authority”, Hemjit said. He added that instead of constructing a new bridge as scheduled in the work order the contractor in understanding with the engineer repaired the bridge by expanding at both sides to look like new construction.

After the matter was brought to the notice of the Chief Minister on one Meeyamgi Numit day, the Chief Minister instructed the PWD authority to look into the matter and take action to the contractor’s concern. But the instruction was never honoured .

However, on Jan 18, 2020 the Executive Engineer of the PWD invited the PDCCC members to inspect the conditions of the pillar of the bridge. On Jan 20,2020 the contractor cemented the bridge in the presence of the Engineer. When asked the engineer replied that he and his department did not know about the cementing work.

It is an open secret that the EE and the Contractor are openly looting the public money and the government is not taking up any action against them.

Seems like corruption is banned for VDF, Constable and grade four employees only, Hemjit added.

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