Winter Exhibition for Differently Abled Persons

Winter Exhibition for Differently Abled Persons

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Imphal, Dec 4

National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (Divyangjan) organised  “One Day Parents Training Programme for parents on Home Base Training  for Children with Intellectual Disabilities” in connection with  International day of Persons with Disabilities as a part of 7th Winter Exhibition for Differently Abled Persons (Divyangjan)at Kakching  District, Langmeidong  Dramatic Hall, in association with Relief Centre for the Welfare of Differently Abled Persons and State Commissioner for Persons, Govt.of Manipur.

Speaking on the occasion Resource Persons,  Ravi Prakash Singh,  Lecturer in Special Education, NIEPIE RC, Navi Mumbai, explained NIEPID as an autonomous body that operates under ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and its headquarter is located at Manovikasnagar Secunderabad.

 He said that with the objective of empowering person with mental retardation NIEPID is extending various training programmes and services in many part of India from the past 34 years. As a part of it the services are reaching in all North East States. The hardest thing for any parent to hear is that their child has a physical or mental disability. It may come as a complete shock; you may have thought that your child was just a little slower than others their age. After the fear subsides and you realize you are not alone and your talk it out in counselling and with your partner, the guilt and confusion is likely to set in. You wonder if it’s caused by something you did while you were pregnant and you wonder why on earth this has happened to your child and elaborated on various topics such as types of disabilities, causes, prevention, inclusiveness of persons with disabilities in the classroom, society and home, etc. There are also many causes and volunteer works done to promote greater awareness of disability situations all over the world. Every year, celebrities, athletes, philanthropic organizations, civic groups and many others stage events to bring the limelight to various disabilities. 

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