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PREPAK Chairman greets the people on the occasion of 39th Red Army Uprising Day

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Imphal, March 26,

With the arrival of the 39th Red Army Uprising Day, the day on which the Armed Wing of People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK), Red Army was established, that falls on March 26, 2019, Chairman of Military Affairs Committee (Red Army) conveyed revolutionary greetings to the people who are bearing the brunt of colonial pains under the colonial rule. In a message the Chairman also conveyed revolutionary greetings to the Army Wings of fellow revolutionary organizations of WeSEA including Kangleipak. In connection with the occasion of this significant day in the history of revolutionary movement of Kangleipak, the following statement is being issued to the people.

“The people of this region must not take lightly the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 which would lapse on June 3 this year after it had been passed by the Lower House despite united voice of protest and introduced in the Upper House that had been adjourned sine die without passing it. The main objective of the bid to enact this Bill in this region is that since Kangleipak was forcibly annexed by India in 1949 in total contravention of all international norms, its military power has failed to suppress the Kanglei people. This is a secret agenda to totally wipe out the entire Mongoloid communities by granting citizenship to the non-Muslim Hindu immigrants who entered the North Eastern region illegally from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, particularly from Bangladesh so that the region could be turned into an Aryan Hindu land. In brief, the Bill is a population or genocide bomb to create a Hindu nation by destroying the traditions, culture and language of the Mongoloid people of the North East.

   After forcibly annexing Kangleipak in violation of the provisions laid down in the IndianbIndependence Act, 1947 (ii a), United Nations Charter, 1945 and international customary laws, India has tried repeatedly to ensure that Kangleipak won’t be able to rise again as a distinct nation.  Ever since the then Chief Commissioner, Himmat Singh had removed the permit system that prevented outsiders from entering Kangleipak in November of 1950, there has been endless influx of migrants into Kangleipak thereby causing today’s big issue of immigrants. AFSPA was enforced in some areas of the hills in 1958 and this Military Act was imposed throughout Kangleipak in 1980.

Before the British occupied Kangleipak in 1891, the then Calcutta High Court in its ruling declared Kangleipak as one of the independent countries in Asia. After the British occupied Kangleipak, as per Section 7(1) (b) of the Indian Independence Act passed by the British Parliament in 1947, independence of all Princely States under the British including Kangleipak was recognized. According to the Act, the independence of the Princely States was strengthened by several judgments passed by the apex court of Indian Judiciary, Supreme Court


 According to Section 7(1) (b) of Indian Independence Act, 1947 and Article 2(1) of the United Nations Charter, Kangleipak and India are placed at the same political level. Thus

the treaty signed at Shillong on 21 September, 1949 without consent of the people has no validity in the eyes of international laws. This was first objected to by the Manipur Legislative

Assembly in its fourth sitting of the third session held on 28 September, 1949, second, the Manipur People’s National Convention held on 28-29 October, 1993 and third, National seminar on Human Rights held on 8-9 December, 1994. Copies of the resolutions were sent

to the Government of India. Under these circumstances, the present generations have started asking whether Kangleipak would bear the responsibility for the issue of illegal immigrants caused by the division of India and Pakistan in 1947 or not.

“ In the case of Sarbanand Sonowal versus Union of India in 2005, Supreme Court of India had observed that the problem faced by Assam was the influx of illegal immigrants, so the illegal immigrants should be   detected and deported to their country. It is clear that this directive of the Supreme Court has been attacked by the Bill.  The manner in which India tried to push through the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill—2016 is a big mockery to the so called Federal character of Indian polity. It is a question that arises automatically whether

India knows this but pretending that it doesn’t know or acting ignorantly and why all the states of India are silent over this. The Uti Possidetis Juris presently followed in the world provides that no provision of Indian Constitution can disturb the territorial, social, cultural and linguistic integrity of Kangleipak. Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter also mentions similar guarantee. When it is said that territorial integrity of Kangleipak cannot be disturbed, it also means that the indigenous people of this state, their language, culture

and tradition cannot be destroyed. India ought to know this. As there is conflict between the Armed Forces of India and the armed revolutionary movement in Kangleipak, International Humanitarian Law should be ratified in this region too.

“ The 4th Geneva Convention held on 12 August, 1949, Article 3 of the United Nations Draft Declaration on Population Transfer and Implementation of Settlers and International Criminal Court of Rome Statute do not permit  the attempts of India, which is the occupying, 

administering and high contracting State to grant citizenship to a large number of immigrants from Bangladesh by passing the religion based Bill, to enable them, whose looks, colour and language are quite different from the indigenous people, to settle in the North east including Kangleipak. Moreover, Article 25 (1) & (2) of the Statute points out such act as war crime and that everyone involved in such act  should be liable for individual criminal responsibility.

“Above all these, what all our people should discuss with alertness is the never ending peace talk of one rebel group which had been trapped in the dragnet of deception laid by India, and which turned out to be the biggest hurdle in the united liberation movement of Kangleipak and the North East region. The demands they are making in the name of Peace Talk are not only creating problems to the integrity of Kangleipak but also hinders the united struggle for liberation to move forward faster. If India had made it known in advance that their demands cannot be granted, they should have given up their demands or withdrawn from the Peace Talk and joined the struggle for liberation of a united Kangleipak thereby building a more intensified liberation movement. However it was made to appear that the demands would be granted and their dream would come true. Thus they had been set against the fraternal revolutionary organizations of the North East. In their dream of building a big nation, bad feelings had been given birth to among the communities that led to the death of many people including women and children. Many villages had been uprooted. Even now they are blaming each other causing a tense situation. Not only these two communities, but also other communities living together are facing pains of such conflict.

“ Soon after this, the colonial master, India had sided with a particular community thus causing communal tension again. All our fellow countrymen’s strength, stamina, courage and resources that should be used in the struggle for liberation of our land are being used and wasted in this mutual conflict. As a result lasting animosity has been created among us.

“Presently India is preparing to set up a regiment exclusively of this community to be used against the liberation movement of the North East consequently resulting in an internecine war. We need to understand this clearly and prepare to face it. Right now, we are all travelling in a sinking ship that is perforated here and there but none of us seem to notice that we are waiting for the ship to be sunk.  Instead of abandoning this broken ship

and boarding a new ship, everyone is trying to plug the leaks in their own areas which would be impossible. Instead of continuing to board this broken and sinking ship called India which has so many leaks everywhere, we all had better abandoned this ship and prepare to board a new ship at one time together to reach the destination. This will be the desire of our people who have lost freedom and are living under the colonial rule.

“ Colonial master India has been applying all sorts of covert and open tactics at its best level to suppress and destroy all traces of the struggle for liberation that has been waged since about 70 years back. So in keeping with the changing scenario in the world, the Red Army men need to reaffirm their commitment and determination to sacrifice for the struggle for freedom courageously.

“On the other hand, it is not an easy task to regain the lost freedom of an occupied and colonized state by getting out of the colonial noose. It takes long time and needs to build a united struggle of the people for freedom. Only then it will become possible.”, the statement added.

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