CAF & PD clarification is self contradictory - Maoist

CAF & PD clarification is self contradictory - Maoist

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Imphal, July 14,

Armed rebel group Maoist Communist Party Manipur today slammed the CAF and PD Minister Karam Shyam over his clarification regarding ruckus over non-distribution of NFSA rice to people of Khurai Assembly Constituency terming it as self contradictory.

A statement of the outfit said that the Minister has stated that NFSA rice cannot be issued untilled utilization certificate for one month is submitted and the Minister also stated that the NFSA rice for five months has been issued to contractor. The Maoist question on the modus operandi of how a contactor could lift the NFSA rice quota for Khurai Assembly constituency without submitting any utilization certificate. And why the Minister appreciated the Contractor for lifting the five month rice quota when he had stated that rice cannot be issued without submitting the utilization certificate, the Maoist asked.

Stealing of NFSA rice is equivalent to lifting of rice without submitting utilization certificate, the Maoist said and demanded action against the contractor and those staffs of the CAF and PD who are involved in the  stealing of rice meant for the poor people.

On the other hand the Maoist said that the controversial NFSA rice has never been seen by the people of 20 Assembly Constituencies. It also ridicule the Minister for threatening defamation case against those agitators demanding their rights. It added that the lifting of NFSA rice amidst the investigation by the so Called High Power Committee formed to investigate over the matter is nothing but a violation to the guideline which the Minister had stated. The Maoist also question about the whereabouts of the SK oil which are to be distributed under the PDS by the CAF and PD.

This SK oil has been sold in back door to petrol pump depot so that the owner of the petrol pump adulterate it with the petrol, the Maoist said.

It further warned the government of general strike if the authority fails to award appropriate punishment to those staffs of the CAF and PD who had allowed to lift the 5 months quotas of the NFSA rice to the Transport Contractor within five day.


Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh

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