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Fresh beginning after 50 - A young knee for an energetic, independent life!

Greater Noida, August, 28,

Max healthcare, one of the leading healthcare providers in North India, organised a press conference today at Max Hospital, Greater Noida, to spread awareness on the importance of bone and joint health through the cases of Mr Harbhajan Singh and Mrs Devinder Kaur.
The prevalence of bone and joint health disorders have been on the rise among both the urban and rural population. Elderly people are majorly prone to develop different bone and joint health disorders. More than 49.2% of people aged above 50 years suffering from some or the other bone related diseases like bone deformation, osteoporosis, osteopenia, osteoarthritis and associated bone diseases.
Recent data by WHO reveals, 45% of women over the age of 65 years have symptoms of osteoarthritis knee. These problems are often neglected, considered as a part of ageing, and as a result, patient becomes incapacitated and dependent on others for their basic needs. It is a major concern and requires timely medical intervention to minimize the suffering of the patients.
Mostly people avoid visiting a doctor due to the fear of surgery. However, such negligence results into worsening the conditions and leading to serious mobility problems. Mr Harbhajan Singh, a 90 years old patient with deformities in his right knee joint had difficulties in walking for the past 30 years. He was denied treatment at many places due to his elderly status which made him disheartened and hopeless. The chances of Harbhajan getting a heart attack or blood clot during surgery was quite high. This made decision taking difficult for the doctors.
“It was challenging for us, as at this age, bones are really weak and prone to fracture and there are chances of nerve injury when we correct such a severe deformity. Detailed clinical examination showed him to be physically weak, severe anemic with a high pulse rate. It required a complex surgery with careful balancing of ligaments and maintaining the alignment of the knee. The surgery took around an hour and the patient is doing great since then.  “ claimed Dr Nikunj Agrawal.
Speaking about his ignorance for timely medical intervention, Mr Singh says “I was a bit scared to undergo a replacement surgery in the beginning. However, I really wanted to get rid of the trouble and be independent which could only be attained with a surgery. After 30 years of pain and endurance I finally made the correct decision. Dr Agarwal and his team were a major support for me all this while. Thanks to them I will be able to walk like before”
Similar to this, 67 year old Mrs Devinder Kaur, who finally found her hope to walk straight without difficulties. After 10 years of sufferings from join pain and osteoarthritis, she underwent total knee replacement in both her knees. to
Kaur says”lack of awareness, adherence to conservative medicines and negligence was the main reasons for my condition. I was a bit skeptical about the surgery and wanted to avoid it a long as I could. However, these 10 years of suffering would not have happened if I took my knee problems seriously and consulted a specialist right from the beginning.”
Dr Nikunj Agarwal, who undertook both the cases, shed light on the issue saying “we often come across people suffering from low bone density, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other bone and joint related issues, and in majority of the cases, ignorance for the problems associated with such diseases is highly common. People tend to ignore their pain in order to avoid surgery and this only escalates the condition. The urban population in our nation is seen to have high occurrence of such diseases. One should consult a specialist as soon as they feel uneasy. Both Mr. Singh and Mrs. Kaur suffered due to extended period of negligence.”
About Max Healthcare
Max Healthcare (MHC) is the Country’s leading comprehensive provider of standardized, seamless and international-class healthcare services. It is committed to the highest standards of medical and service excellence, patient care, scientific and medical education.
Max Healthcare has 14 facilities in North India, offering services in over 30 medical disciplines. Of this, 11 facilities are located in Delhi & NCR and the others in Mohali, Bathinda and Dehradun. The Max network includes state-of-the-art tertiary care hospitals in Saket, Patparganj, Vaishali, Shalimar Bagh, Mohali, Bathinda and Dehradun, secondary care hospitals at Gurgaon, Pitampura, Noida& Greater Noida and an out-patient facility and speciality centre at Panchsheel Park. The Super Speciality Hospitals in Mohali and Bathinda are under PPP arrangement with the Government of Punjab.

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