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Zeliangrong body denounces insult of their culture

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Imphal, June 4,

A performance by a group of people, who are well known to some of the people of the state for their appearance at some of the Manipuri video film, at the traditional Manipuri ritual festival “Lai Haraoba” has angered the Zeliangrong Arts and Culture organization Manipur, saying that those group of people is leading the cultural sanctity of the Zeliangrong Community, which is the only tribal ethnic community which follow the indigenous religion.

Talking to media persons , President of the Zeliangrong Arts and Culture organization Manipur said that performing a Zeliangrong cultural dance without understanding the culture of Zeliangrong is not only an insult to the Zeliangrong Community but also is an attempt to mislead the culture and identity of the Zeliangrong Community.

“Those boys and girls who are told to be known to some people for their appearance at video film wear dresses which are not of the Zeliangrong community while performing the dance at the Lai Haraoba ritual festival at Moirang Thangjing”, the President said.

He added that those dress which are meant for the girls were being wore by boys and that some dress which are not at all connected with the Zeliangrong tradition are being wore by the girls.

“This is an insult to the Zeliangrong culture and tradition”, He said.

He further added that if anybody wants to perform the traditional or cultural dance they have to first understand the sanctity of the culture of that community. There is nothing wrong to perform some other community’s cultural dance but if that sabotage and mislead the sanctity of the culture then it could not be tolerated.

He further said that Zeliangrong religion though is Polytheism, it follow its own indigenous religion.

He said that  Zeliangrong community have different dress code for religion and social purpose , there are dress code on when to wear at the time harvesting crop , there are dress code on when to wear during ritual ceremony  and so and so. If this dress code is made confused then it is an attack to the identity.

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