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‘Transport contractors are using the name of revolutionary groups in stealing PDS rice’

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Imphal, July 19,

Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a statement said that due to hijack of the PDS rice by transport contractor in the name of revolutionary group local people are not getting their exact share and that to at a higher price.
The Maoist said that the Transport Contractor get the lion share to the PDS rice business by hijacking from the peoples’ share. The statement said that when calculated in the basis of the price of PDS rice available in the market, the amount received by one Assembly segment for a month is not less than Rs. 40 lakhs to 50 lakhs. When counted for the whole of 60 assembly segment the amount received in one month is Rs. 27 crore to 30 crore. The most unfortunate part is that these contractor have been spreading rumours about giving two months quota to armed rebel groups and one month quota to concern Minister by the Transport Contractor.
What the people are confusing is whether the rebel groups had deducted the 2 months quota or not. If what has been spreading is true and if the Transport Contractors deducted the rice quota and handed over to the Revolutionary groups which comes around 54 crores to 60 crores then people would not have been that much angry.
As for the Maoist Communist Party, they have no desire to deduct the rice quota of the poor people and does not care about the deduction.
But when investigated it has been found that the transport contractor are hijacking the poor peoples’ share in the name of the revolutionary group, the statement said and added that these contractor may have given some amount from the money them deducted in their name of revolutionary group but the lion share are being enjoyed by these contractors. Moreover people do not believed that these contractors may have handed over the money to the revolutionary groups.    
The Maoist statement further said that the present crises of famine is created by the transport contractors and the blame goes to the revolutionary group fighting for the freedom of the erstwhile kingdom. The Maoist appealed all revolutionary groups to jointly investigate over this matter. It said that the Maoist don’t believed that even fifty percent of the amount deducted by this contractor in the name of the revolutionary groups may reached to revolutionary groups. All groups need to ponder on how these transport contractors built their house like palace and why are the common people unhappy about it.
The statement said that the transporters contractor s while saying that they have given two months quota to revolutionary groups they have also maligned the image of the Maoist Communist Party, so the Maoist will keep look to the activities of the transport contractors. The statement also appealed the people not to act as shield of the contractors. It added that Maoist had its own resource to run the party and will never touch the peoples’ share.
The statement further said that if the amount of the two months quota has been actually received by the revolutionary party  for marching toward the freedom struggle the Maoist would have appreciated and support. However, as the contractors had tried to cover the Maoist in getting the peoples’ share when saying that the revolutionary group had deducted the money, Maoist will not remain quiet and will judge in public.

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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