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Order to shut down road irked shop owners

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Imphal, May 13,

Following the crumbling of a portion of shops at BT Road near Pologround Imphal, where a person died and another three injured, authority have been forcing the owners to shut their shops.

“We are facing lots of inconveniences, we don’t know how we are going to recover our loss”, a shop owner said.    

The tragic accident occurred on May 10 where a part of an old building of shops near fly over bridge collapsed killing one person and injuring three others. And as an aftermath the shops were forced to shut down till the whole buildings were checked properly by the concerned authorities. Unfortunately the building was not checked even after two days after the incident.

Because of the closure of shop the owners felt discontentment over the order for closing the shops to inspect the building where they haven’t checked it till the time of this report even after the two days incurring a huge loss on their business.

It can be mentioned that around 80 percent of the total building in the Imphal area especially the market areas need repairing.

Meanwhile the sun shed of the shops were also taken down yesterday upon the order of the authorities.

Speaking to media person a shop owner who waited on the footpath of BT road waiting for the authorities to check their shops said that they have incurred heavy loss on their business around 30-40 thousands per day after their shop was forced to close down. He added that they have faced a lot of inconveniences.

All the shops which are on the stretch of BT road where the unfortunate incident took place were all closed except for a few ones.

Speaking to media person one of the shop owner questioned how the authorities can meet the people if their shops were closed. He further said that as they were hand to mouth people they incurred heavy loss which affects their livelihood.

Regarding the taking down of sun shed he added that as it were all taken down the shops will get flooded as the level of their shops is below the road. He also appealed to look into the matter also.

Salam Chingkheinganba

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