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Rebel group ASUK, UNLF lambast MP Dr. RK Ranjan terming his Khangabok speech as irresponsible

Rebel group ASUK, UNLF lambast MP Dr. RK Ranjan terming his Khangabok speech as irresponsible

Written By: / Tuesday, 21 January 2020 17:26

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Imphal, Jan 21

Lok Sabha MP Dr. R.K Ranjan’s remark regarding the responsibility of parents in stopping their children from indulging in agitation as well as culminating of drug use habit receives severe criticism from various proscribed groups waging war against the government of India for restoration of the sovereignty of this region.
A day after proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) and PREPAK (Pro) lambasted the MP terming his speech as irresponsible , another conglomerate of armed rebel group Alliance for Socialist Unity, Kangleipak (ASUK) called Dr. RK Ranjan as a headless leader.
The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has vehemently condemned MP Ranjan for allegedly slandering underground groups during a public speech at a function in Khangabok Assembly Constituency on Sunday.
A statement by M. Sak-hen Director, department of publicity of UNLF had stated that Dr. RK Ranjan’s  words show his ignorance of the deep seated issues in the state, history and identity of the people of this region. It is proven by his action that the MP is a lapdog of the Delhi overlords, it added.   
UNLF reminded the MP on the fact that Manipur-India conflict is a political conflict has been admitted by the Indian government itself.  
“ If RK Ranjan choses to pretend of not knowing the facts about the forceful merger of Manipur to India and its endless ramifications endured by the public, then UNLF will take appropriate measure to ensure that the MP is awakened to the truth, the UNLF statement said.
ASUK, a joint body of KYKL and KCP in a statement called RK Ranjan as a headless leader or a leader who thought that he will get blessing from his masters . While appealing the teachers to take responsibility in grooming the students RK Ranjan seems to have forgotten the responsibility of the politician who are in the government in shaping the future of the students.
Regarding the agitation by the students and joining the rebel bodies and voicing against the government by coming out in the street , Ranjan’s blame to the parents is illogical, as these are social and political issue  

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