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CM and Leishemba Sanajaoba disrespected Sanamahi laining : KCP MC

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Imphal, June 17,

KCP MC in a statement released to address debates surrounding the inauguration of Sanamahi Temple has said Chief Minister Biren and Leishemba Sanajaoba have disrespected Sanamahi religion.

“Chief Minister and Leishemba Sanajaoba, whom some people consider Ningthou, were invited as Chief Guest of the program held in connection with the inauguration of the Temple”, the statement said.

 Both of them did not turn up for the event. Instead, the CM went to Hindu Vaishnavite Govinda Temple with foreign leader Ram Madhav. On the other hand, the so called Ningthou Leishemba Sanajaoba feasted with foreign leader Prahlad Singh Patel on the same day, the statement added. The outfit stated that khaki shorts wearing Gau Rakshaks have stopped these two people from attending the event. The actions of these two individuals show that they have no respect for Sanamahi religion.

The outfit stated that what Hindu terrorist Shanti Das Gosai did during the time of Meidingu Pamheiba to destroy this society, Leishemba Sanajaoba is also working with Hindu terrorist  organisation RSS to ruin this society. It urged the people to understand the situation in front of us. The people of Manipur should not take their actions lightly.  We should remember the words of Lourembam Khongnangthaba, “maruna thabadi houde, Sembi Mukaklei maru thabadi hougani.”

“We should understand that the sons and daughters of Sembi Mukaklei will not do anything good for the people. Their actions are not surprising at all in this regard”, the statement added.

Regarding the controversy of the word, Kiyong, people who are well versed in this matter should clarify on it. There is a need to settle whether this word is a newly constructed word or not. The outfit urges that the debate over the matter should go in the right direction.

Moreover, the outfit clarifies that the close watch that the outfit is keeping in Catholic schools has nothing to do with money. It said that KCP MC has already declared that it would not take any monetary contribution from the people. It is not taking any money from these schools. The outfit manages its finances with the help of Maoist  Communist Party of Manipur, it stated. KCP MC is only concerned with the manner in which these schools are used to spread religion by building churches in schools, according to the statement. It said that these schools should not be used as spaces to lure people for religious purposes. If these things continue, the outfit will call a public curfew, the statement stated.

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