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ACOAM-Lup Kangleipak celebrates its 19th Mera Hou Chongba festival 2019

ACOAM-Lup Kangleipak celebrates its 19th Mera Hou Chongba festival 2019

Written By: / Sunday, 13 October 2019 17:17

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Imphal, Oct.. 13
ACOAM-Lup, Kangleipak celebrated the 19th Mera Hou Chongba festival 2019, (Maliyapham Palcha Kuming 3417) at Laishram Khulem Leikai Community Hall, D.C. Road, Imphal West, today on the theme -”Laininglonda Chingmi Tammi Manei Ching-Tam punna chatminaramliba asi Thakta Ipa- Ipu Tinanarambadagini”.
The occasion was attended by President In-Charge, ACOAM-Lup, Sanjit Soraisam, International and National Awardee, H.Ibotombi Khuman, Public Leader Hoomi Tangkhul, Manipur, K.Dharmasing Kashung, Retd.Asst.Registrar, Co-operative, Manipur, Mao Union, Imphal, Manipur, M.Neli, Fomer Secy.,General, ACOAM-Lup, Kangleipak, Tourangbam Indrajit Meitei, President, Aimol Tribe Union, Manipur, RT.Akhel Aimol, Advisor, Kabui Mother Assn., Manipur, Alu Kamei as presidium members. Various women’s organization leaders and Civil Society organizations leaders were also attended the function.
Opening of the occasion a ritual programme was showcast and gift exchanges were also done in the occasion.
Speaking to the media as keynote address by Secy. General, ACOAM-Lup, Kangleipak, L.Telheiba Mangang said that people living in both hill and plain areas of Manipur are blood brothers. He added that no one can separate the love and bond of the two brothers. He further said that Manipur was an independent Kingdom until the Indian Union annexed it in 1949. He added that the organizations celebrated Mera Hou Chongba since 2001 in various area of the State. He further said that the festival is important for both the people of hill and plain to safeguard our integrity.

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