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Club members of Leirongthel clarify over destruction of drone plane

IT News

Imphal, Aug 31

Leirongthel Panthoibi Youth Club (LPYC) clarifies over the incident that happened on August 25th Sunday at Etok River, Leirongthel Village, P/S. N-Sekmai.

A statement issued by Secretary LPYC, Y.Suresh Singh said that it is very unfortunate for the club that the President, LPYC, Kiran Meitei had been exposed with false news to the media by the Thoubal River Conservation Committee. He added that the incident happened after a drone plane tried to capture photographs of female farmers while they were cleaning themselves at the river.

In state of anonymity the female farmers chased the drone plane which finally dash to the foothill nearby. The irate locals immediately rushed to the foot hill and found some people controlling the drone plane by a remote control. As those persons tried to escape to their four wheeler vehicle the locals overpowered them and snatched the drone plane and vandalise it along with mobile phone belonging to them, he added.

Those persons later identified themselves as members of Thoubal River Conservation Committee.

He said, after knowing them as members of the committee, they were taken to Leirongthel Panthoibi Youth Club and agreement was brought in the presence of O.C. Nabakanta

Rabi Takhellambam

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