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A Rejoinder to press communique of Kuki Chief Association, Tengnoupal Dated 26th October, 2019 - CNPO

The Chandel Naga Peoples’ Organization (CNPO) and Naga Students’ Union Chandel (NSUC) hereby issued a rejoinder to the press communique issued by the information and publicity of Kuki Chiefs’ Association dated 26th October, 2019 regarding the distorted/ concocted history and claim of Chandel and Tengnoupal as ancestral land of Kukis. The CNPO & NSUC opposed the centenary celebration of so called Anglo-Kuki War for the undermentioned reasons:
1. There was no Anglo-Kuki War of 1917-19 in the History of Manipur. The Kuki rising was known as Kuki Rebellion which was started on 19/12/1917 and ended in 20/05/1919. Many scholars has already clarified/ declared both in print and electronic media.
2. There is no Kuki ancestral land or Kuki independent country in Tengnoupal/ Chandel. The name of Kuki was heard only when Kukis arrived in 1845 and settled at Khangbarol Village. How can the Kuki claim that there is ancestral land in Tengnoupal and Chandel. The Kukis fought against the British Colonial Power with the main aim to invade the ancestral land of the Nagas. In support of the non-existence of Kuki land in Tengnoupal, a dispute land case was settled in favour of the Anals. In the court of the President, Manipur State Darbar Civil Case No. 208 of 1929-30 the Kuki Chiefs namely 1. Ngulkhup, Chief of Lamkhanghang Mombi. 2. Leothang, Chief of Lamphou Gobok Khuman claimed to establish their right to land against the Anal Chiefs namely 1.Kanllun Khullakpa of Thulcham (Thorcham), 2. Monal of Khubung Khunou (Respondents) was dismissed in favour the two mentioned Anal Khullakpas by JC Higgins (P. A. 24/01/1933).
3. In another case, in the court of Sub-Divisional Officer, Ukhrul (East) vide Misc. Case No 256 of 1934 -35, between 1. Beting, Khulakpa of Lambung Village 2. Shelnong, Khulakpa of Pantha Mantri Village versus Limkon Ningthou of Tonghlang Village, Limkon was directed to pay Lousal of Rs. 20 to Lambung Village by an Order of S.J Duncan (Limkon Camp, 26/02/1937).
4. Again, in the court of Sub Divisional Officer Ukhrul vide inter district case No. 28 of 1934 – 35 between 1. Berung 2. Kotham Khulakpa of Thangpuk (Thangbung) Minou village Versus the Kuki Chiefs of Tamu District and Angou Khulakpa of Moreh, it was recognized that the defendants (Kuki Chiefs of Tamu District and Angou Khulakpa of Moreh) were not allowed to take trees, bamboos, fishing etc. They were also penalized to pay Re. 1 and a jar of Zu for their earlier mistake by an Order by G. Gimson P.A and TD Gaudoin DC/UC Camp Tamu dated 15/01/1936.
5. That, the Anal, Lamkang, Moyon, Monsang, Maring etc. are classified as Nagas by the Govt. of India according to the Historical facts maintained by the Political agents or British administration. The above mentioned tribes were called Naga in the early centuries before the Kukis arrival to Khangbarol. Therefore, the theory of forcing themselves to affiliate to Naga fold by the Tangkhul is baseless.
6. That, the recent allegation that Nagas never live in Chandel / Tengnoupal is completely a wrong information, because, many documentary evidences have proved that Nagas are land owner in Tengnoupal / Chandel and these documentary evidences are a proof that there is no ancestral land of Kukis in Tengnoupal/ Chandel. Hence, safeguarding of Ancestral Land, Culture and Custom by the Kukis does not arise while protesting against the British administration.
7. That there is no record or any standing order for the Nagas to obtain prior permission from the Kuki Chiefs for settlement in any part of British Manipur according to the verdict of Land Dispute Court Cases.
8. That, there is a record that the Finance Ministry, Govt. of India Vide Memo No. F/3/9/66 granted fund for the Kuki Refugees. Payment of Relief Fund was made by the Govt. of Manipur Vide Memo No. 301/R/RLF in 4 (four) Installments on the following dates i.e., 22/4/1957, 7/7/1959, 28/2/1966 and 18/7/1968. However, there is no record of Memo No. 01/R/RFL for payment of Installments of relief fund to the Nagas. It is the habit of Kukis to fool the people by distorting thus becomes a great liar in the land of Nagas. “Be sure your sin will find you out” - Number 32:23. “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is a sin” –James 4:17.
9. The CNPO and NSUC further appeal the Kuki Community and various Kuki Committees to avoid any distortion and display of cultural attires of the Naga Tribes of Chandel/ Tengnoupal in any occasion or festivals.

Huten Alexander
Gen. Secretary, CNPO
Sh Kalenchung
Gen. Secretary, NSUC

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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