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Manipur Maoist claims Bomb threat at MPP office

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Imphal, March 9,

Maoist Communist Party today claimed the Bomb threat to the Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP) office yesterday evening.
A Hand grenade wrapped in a black plastic polythene bag was reportedly gifted to the General secretary of the MPP by two unidentified persons , while he was in his office room.
The Maoist statement said that the bomb was placed as a last warning to the leaders and workers of the MPP. The statement warned leaders and workers who committed irregularities to the party functioning and also who stood up against the party of dire consequences. It said the cadres of the party will directly attack to the residence of all violators who are defaming the oldest regional party.
The Maoist also stated that they know the trouble maker in the functioning of the MPP and stated that if those person continue their activities the party is prepared to award capital punishment. The Manipur Maoist however said that solution to the crisis of the MPP is not the Maoist goal but will take up all works to strengthen the regional force. It said that the MPP should submit the all related financial statement of the MPP. The statement further throws the ball to the court of the President of MPP and the Secretary administration. The president, Jugindro should also submit his financial statement within 3 weeks and any manipulation will not be taken lightly.
On the other hand the problem in the MPP over leadership crisis will be sorted out after the result of the MP election.     
Maoist said that no property of the MPP should be sold without the permission of the Maoist. It further added that MPP leaders and workers should work for the party in the upcoming election and the decision on who will lead the party will be decided by the number of vote they get in their respective constituencies.
Leaders and office bearers of each assembly constituencies who fail to get not less then 4000 voters will be reconstituted, the statement added.

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