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Modi seeks support of spiritual Guru in support of CAA

IT News
Mumbai, Jan 2

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped in to counter the  ”misinformation campaign” against the CAA/NRC/NPR  by people and groups with vested interests. He put out a tweet containing a week-old video by spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru among his followers.
PM Modi posted the tweet with hash-tag #IndiaSupportsCAA, commenting, “Do hear this lucid explanation of aspects relating to CAA and more by @SadhguruJV. He provides historical context, brilliantly highlights our culture of brotherhood. He also calls out the misinformation by vested interest groups.”
Ironically in the video, Sadhguru holds the government accountable for protests and vandalism, though indirectly. He says in the video while responding to a question put to him by a young woman from Lucknow, that due to the lack communication from the government side “for whatever reasons”, some people “took advantage and spread misinformation” about the CAA.
Precisely at 13.35 minutes into the video, Sadhguru says, “It looks like that the government was caught napping They did not expect such a big reaction to such a simple issue.” Again at the 20.05 mark, Sadhguru can be seen saying, “In some way, I think, the government has failed to communicate this properly. Otherwise, personally I don’t see any issue on these things. But I think communication-wise, the way it was communicated, a certain number of people are perceiving at as a threat to them.”

Raju Vernekar

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