Manipuri Folk song gains more popularity; Mangka invited to perform Manipuri folk song at Okinawa

Manipuri Folk song gains more popularity; Mangka invited to perform Manipuri folk song at Okinawa

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Imphal, Oct 26

Japan based International Foundation invites Laihui (the troupe that Mangka belongs) to take part in the commemorative event for the 30th Anniversary of the Haebaru Town Museum.  The Haebaru Town Museum is located in the Kiyan district of Haebaru directly west of the site of the Haebaru Japanese Army Hospital. The museum features a reproduction of the facilities of the dugout bunkers that were used for the army hospital. In addition to other wartime artifacts, the museum has exhibits on traditional pre-war Okinawan life and overseas emigrants from the town.

Laihui, the troupe founded by Mangka’s father Mayanglangbam Mangangsana, is presently in Tokyo for the Cross Transit Project as a Dramaturge, Music Composer and Performer since 1st October. He will lead the Laihui troupe that has been invited to perform at the 30th Anniversary of the Haebaru Town Museum commemorative event. Various Cultural Exchange events with artists in Okinawa will take place from October 28 to November 5, 2019.

Mangka will be presenting Manipuri Folk music performance on November 4. Various Cultural exchange activities like interaction cum musical exchange with students of various schools and colleges and also, they will be visiting Ishigaki Island and Taketomi Island and will have a music as well as traditional songs exchange with the traditional musicians of these islands.

A communiqué by Mangangsana said that there will be exhibitions of traditional textiles. Byron Aihara, and Kangabam Bikram Singh’s (KBC) photographs will be highlighting Manipur’s charm. This historic trip will be documented by Romi Meitei. And this trip will bring a closer and tighter ties of love, trust through music and songs for generations to come.

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