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“My daughter was raped time and again,” a mother of a minor girl tells media

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Imphal, Aug 5,

Media report which stated that a 60 years old man has tried to rape a minor girl in a place in Thoubal district has been strongly reacted by the mother of the victim.

Family members of the victim girl while talking to media persons in the presence of student organizations and Meira Paibi, said that it was not an attempt to rape.

“He had raped her multiple times for almost one year”, a family member said.

 The 60 years old man identified as Naorem Bishambor, who have four children, used to rape her in an empty house next to the house the girl was living taking advantage of the fact that her mother goes for work as a daily wage earner. He used to threaten her waving his gun. The mother also revealed that the 60 years old man had expressed his desires for sending the girl to Delhi for studies earlier.

On August 1, the girl revealed what she was going through to her mother. When the mother confronted Bishambor, he initially pleaded she should keep quite on this matter that he would do anything for them. When she did not agree, he threatened them waving a gun at them.

When he stormed out of the house, she shouted to inform the leikai saying that “a thief came and raped her daughter.” People caught him and beat him up. He was later admitted to the hospital.

In the meeting, Thoubal IMA Secretary Ima Sanatombi asserted that since the person raped the girl multiple times, he should be given capital punishment. They also said that the family will struggle till capital punishment is given to the perpetrators. We should also remember that the girl attempted suicide some days ago.  The mother of the girl asks that he should not be kept alive.

Women Police Thoubal is already investigating the case.

The first report of the said incident was reported in Imphal Times on August 2, 2019 edition under the heading “60 years old man attempts to rape 13 years old minor girl; mother of the girl allegedly threatened at gun point”. 

Pinky Salam

Pinky Salam, a young and enthusiastic Reporter  is working with Imphal Times since 2018. Apart from being a reporter, he is a musician and plays Guitar in his spare time. Pinky is a resident of Sagolband Salam Maning Leikai, Imphal and lives with his parents. He can be reached at [email protected]

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