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Stop strangulating democracy; bring back transparency in governance -Popular Front

Stop strangulating democracy; bring back transparency in governance -Popular Front

Written By: / Friday, 30 August 2019 17:57

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Imphal, Aug 30

Popular Front of India (PFI) said that the undemocratic and oppressive way the central government is function is aimed at diverting people’s attention from grave issues including the economic slowdown being faced by the country. A statement of the ‘Front’ said that the issue has been deliberated in the National Executive Council meeting of PFI.
The statement said that almost all economic indicators show that Indian economy is facing an unprecedented slowdown. It is clear that this situation is the direct result of the brainless interventions of the first Modi government like Demonetization and GST. Economists suggested that things are going to get even worse in coming months with millions losing their jobs and companies shutting down and downsizing. Instead of recognizing the situation and facing it with integrity, the central government is using an iron fist way of governance, unheard in the past.
“Controversial laws were amended making it more draconian without any regard for the concerns raised against them. Sectarian bills were passed in hurry without parliamentary scrutiny merely to appease the sentiments of polarised population. Power was abused to target top figures in the opposition and intimidate voices of dissent”, the statement added.
The PFI Executive Council further called on the government to immediately put an end to inhuman lockdown in Kashmir. It said people of the state are experiencing catastrophic effect. As per the reports because of the communication and transportation blackout people are running out of basic necessities including medicines. The PFI said that Indian media are not allowed to deal with the real situation in the state, however, international media report about the arrests and tortures of people by forces.
“This is a very disturbing situation not just for Kashmir but for the rest of India too. The entire country is being denied of their right to information and are forced to believe only ‘the official version’ of the story” the statement said.
While the government claims that everything is normal, even top leaders of the national parties are sent back from Srinagar without allowing to land or meet people there, it added.
The NEC of Popular Front demanded immediate halt to this inhuman deprivation and restore democratic and civil rights denied to Kashmir people and the nation at large in the name of Kashmir.

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