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Imphalites are prone to Respiratory problem, Hepatitis, Cholera, Dysentery, and Typhoid - Report

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Imphal, May 7,

With the failure of the state government Machineries to clean up the garbage mess, Imphalites today are prone to various diseases like Respiratory infection, Hepatitis, Cholera, Dysentery and Typhoid etc., Medical experts told Imphal Times.

A Medicine professor from RIMS, who did not want to disclose his identity while talking to Imphal Times reporter, said that as the major Market places in Imphal area particularly the Khwairamband Keithel Ima Market has been filled with garbage, Imphalites who are on marketing are now prone to various viral infections. About those vendor ladies many would have been already infected by the virus from the piled up garbage.

“ Not only that the filth causes serious diseases, but also mental health is being seriously disturbed due to the unpleasant odours”, the doctor who is afraid of disclosing his identities fearing action for speaking to media person by his superior said.

On the other hand the non-separation of the Electronic and medical waste with that of the household and vegetable waste is also causing serious threat to the health problem of Imphalites.

Imphal Times, reporter while interacting with some of the vendor ladies in Khwairamband Keithel found out that most of them are having health problem which is probably caused by the filth.

Memchoubi Devi, who sells vegetable at Nagamapal site, while talking to Imphal Times reporter said that since the last few days she had been bearing the unpleasant odour from the garbage pile up some few feet from her vendor stall.

“I used to ran out leaving my vegetables brought for sale, as I was not able to tolerate the odour some times, but I have to come back as without selling my vegetable my family will have to starve” , Maibam Ongbi Hemabati, a vegetable seller said.

This reporter saw sweats streaming on her face as she braves the summer heat to sell her vegetable. When asked if she had any health problem, she said itching at her arms and some body part disturbed her a lot. She added that during the last couple of days she felt dizziness.

A commuter, who passed near the filth site, was seen vomiting, while this reporter was talking to the vendor lady. When tried to help him he said that he can’t bear the smell of the filth so he felt like vomiting. He identified himself as Romesh from Sagolband.

Is this kind of problem caused by the filth, which the government machineries failed to clean up? When this was asked to the Medicine doctor whom Imphal Times Contact, he said there is no doubt that the kind of health problem is from the filth which was piled up for days.

The garbage in Imphal area particularly in Khwairamband Keithel has not been picked up since the last couple of days by the IMC authority as the Lamdeng Solid Waste management Plant refused to unload the garbage waste since the last few weeks.

The Lamdeng Solid Waste Management plant was set up with assurance to dispose the garbage of all the Imphal area but many problems are being faced by the IMC authority as the Plant has been handed over Ahmedabad-based Innovative Eco Care Private Limited and Thermotech Systems Ltd.    Literally speaking, the Lamdeng Solid Waste Management Plant today is a complete waste as it seems to be of no use.

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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