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Tortoise weighing about 10 kg handed to Forest Department

Tortoise weighing about 10 kg handed to Forest Department

Written By: / Thursday, 26 September 2019 17:52

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Thoubal, Sept.26:

A well grown tortoise having a weight of about 10 kg was handed over by Kh. Menjor Mangang the proprietor of K.M. Blooming High School, Khangbok to Thoubal Forests Division which was represented by W. Ramchandra Singh, Honorary Wildlife Warden, Thoubal on the handling over occasion.

The Asian Forest Tortoise, scientific name, Manouria Emys is a Scheduled-I reptile under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.  Asian brown tortoise are also in the list of Critically Endangered as per International Union for Conservation of Nature. This species is endemic to Southeast Asia and is now very rare in its natural habitats. It is believed to be among the most primitive of all living tortoises on the Earth based on molecular and morphological studies.

U/s. 9, 35 and 49A &  49B of Wildlife Protection Acts, 1972, rearing of animals of our country origin is prohibited and is a punishable offence U/s. 51 of the Acts.

Any person who contravenes the above provisions of this Act, shall on conviction, be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine which may extend to twenty-five thousand rupees or with both.

Therefore, W. Ramchandra Singh, Honary Wildlife Warden, Thoubal appeal to everyone who knowingly or unknowingly are rearing any kind of animals in their households without permission to hand over the concerned authorities immediately and otherwise Department will start for search operations to detect any such illegal rearing of animals.

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