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To which hill has the state government’s “Go to Hill” policy gone?

IT News
Chandel, July 23,

Due to the extremely bad condition of the 18 km long BRTF road in Chandel district, from Japhou bazaar to Old New Samtal road via Khongyun village, and the government’s negligence to fix it from a very long time, today, the villagers whose livelihood depends on this road are facing a great deal of suffering. The villagers are now asking if the Manipur government’s “Go to Hill” policy, which was meant to do something good for the hills, has gone to some other unknown hill. Since the government has not looked into the interior roads, it is not possible for the nearby villages to even build contact amongst themselves. On top of that, this condition of the road has added more trouble to the people of various villages residing near the road while trying to visit District Headquarter. Apart from facing troubles while commuting because of the rainy season, the situation has made the lives of the villagers all the more difficult at the time of medical emergency. Trying to go on the road itself has become an extremely time consuming and strenuous task for the villagers. In regards to the road, R. Angningden, chief of the village and chairman of Sulam Area Chiefs Association, expresses that since it is rainy season, the road condition has worsened, making it harder and inconvenient for those who rely on the road to transport food grains and for urgenct medical treatment. Adding to it, he said that the poor condition of the drainage system and unavailability of proper culvert have given rise to such problems that the villagers are facing. Therefore, he appeals for an immediate action for the state government to look into the matter and fix the road at the earliest.

Rabi Takhellambam

Rabi Takhellambam, a resident of Kairembikhok Mayai Leikai, ThoubaI District has been in the field of Journalism for more than 10 years. Rabi, is well known for his reporting from Thoubal side and Indo-Myanmar border. Rabi is also a member of All Manipur Working Journalist Union, the parent body of Journalist Union in Manipur. He can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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